Glossary | Manifestation Terms You Need To Know

New around here? Some of the language I use can definitely be confusing if you’re new! Here’s a handy glossary of some of the terms I use the most:


The ability to have your thoughts, emotions, words and actions all in complete alignment with your goals and dreams. This is the ideal magnetic state!

Conscious Creator

A person who works to consciously create the reality of their desires. (As opposed to living unconsciously or by default.)

The Universe

Higher power/god/dark energy etc. The invisible yet noticeable force in the Universe that connects us all. (In fact, we are just parts of it! You are divine yo’.)

Manifesting / Manifestation

The art of turning a desire into a reality.

Law of Attraction

To sum up the Law of Attraction, there are two things you need to know. 1. We live in a vibrational universe! and 2. Like attracts like. So to attract the things you want into your life, you simply need to get on the same energetic level as they are.

Ego / Shadow Self

I use the words ego and shadow self interchangeably, both to refer to your subconscious mind. Getting your conscious mind onboard with your goals and dreams is one thing! It’s another to make sure your subconscious is working with you. The ego is not something that can be eradicated (it’s actually just here to protect you!). By acknowledging it and working to understand it, we can get so much more into alignment.


Your ability to have and receive things into your life. If your life isn’t what you want it to be, there’s a good chance your havingness levels are way too low!

Limiting Beliefs

The incorrect beliefs that we all hold from childhood that have a negative effect on what we think we can achieve in life.

Divine Winks

The Universe is talking to you! Divine winks are little pings of communication. They could be something to

Flow/ Flow State

That ideal alignment state where ideas and opportunities seem to effortlessly flow to you! When you’re in this state, there is very little lag time between you deciding on something and manifesting it successfully.

Programming / Reprogramming

By the time we’ve reached adulthood, we’ve received a lot of programming from the outside world (through our family, friends, media etc.). In other words, not all your thoughts are truly yours! Reprogramming involves figuring out the thoughts that don’t serve you so you can replace them with better more helpful thoughts.


In my eyes, self-work (or personal development) is about coming home to the truest version of you. We were all born as highly authentic individual souls; much of that uniqueness has been taught out of us in one way or another. Coming back to your own truth is a powerful part of being a Conscious Creator.

Manifesting Mentor

Someone who embodies the kind of person you want to be or is living the kind of life you want to have. (You don’t need to actually know them!)


An event that triggers habitual old negative thought patterns. The trigger is not something to be avoided! Rather, think of it as highlighting a specific issue you need to work on.


Your ability to attract in new positive experiences. When you’re in your authenticity and your havingness levels are high, you’ll automatically become magnetic.

Blocks/ Unblocked

Blocks are the limiting beliefs or outdated thought patterns that prevent you from making progress. Becoming unblocked is all about finding and working through these issues.