How To Move From Friction Into Flow

How To Move From Friction Into Flow

Ready to move from friction into flow?

Goals. Hustle. Werk.

It seems like struggling to get what we want in life is no longer optional.

Just think about your standard response when someone asks how you’re doing:

“Good. Busy.

Busy has somehow become a badge of honor.

It’s almost as if when you’re not busy, something has gone wrong.

Busy-ness has become synonymous with happiness and success. It means we’ve got important stuff to do. When our work and social calendars are booked solid, it also means we’re not just sitting around watching YouTube all day.

But when did we all suddenly decide that busy was such a desirable state?

Just imagine if it didn’t have to be that way!

What if instead of friction and hustle, we had a life of flow and ease?

Busy-ness implies hustle. It implies friction. It implies that we’re fighting our way upstream.

What if you managed to go to the gym, make tons of cash and keep up with your family and friends without being overly scheduled?

Imagine if you had success along with lots of time to chill out and relax and take care of yourself too.

What if being harried and push-push-pushing yourself forward became just a distant memory?

It’s only an impossible dream if you make it so.

You’re the one in control of the switch.

It’s time to choose:

Friction or flow?

A mindset shift is all it takes to start creating a new reality.

So starting today, let’s move into flow! Here are 4 ways you can do exactly that.

4 Ways You Can Move From Friction Into Flow

1. Triple Check Your Expectations

We literally create the world we live in.

Our expectations about how the world works–funnily enough–become how the world actually works in our experience.

Say you want a work promotion, or maybe even a whole new job entirely.

But you’re also very attached to ideas about how you’re going to get it.

You just assume there’s no possible way your boss would promote you if you don’t put in extra work after hours or take on extra projects.

Or maybe you don’t think you could find a new job without sending out tons of applications and going on endless interviews.

Watch Your Expectations

Many times the expectations we have about how something can come into our life are so natural we don’t even notice they’re there.

We think this is just the way it is. If you want Y, you need to do X first and that’s all there is to it.

But what if your expectations were flat-out wrong?

What if someone quit their job tomorrow and you were immediately promoted (no extra hustle involved)?

Imagine if you met a friend of a friend somewhere that just so happened to have the perfect position open for you right now.

Those things will have a hard time actually happening for you if your mind is totally closed to the possibility! Attitude is everything.

Open your eyes and start to notice where your expectations are making your life more difficult.

It’s only after you notice them that you can question them and replace them with something that better serves you.

Remember, the Universe is much more creative than we could ever hope to be! Create some space for the magic to show up.

2. Practice Receiving

Another way we cause friction and block our own flow is that we’re not in a receiving mindset.

(This one’s for all the control freaks of the world–myself included!)

Instead of allowing things to happen for us, we put up blocks. Instead of being open to a world of possibility, we refuse to see anything except the one vision we have in our mind.

When the Universe shows up to help you out, are you paying attention? Or are you saying no thanks?

The first step of receiving is simply noticing the signs around you.

Your eyes need to be open to new opportunities, to subtle signs and, most importantly, to your intuition.

Embrace Opportunity

The second step is to start saying yes. Saying yes is the secret key to effortless growth in life.

Because if you habitually say no, sooner or later you’ll be actively blocking new opportunities.

Saying yes will open new doors, invite in new experiences and introduce you to more people.

It’s where opportunity arises. It’s where the magic happens.

Saying no is the equivalent of staying at home watching Netflix for the rest of your life. Of course, we all need time to rest and recharge but how much opportunity can possibly come your way while you’re sitting on your sofa?

We cannot create synchronicity but we can create room to receive.

There is always room to allow new opportunities to start flowing into our space. The choice is ours.

3. Focus On Alignment

Being in an alignment means being in the right flowing state of mind. When you inhabit the right attitude, you won’t have to struggle! The things that you want will show up for you.

Abraham Hicks calls this going down the river. We float with the current. When we get out of alignment and start struggling to make things happen, we’re no longer in flow.

We’re fighting our way upstream! (And maybe even getting further and further away from what we want.)

When you feel yourself moving out of flow and into friction, the first thing to do is to focus on your mindset.

So take some time to visualize exactly what you want: the physical thing or event as well as the feeling.

Visualization is one of the most important aspects of the Law of Attraction.

(And the most fun! You get to design your life inside your head. In this way, you have control over what’s going to happen for you.)

Concentrate on your vision so much that it almost seems real. Step into that mindset so much that you feel what your goal feels like (before it happens).

Alignment = Everything

It’s only when we’re in this space of true alignment with our goals that we’ll start to be guided on the path where we need to go.

Remember, when you’re in flow, you won’t have to work so hard. When you’re in that state, you’ll know exactly what to do, instead of wasting time or energy.

So anytime you feel thirst or struggle for your goals, ease up and go back to aligning your mind and emotions on the right path.

Trust that the stepping stones towards things that you seek will begin to appear in front of you! You’ll be inspired to take certain actions or certain opportunities will fall into your lap.

4. Listen To Your Gut

Sometimes we cause friction simply because we don’t listen to ourselves.

If there’s a little nagging voice inside you that says something feels wrong, listen to it!

Your gut always knows the truth. Your gut always points you in the right direction. And your gut will always guide you back towards flow.

Think about some common feelings that you might be ignoring:

The sudden feeling of dread when you enter your office building (Where two weeks later, your entire department is made redundant.)

The feeling of just not vibing with someone for some reason. (Who, months later, decides to pounce on your boyfriend.)

The feeling of being attracted to someone at a party (not romantically). (Who turned out to be the CEO of a company you’d love to work for — and you’d know this too if only you’d gone over and talked that person!)

Trust Yourself

And how much time would it save you if you learned to listen to it instead of defaulting to your oh-so-fallible “logic”?

We resist those gut feelings because we value our brain over our body. But our gut feelings are there to protect us and steer us in the right direction.

Resisting your internal guidance system is just another way of creating friction. When our logical brain and our feeling body are in disagreement, the body always wins! Those feelings just won’t go away unless you address the actual problem.

Listening to your gut is important. Just remember it’s helping you into flow and away from friction.

It’s time to learn how to trust yourself again. Or if you don’t have the kahunas to do that completely just yet, then at least pause long enough to try to figure out what’s going on.

Your inner voice is key to guiding you on the right path. The sooner you can tune into your feelings the quicker you’ll move out of resistance and back into flow.

Remember, no matter what we’ve been conditioned to think, enduring a struggle does not guarantee that you’ll get where you want to go! Life doesn’t have to be as difficult as we make it out to be. It can be fun. It can be easy. And all it takes to get there is the mental switch from friction into flow.

Thank you so much for reading! I hope this post helps you drop the struggle and move into a new way of living life effortlessly. (I mean, what have you got to lose?)

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Move From Friction Into Flow


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