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Updated Jan 20th

Current Astro Report: Aries Season | Lunar Eclipse March 25th


Updated: April 1st 2024

Mercury Retrograde April 1st –25th 2024

When Is Mercury Retrograde?

Tech problems! Communication breakdowns! Travel nightmares! Ex’s reaching out!

Yes folks, it’s that time of the year again. This time Mercury Retrograde hits from April 1st-25th.

(But FYI, the pre-retrograde shadow began on March 18th and the post-retrograde shadow lasts until May 13th.)

What Is Mercury Retrograde?

Mercury Retrograde is the time of the year when Mercury appears to move backwards in the sky. Since Mercury rules tech and communications, this can create some issues for us earthlings! As above, so below, goes the saying (and thus the theory behind astrology).

However, it’s nothing unusual! Mercury Retrograde happens about 3-4 times a year. It doesn’t have to be a scary time of year so keep reading to get the details.

Mercury retrogrades typically bring tech problems, communication issues, travel delays, and yes, elements from your past showing up again. However, most of this can be conquered with a bit of patience. It’s also a perfect time to look into your own past, whether revisiting painful memories or looking through old photos. By looking backwards with our current perspective, we can often learn new lessons from what we’ve already experienced.

Mercury Retrograde in Aries

Ahhh yes, Mercury Retrograde: our several-times-a year reminder to slow down, expect mistakes/communication breakdowns, and time to tango with our past.

However, you really don’t have to be afraid of Mercury Retrograde. It’s a normal and natural astrological cycle, just like any other one. (Definitely not a curse, nor will absolutely everything go wrong!)

This Mercury Retrograde begins in Aries and enters Taurus on Dec 22nd.

As it’s occurring in tandem with eclipse season, this retrograde asks us to be willing to let go. Eclipses are all about sudden shifts and Aries gives us the bold strength to take action now.

As usual during this retrograde, be prepared for tests and blasts from the past. The real question at this time is: how do you react this time around? Are you going to go back to old patterns? Or have you grown and shifted? The proof is in the pudding my friend!

Think about who you want to be and act from that space, rather than falling back into comfortable old routines. There’s never been a better time to switch things up.

It’s generally best to avoid signing new contracts on this time, but if you have to, the cazimi on April 11th is the best time.

Updated April 4th

New Moon + Total Solar Eclipse

Are you ready dear? The New Moon and Total Solar Eclipse arrive on April 8th at 11:21 AM PST / 2:21 PM EST.

New Moon April 8th

What Is A New Moon?

A new moon occurs when the moon and the sun meet at the same degree, forming a conjunction.

From our human perspective, it’s when the moon goes dark in the sky, signalling the end of one lunar cycle and the beginning of another.

New Moon April 8th

New Moon Manifestation

New moons are typically a great time for setting intentions and goals for manifestation.

As such, it’s also a great time to go inward and reflect. How was your progress in the last month? Where do you need to take stock and change?

It’s also always wise to take the theme of the new moon into consideration as you do this.

However, since this new moon also occurs with a lunar eclipse, it’s not as great a time for manifestation as usual. I’d suggest skipping setting the new intentions. But feel free to keep on working on the intentions you’ve already set.

New Moon April 8th

Theme: Passion

Fiery Aries is here to remind you of the power of passion. What do you want? Need? Crave? What are you resisting because you want to be good or predictable?

Passion is no joke! Don’t ignore yours in an attempt to fit into society. Lean into what your heart is telling you to do and trust that it is taking you on a brilliant new journey.

New Moon April 8th

Theme: Restlessness

Aries is a forward-focused fast-moving sign. However, it can also leave us feeling disconnected. If you find yourself making moves but still feeling empty on the inside, slow down for a moment and take note. What was pushing you forward? What craving are you fulfilling? Sometimes we move too fast to notice that we’ve already got what we’ve been looking for.

Total Solar Eclipse April 8th

The Total Solar Eclipse

Welcome to the Great American Solar Eclipse! This eclipse is a big deal to Americans because you’ll be able to see it clearly from some southern states.

Eclipses are a time of endings, new beginnings, and sharp revelations. However, nothing can stay the same forever! Lean into your ideal future by rolling with the punches and keeping focused on what you want and who you want to be.

Total Solar Eclipse April 8th

What Is A Solar Eclipse?

A solar eclipse happens when the moon blocks out the sun. In this case, the eclipse will be total: blocking out all of the sun for just a few seconds.

This will occur for about six hours and it will be visible in North, Central, and South America.

In the U.S., the annular solar eclipse begins in Oregon at 9:13 a.m. PDT and ends in Texas at 12:03 p.m. CDT.

