Don't Miss The Magic: A Guide To Waking Up

How To Wake Up Spiritually

Ready to wake up spiritually?

This is such a beautiful experience to create for yourself. You can start by asking:

Do you know how truly magical the world you live in is?

The Universe is always talking directly to you.

It’s holding your hand and guiding you. It’s communicating with you in every moment.

But if your eyes aren’t open, you’re gonna miss it.

So many people are interested in the Law of Attraction but for some reason, they don’t want to engage in this magical dance. Maybe it’s a little too Woo Woo or weird.

But from my perspective, if you want something and you’re asking for help in achieving it, you don’t want to miss out on any of the help that’s already coming your way.

That’s why opening your eyes, brain and heart to magic is an important part of the process.

It’s time to wake up.

Magic is surrounding you in every. single. moment.

It’s your job to go find it.

So get excited about it and start paying attention! Start looking at the world around you with fresh eyes. Stay in the present moment and notice what’s happening all around you.

Because life isn’t happening to you. It’s happening for you.

All you need to do is notice.

It’s time for you to wake up spiritually and see magic in your world! Then these tips will help you get there.

Don’t Miss The Magic: How To Wake Up Spiritually

How To Wake Up Spiritually Tip #1:

Stop Future-Tripping

How much of your day is occupied with thoughts about the future? For most people, the answer is a lot. That’s just what happens when you’re not actively paying attention to your thought patterns. Our brains really will run rampant if we let them! (And we do.)

But it’s important to see that future-tripping is a mostly useless behavior. Planning ahead is one thing; getting obsessed with the who’s and why’s and what if’s is another. It’s all too easy to fall into the trap of thinking that worry is useful! But don’t be fooled. It isn’t. Overthinking easily turns into worry and worry – to quote Gabrielle Bernstein – is just a prayer to chaos.

How To Wake Up Spiritually Tip #2:

Stop Living In The Past

Living in the past is another common mind-trap. As much as we wish things could have been different, at a certain point we have to surrender to the fact that we cannot change anything in our past. The only thing we can control is how we act going forward.

No matter what your story is — good or bad — you do not have to let it define who you are right now. You have the power to make a new choice, to tell a new story, to be a new person. Endlessly replaying past hurts or traumas (or even happy events!) just keeps you locked into that tired old mindset. It’s time to break free!

How To Wake Up Spiritually Tip #3:

Practice Mindfulness

Have you ever been startled to hear your name called while walking down the street? The reason you were so startled is because your thoughts have effectively hypnotized you: you became so enmeshed in your mental theater that you actually stopped noticing what was actually around you.

Worry and fear are largely projections that live in the past or future. When you keep your attention focused on the current moment, you’re usually calm. You feel good. You’re in control. When you focus on right now, all your basic needs are being met and you don’t have to stress about anything. Isn’t that a much preferable state compared to stressing about things that aren’t even real (now or perhaps ever)?

The only time you ever have is the present moment and it’s up to you to make that moment as wonderful as possible! You can’t do that if you’re worried or planning the future or obsessing over something that’s already happened. Drop the storylines and focus on feeling good now. Feeling good in the present moment is actually the only way to make your life feel better! Every moment is an opportunity. So don’t waste it!

How To Wake Up Spiritually Tip #4:

Choose Gratitude

When you choose gratitude, you’re choosing to focus on what you have, not on what you don’t have. That represents a huge shift from not-havingness to havingness. The state of havingness is empowered, calm and in-control. Not-havingness is embodied by lack, scarcity and fear.

You can only occupy one mental state at a time! So turning your focus towards what you do have instead of on what you don’t also gives you back your intrinsic power.

When you chose gratitude, by definition, you cannot be also stressing about the future, feeling unworthy, or obsessing about what you don’t have.

Our long-term emotional state is a choice and you can take control over your mind. You can decide on how you feel. Practicing gratitude might not feel natural at first but it gets easier and easier with time. Try giving your gratitude muscle a quick workout right now: look around you and count how many things you see that you can be grateful for. (The chair you’re sitting on and the device you’re reading this on are great places to start!)

How To Wake Up Spiritually Tip #5:

Control Your Focus

Don’t get me wrong: entertainment (TV, books, movies, social media, even the news) can be a healthy thing. We all deserve time to unwind! But these things can also easily become a huge distraction from the present moment. If you start spending too much of your time focusing on worlds that are not your own, you’re inevitably going to miss something. What you chose to focus on is always important.

Again, it is okay to stay informed or to unwind with some Netflix. But these behaviors can be a crutch or a bad habit. (Do you really need to check your phone every five minutes? Probably not.)

So ask yourself: how do these activities actually leave you feeling? Have they become a too much of a distraction? Is it easier for you to focus on things outside of yourself?

If you spend a lot of time or mental energy getting sucked into the drama or escaping, you’ve reached an unhealthy level of involvement. So go ahead and give yourself a break! Netflix will still be there and your Facebook feed really isn’t all that interesting. Train yourself to focus on your actual reality instead for a while. It will do you a world of good.

How To Wake Up Spiritually Tip #6:

Listen To Your Gut

The Universe is talking to you all the time. Your only job is to pay attention! So if you find meaning in something, take it to heart. Listen to your intuition. There’s no such thing as coincidence. You’re always being guided! You’re being given subtle clues and hints.

So as you go about your regular day, start tuning into your own intuition and gut reactions. They’re here for a reason! They’re like a arrow pointing you down a path. The entire meaning might not make sense right now but trust that in time it will.

Again, this kind of self-work might feel strange at first but it doesn’t matter how “bad” you think you are at it. Start now. Learn to trust yourself. You’ll only get better and more confident in your abilities over time.

I hope you’re now inspired to wake up spiritually. It’s as easy as turning your attention to the life you’re currently living! Waking up spiritually is all about finding the magic in the current moment. The more magic and serendipity you find on the path towards your dreams, the more powerful your manifesting efforts will be.

Thank you so much for reading & have a beautiful week!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Don't Miss The Magic: A Guide To Waking Up


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