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How To Manifest Money

Ready to attract abundance?

Are you wondering how to manifest money?

Or maybe you’re skeptical of money manifestation in general.

No need to fear, my friend! Lots of people have successfully manifested money using these tips. In fact, manifesting money is one of the most popular manifestation requests.

Whether you’re trying to manifest a few hundred extra dollars this week or you’re working on manifesting $10,000 worth of clients in your business, please know that money manifestation is possible for you.

However, I’m the first to admit it’s not quite as easy as making a wish and waiting for money to drop into your bank account.

While quantum leaps and miracles happen all the time, there is an art to money manifestation.

Since money is something that so many of us could use some more of, I got inspired to put together this abundance manifestation guide for you.

How To Manifest Money Step #1: Get Clear On Your Amount

The first rule is the most simple one to follow, yet so many of us miss it.

If no money amount is chosen, there will be no money manifestation! ‘Nuff said.

How To Manifest Money Step #2: Look At Your Money Story

I teach 360-degree manifestation–meaning that we are looking at your shifting your energy on every level in order to call in abundance, prosperity, and wealth.

By adulthood, we have all developed a well-entrenched identity about ourselves: which is really just a story in itself. Our identity is a collection of beliefs that we no longer question. And because we don’t question them, our identity can hold some of our biggest manifestation blocks.

In other words, it’s time to start noticing the stories you tell yourself about who you are and about your ability to make money in this world. If you keep basing your future results based on what you’ve done in the past, that’s a great way to block your up-level. But if you can learn to change the story, that’s when you clear the decks (energetically speaking) and are able to shift your attraction point.

How To Manifest Money Step #3: Notice Your Limiting Beliefs

Your limiting beliefs are very similar to your identity. They are the stories we’ve been holding onto for a lifetime. They seem innocent enough on the surface but when you dig in, it becomes clear how these very beliefs are actually blocking us.

Some limiting belief examples are:

  • “Money doesn’t grow on trees”
  • “People like us can never be rich”
  • “Money is the root of all evil”

Believing that money is scarce, hard-to-create or that having it makes you evil is a sign to your brain that danger might lie ahead.

How To Manifest Money Step #4: Decide On What You Need To Believe

Now that you know what beliefs aren’t serving you, it’s time to decide on what does. Yes, you get to choose every single one of your beliefs.

As a powerful manifestor, I encourage you to do this ASAP. Otherwise, you probably will keep those limiting beliefs around–and that in turn will cause you to self-sabotage and get stuck in repeating patterns.

The sky is the limit here! So don’t be afraid to program and recode your mind with new beliefs such as “Money always flows to me”.

(PS — I teach you exactly how to do this step-by-step in heal’d!)

How To Manifest Money Step #5: Start Acting “As If”

Who do you need to be to get what you want?

We all have a pretty well-informed idea of who we are already. The trouble is, most of us have a disconnect between that person and who we want to be.

But now’s the time to shift away from your old identity into your new one. Acting “as-if” is one way to do that.

Go ahead and try it on: who would the abundant you really be? How can you start getting closer to that right now? It might seem silly or fake at first but that one tiny step you take today can pay off well in the money department.

How To Manifesting Money Step #6: Open Money Portals

Like it or not, money needs a path to find you. I know the majority of people think manifesting money is all about winning the lotto. But let me throw that idea straight out the window.

It’s actually much more useful to start dreaming up some new ways for money to make its way into your life. Think: new investments, starting a side-hustle, applying for that job you don’t truly feel qualified for (but probably are).

Here’s the thing: the side hustle you start might not be what actually brings in the money that you want. But when you open a portal, it’s kind of like saying “Hey Universe! I’m ready for you.” You never really know how it’s going to show up. But it is up to you to make that journey as open as possible.

How To Manifest Money Step #7: Follow Your Intuition

You’re not alone in this game! Remember that manifesting is different than just doing things “the normal way”. You’re always being given guidance as you go. The only question is: are you open to it?

If you’ve never trusted your intuition, time to give it a shot! It’s now your job simply to notice: the thoughts that pop in your head, the dreams you have, the weird coincidences. All of those things can give you the inspiration that you need so make sure you keep your mind open!