It’s a cool thing to see but you don’t have to view it to feel its effect! The eclipse will affect everyone, even if you’re on the other side of the planet or if it’s happening at night in your time zone.

Total Solar Eclipse April 8th

Eclipse Season Energy

From an astrological perspective, eclipses are here to (literally) shake things up. They’re here to give your soul exactly what it’s been looking for. (Note: that is your soul, not your EGO.)

This is a time of cosmic tests: of being pushed to your limits. You might be forced to let things go or notice something that’s been hidden. (Think: moon/sun in their eternal dance.) You might have an epiphany or face a series of manifestation tests. You will almost definitely face letting go of ego attachment in one way or another.

However, this is a great time to think about who you want to be in the future. What do you desire? What do you need to either rush into or let go of? Your destiny is waiting only for your courage to say yes.

Solar Eclipse October 14th

The Nodes of Destiny

This eclipse is part of an eclipse series that includes eclipses in April and October 2023 and March 2024. This eclipse in particular is attached to the Aries node, making it extra fiery, fast, and spicy!

Just like with Mercury Retrograde, this is a time to display caution around communication. Hold back from expressing your fiery passionate opinions about people and try not to judge if you’re on the receiving end of a few yourself!

Total Solar Eclipse April 8th

Eclipse Season & Manifestation

As mentioned above, it’s generally thought that eclipse season is not a great time for manifestations. There’s a lot of energy here around surprises and endings–not the most fertile soil for setting new intentions.

I’d recommend putting things new things off for a little while. But go ahead and keep doing the work of making your existing intentions a reality.

Just be prepared for delays, tests, and other events that might test your inner strength and confidence!

Next Up: Full Moon April 23rd

Manifest With The Moon

Aries Season: March 19th-April 19th

Passion! Speed! Determination!

The sun moves into Aries at 8:06PM PST / 11:06PM EST March 19th.

Happy Astrological New Year! Happy Ostara! And also happy Persian New Year! What a magical time of year.

Aries season has arrived and with it also, the arrival of spring and the Spring Equinox. It’s also the beginning of eclipse season, as our next lunar eclipse happens on March 25th.

The movement from Pisces into Aries is quite remarkable. We’re released from the dreamy watery energy and into the fiery energy of making things happen. Aries is the poster child for “move fast and break things”. They are quick (and at times impulsive), determined, and naturally also the fastest manifesting signs of the zodiac!

Theme for Aries Season: Take Action

Aries is all about going for it, consequences be damned! Of course, this can create it’s own trouble. But honestly, most of us need a good dose of “just do it” type of energy.

The sun is getting warmer. The trees are starting to bloom. What do you want to grow this year? Focus on the action steps that will help you grow that.

Theme for Aries Season: Rebirth

Think the pagan imagery for Easter: eggs and bunnies. This season really represents birth and growth (and yes, getting frisky!). So take that idea and apply it to your life: who do you want to be this year? What do you want to “give birth” to? Now’s the time to start planting seeds and taking action to make it happen.

Theme for Aries Season: Passion

Aries runs off the energy of passion. So it’s also a great time to ask yourself: where have I been neglecting my passions? Life is busy and we are very good at getting distracted. It’s all too easy to get caught up in a boring old routine rather than spending time and energy on what really fuels us. So my question to you is: what is that? What’s been missing from your life that you really love? Passion is a powerful motivational force. Stop talking yourself out of your passions–even if they don’t “make sense” to the rest of the world.

Key Dates This Aries Season:

March 25: Eclipse season officially arrives! Lunar Eclipse in Libra: think deeper understandings of partnerships

March 22: Mars enters Pisces

April 1-25: Mercury retrograde: caution, reflection, revision

April 5: Venus enters passionate Aries, pushing us to work hard for what we love.

April 8: Total Solar Eclipse in Aries

Aries Season/Ostara Ritual Ideas & Activities

  • Spring cleaning! (Cleaning is magic–trust.)
  • Paint some eggs or decorate with eggs
  • Decorate with bunnies!
  • Add eggs/bunnies/flowers to your altar
  • Buy yourself a bouquet of daffodils, lilies or crocus*
  • Plant some seeds
  • Go for a nature walk and admire all the blooms coming through

Journal Questions/Self-Reflection For Aries Season:

  • What do I need to take action on now? What’s one thing I can do today/this week to further my life goals or manifestations?
  • Where am I frustrated or stagnating? What can I do to change that?
  • What would I do with my life if there were no limitations or barriers?
  • How can I re-commit to pursuing my passions?

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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