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Why You Should Never Manifest Happiness

Kicking off your manifestation journey? Here’s why you should NEVER manifest happiness!

One thing most dream chasers, goal-setters and manifesting magical witch babies have in common is the deep-seated desire to be happy.

I mean, happy sounds good right? It seems that if we can just figure out how to become happy and stay there, then we’ll have figured out the key to life.

Happiness is, of course, a wonderful thing (and sincerely I hope you all find your own version of it!).

But when it comes to goal-setting and the Law of Attraction, wishing for happiness is just not enough.

In fact, if I hear you asking to for happiness, I’ll actually ask you pick something else to focus on instead.

It’s not that happiness is not something worth pursuing. (It very much is.)

It’s because happiness is a byproduct of many other things in our life.

Sounds a little strange right? I mean, if we can’t ask for happiness what’s the point?

But, trust me, this an important topic for your manifestation practice! Which is why today I’m sharing 6 reasons why you shouldn’t try to manifest happiness:

6 Reasons Why You Never Manifest Happiness

Never Manifest Happiness Reason #1:

Asking For Happiness Is A Cop Out

Just as clarity is important in real life for negotiating at work or in your relationships, it’s crucial for your manifesting.

Many people choose asking for happiness rather than doing the work of figuring out what they really want.

But if you don’t actually know what will make you happy, why would the Universe know?

It’s actually your job to figure it out. It’s your job to think about where your desire is taking you. You can’t cop out of it and give all that inner work to someone else.

Besides, you will want lots of different things over the course of your life. Some will make you happier than others but you have no real way of knowing which is which until you get there. And that’s okay!

That’s how we learn. That’s how we grow. That’s just the way life works and manifesting doesn’t get you out of it.

Many times we avoid committing to our desires because then we must also face the idea that maybe–just maybe–they won’t happen.

But if you don’t choose a direction to set out in, you’re staying in the same spot. You’re not growing and changing as a human. You’re not engaging with life the way you were designed to.

So just pick a place to start! Pick your target and accept that it’s just the starting point of your journey. It’s not the be-all-end-all. And no, there’s no real way of knowing if you’ll be happy when you get there but that’s okay. You’ll still get to recalibrate. You’ll get to ask for more. You’ll get to switch directions if you need to.

That’s simply the way it all works.

Never Manifest Happiness Reason #2:

Happiness Means Different Things

Happiness is not tangible on its own. It always comes as a pleasant side-effect to something else.

If you want to make happiness your goal, you need to become very clear about what that means to you. Does your version of happiness mean success? Fulfillment? Achievement? Recognition? Love? Self-confidence?

It could come from any and all of these sources. But the important thing is what happiness represents in your mnd.

Most of the time we’re asking for something because we think we currently lack it. (That’s your starting clue for deciding on your intention!)

So dig deeper and get specific about your definition of happiness. Where does your heart want to take you next? Do you crave freedom? Connection? Adventure? Security? It makes much more sense to pursue those goals than the fuzzy, indefinable happy. So don’t be afraid! Do the self-work and figure out what you’re really after.

Never Manifest Happiness Reason #3:

Happiness Is Not Pleasure

While happiness and pleasure are often confused, they’re very distinct concepts. True deep-seated happiness is an entirely different entity than pleasure.

Happiness is real, it’s strong and it’s steady. While on the other hand, pleasure is always only temporary.

It’s important to know the distinction between the two. Many things that don’t give us pleasure in the moment make us happy in the long term. Many things that give us fleeting pleasure don’t make us happy in the long-term.

For example, working hard today might result in getting a job that really makes us happy. There might not be a lot of pleasure in the short-term but there’s deep satisfaction instead.

This is not to say that there’s something intrinsically wrong with desiring pleasurable things! It’s totally okay to go after them if your heart so desires.

But it’s also important to understand that those things will not bring you long-term happiness. Pursue them for what they are but don’t become confused by the two and stay aware of where your true priorities lie.

Never Manifest Happiness Reason #4:

Happiness Is Relative

Another common way to “misuse” happiness is simply by asking to be happier. And again, initially, it sounds like there’s nothing wrong with that: “I like what I’ve got! So just bring me more of it please!”

But it’s crucial to understand that if you’ve asked the Universe to be “happier”, then the Universe really doesn’t have to give you much in order to fulfill that request.

Will you even know when you get there? Will the Universe? And what happens if you’re already more or less happy now?

If you want more of what you already have, finding an extra $5 bill on the ground could easily count as more. (There! The Universe fulfilled your wish!) But you didn’t even notice. And you’re still sitting there looking around wondering when your “happier” is going to show up.

So take it as a warning: asking for happier will not lead to satisfying results! Think deeply about what you really mean by “happier” and dive in from there.

Never Manifest Happiness Reason #5:

Happiness Does Not Lie In A Physical Product

When you think about happiness, make sure you’re thinking about what really takes you there: that’s much more than a fancy handbag or a car. While it’s still okay to ask for those things, understand that the thrill of physical acquisitions will always wear off. Long-term happiness doesn’t come from physical goods! They’ll always become old, used, dirty, broken. The thrill of the purchase fades away with the shine.

Again, it’s totally okay to go after physical objects just for the sake of having them but don’t get disillusioned by their meaning. They will never be capable of bringing you happiness.

Never Manifest Happiness Reason #6:

Happiness Should Not Just Exist In The Future

Pursuing happiness as a goal also invites another major issue: if it’s something we’re asking for, then by definition it’s something we don’t currently have.

If we continue to treat happiness in this way–as something that we’re always striving for–then it will remain exactly that: something that we’re always striving for. The biggest trick of living this human life is learning how to be happy in the current imperfect moment.

Happiness doesn’t just exist at the end of the rainbow, once you’ve ticked the box or gotten to the milestone. Paradoxically, you need to open your heart to experience happiness now if you ever want hope of achieving it.

Thinking that you need to achieve something or own something in order to be happy is the most surefire way to make sure you’ll never be happy. You must create your happiness now, in this very moment, always! You must learn how to take joy in your being. You must learn how to stop and be thankful for what you’ve got right now, no matter how little that might be and no matter how much more you might still desire.

Because if you can’t do that now, there’s no guarantee that you’ll be able find that happiness after your next manifestation either.

So stop wishing on someday!

Give yourself full permission to take control and step into your happy right now.

Don’t let this post scare you away from chasing your desires. Instead, I’m challenging you to take a more proactive approach to your own happiness, by getting curious and fully going after your desires with courage.

Thank you so much for reading beautiful! And happy manifesting.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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