How To Manifest Money Step #8: Tackle Your Money Fears

You’ll never be able to change your energetic attraction to something if you’re letting money fear run the show.

That means: ignoring the bills that come in the mail, not knowing your bank balance, or basically hiding from money in any situation. (Yikes! Sound familiar?)

Even if you’ve been operating in fear-mode for quite some time, it’s time to shift that energy.

Challenge yourself to take one tiny baby step forward. Calculate your total debt, make arrangements to pay something, start opening those bills! I know you think you can wait until after you get the money–but trust me, you can’t.

If you want the change, the change begins now and this is how you get there.

How To Manifest Money Step #9: Take Aligned Action

As I always say, the Law of Attraction contains the Law of Action.

While action isn’t everything, it really does make a massive difference to your results. After all, if you’re not changing your actions are you truly getting into alignment? Has anything shifted at all or are you just buying into self-doubt?

Your wish alone is not enough! You also have to show up for yourself.

Action is tricky because it does vary from person to person. But just know that you will have to get out of your comfort zone. Think: signing up for online dating, saying yes to the spur-of-the-moment vacation (when safe of course) or snagging that URL.

Eventually, you will be inspired to do something so get ready and actually go for it when the moment comes.

How To Manifest Money Step #10: Let It Go

Now for the trickiest part of the whole money manifestation process: letting go!

Whenever we want with too much attachment to an outcome, we’re setting ourselves up for trouble.

This mostly looks like us asking for something over and over again or like creating perfectionist fantasies about our future. (“I’ll never feel down ever again.”)

No matter what you’re asking for, it should always be a Nice-To-Have not an I’ll Never Be Happy If This One Thing Doesn’t Happen. When we do that we put it on a pedestal and therefore start pushing it away, when we really want to draw it in closer.

Hold the faith, with love, but with zero attachment. Yes, it’s a fine line to walk. But the results are so worth it.

A lack of money doesn’t mean you don’t deserve money

Remember, that manifestation is playful and fun. Too often when it comes to money we get all stiff and serious–and in turn, limit our ability to try new things and to receive help along the way. The more fun you can keep this experience, the more successful it will be. So don’t forget the most important money manifesting tip of all: have fun with it!

Money Blocks & Abundance Mindset Myths

One of the most common money manifestation myths is the belief that if you don’t currently have money, that you don’t deserve it.

This is a tricky thing to wrap your subconscious mind around. It’s just easier to blame ourselves than to see that we’re just a victim of our own money mindset programming.

But if you continue to let your empty bank account “prove” that you are unworthy of money, that will be a very difficult pattern to get out of.

(The answer? Subconscious programming!)

Money is evil

Many of us were raised to believe that money is inherently evil. Of course this creates issues for us as adults when we try to manifest money! If you secretly believe that desiring money is greedy or that having a lot of money is wrong, then you’re naturally going to repel money from coming to find you.

Once again, subconscious reprogramming becomes essential here. It’s important to figure out what programmed beliefs you have that are holding you back and to consciously decide on what you want to believe instead.

Money doesn’t only follow hard work.

If that were true, janitors would be paid a lot more than they actually are and a lot of CEOs would be paid a lot loess.

Thinking that you have to work harder or longer to make money is another common money manifestation myth. Money actually has everything to do with your self-worth around money, not your ability to work more and more.

Money doesn’t have to take a lot of time to create

Many of us also have beliefs about how long money “should” take to reach us. Think about it: it would not surprise you at all to receive $1 million dollars in salary over the course of your lifetime. But when it comes to manifesting one million dollars in one year, then you probably have a different story. “Ooooh I could never do that.”

The Universe Is Your Bank

Money always comes from the Universe. When you truly understand this, you can drop those old low-worth money stories and start manifesting money quickly.

Through this blog and my money manifestation workshop, you can start figuring out which of your subconscious beliefs are blocking your abundance and start the work of reprogramming them to attract what you want.

If you’re truly ready to go all in, I suggest joining Heal’d: my virtual healing studio that has everything you need to manifest everything you could possibly dream of. In addition to my 4-element Manifestation Formula, you’ll also receive hypnosis, journaling prompts, and tapping videos to truly elevate you mind, body and soul.

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