Sacral Authority Type | Human Design Explained

Sacral Authority Type | Human Design Explained

New to human design? Maybe you recently found out that you have a sacral authority type and are curious about what that means.

You’re in the right place! Today we’re diving into the world of sacral authority in Human Design, offering insights into how understanding your authority type can shape your life, improve decision-making, and more confidence.

What is Human Design?

Human Design is a system of human classification, similar to astrology. It’s based on the date and time that you are born, but in addition to the stars, it also references Kabbalah, chakras, and I Ching to determine specific information about you.

Human Design provides a framework for understanding one’s personality and potential based on their unique birth information.

What Is An Authority Type?

Have you ever walked away from a decision with a nagging feeling you made the wrong choice? Or maybe you’ve experienced that exhilarating “YES!” moment, knowing deep down it was absolutely right.

Within Human Design, one of the most powerful factors to know ie exactly this: your “inner authority”. The inner authority is all about how you make decisions. Every different authority type has a different strategy for decision making.

What Is Sacral Authority in Human Design?

Sacral authority is a decision-making process rooted in the wisdom of your Sacral Center, also known as your gut. The sacral center is one of the nine energy centers in Human Design. It’s believed to be the seat of life force and vitality and is highly associated with creativity, sexuality, work, and physical strength.

When you have sacral authority, the “gut feeling” everyone talks about becomes a powerful tool for navigating life’s choices.

Identifying Sacral Authority in Your Chart

To find out if you have sacral authority, you need to look at your Human Design chart. Go here to get a free reading if you don’t have one already! Sacral Authority represents 35% of the population.

If you have sacral authority, you will see a defined sacral center, represented by a colored-in square, second from the bottom of the chart.

For the most part, only Generators and Manifesting Generators have sacral authority. (So if you’re a Projector, Reflector, or Manifestor, this won’t apply to you.) This makes them efficient and powerful manifestors when they align with their sacral guidance.

How Does Sacral Authority Work?

Making decisions with sacral authority is all about responding rather than reacting. It’s about learning to differentiate between a “UH-HUH” (HECK YES!) and a “UHN-UHN” (HECK NO) from your gut.

Here’s the key: the sacral response is immediate. It’s not an emotional rollercoaster or an overthinking marathon. It’s a primal, instinctive response that arises in the moment.

Sacral Authority Strategy: Listen To Your Gut

Having a sacral authority in Human Design means leaning into your gut instinct. Your gut moves fast and is very binary in nature. It’s not affected by fear and doesn’t need to weigh out the options. Yes or no, what does your body tell you?

To do this, you have to notice what your body is saying before your brain logic and conditioning jump in with their own opinions. The sacral response is immediate and visceral; it’s felt before your rational brain has time to analyze the situation. It’s time to learn to trust that wisdom over the power of the logical mind that we’ve been taught to value above all.

Sacral Authority Strategy: Ask Questions

Complex situations might feel insurmountable at first. However, sacral authorities can get through anything; you just need to break things down into small chunks.

Sacral authority always works best with yes-or-no questions or closed-end questions. This approach simplifies decisions and aligns them with one’s true sacral response. It’s about asking oneself simple, direct questions and feeling the response in the body.

Incorporating sacral authority into daily life involves constant practice and attentiveness. It’s about making it a habit to check in with your gut feelings regularly and honor those responses.

Sacral Authority Strategy: Notice Your Body

Sacral responses can manifest in different ways for everyone. Some people feel a physical sensation, like a warmth in their belly or a tightening in their gut. Others might experience a clear “yes” or “no” as a thought or a sound.

Notice physical sensations. Tune into your body and see if there’s a shift in energy when considering an option.
Experiment and observe. Pay attention to how your body reacts to different situations and choices. Over time, you’ll develop a deeper understanding of your unique sacral response.

Sacral Authority Strategy: Don’t Force An Answer

Sometimes your answers won’t come through quite as quickly as we’d like! That’s okay too. Especially in the beginning, you might not have enough practice understanding what your brand of wisdom feels like. Leave it alone if you can and tune back in at a later time. Be patient with yourself!

Sacral Authority Strategy: Respect Your No’s

Your “heck no’s” are just as important as your “Heck yes’s”!

However, if you’re a people-pleaser, learning how to say no without a logical explanation might seem impossible. So please just know that “no” is a complete sentence. Try to tune out your worries about what other people might think and focus on yourself as much as possible. Again, this will get easier the more you practice.

How To Live With Your Sacral Authority Type

For sacral authority types, it’s crucial to understand how to work with your own intuitive process. Make it a habit to constantly tune into your gut. What feelings are you detecting? How does that feeling change after you make decisions?

In general, when you’re on the right path you will feel lighter and easier. If you’re going in a direction that you’re not supposed to be going, you’ll feel weighed down or heavy.

Challenges of Sacral Authority

One of the main challenges for individuals with sacral authority is the societal conditioning that values rational over intuitive decision-making. Learning to trust one’s sacral responses can be a journey, especially in a world that often demands logical explanations for every choice.

As mentioned. your biggest hurdle will be to learn how to follow your natural instinct. The rest of the world doesn’t trust this type of wisdom, so it’s only natural that you will be wary at first. You might find yourself debating the options after you’ve made the decision–and that’s okay, as long as you don’t change course.

Just know, the more you practice the easier this gets. Soon you won’t “need” your logical mind for decisions as much as you currently do.

Note: this doesn’t mean to completely disregard your logical mind! There are still many times that you need that too.

FAQs on Sacral Authority in Human Design

Can sacral authority change over time?

Nope! Your human design chart is like your astrological chart: it’s fixed from the moment you’re born. However, your understanding of your own human design can evolve as you grow.

How can I develop trust in my sacral responses?

Trust develops through consistent practice and observation. The more you listen to and act on your sacral responses, the more you’ll trust them.

Can non-sacral types benefit from this knowledge?

Of course! It doesn’t just benefit you to learn about your human design authority type. It’s also useful to understand the decision-making process of other people–especially the people who you’re closest too.

In other words, we’re all different! Learning about human design should give everyone permission to be the unique individual they are. We shouldn’t tell other people what to do or force our process onto them.

Is sacral authority reliable in complex decisions?

Yes, even in complexity, the sacral response can guide you towards what is correct for you. It might require breaking down complex decisions into simpler yes-no questions.

So what did you think? Do you understand more about how to work with your sacral authority? Which point or takeaway was the most powerful for you?

Final Thoughts

Sacral authority in Human Design is a powerful tool for navigating life authentically and effectively. By learning to trust your gut and honor your sacral responses, you can unlock a life lived with greater authenticity, purpose, and satisfaction. Embracing your sacral authority is about honoring your inner wisdom and allowing it to guide your journey towards the life of your desires.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Sacral Authority Type | Human Design Explained


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