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Jenn Stevens | Bestselling Author | Coach + Hypnotist

One day, about ten years ago, I found myself moving back into my old childhood bedroom.

My life as I knew it had just imploded. My marriage was suddenly over and I had to move out fast. And since I was in business with my then-husband, my job was suddenly over too.

It was definitely my lowest moment. But it also started a fire in me. While I wasn’t exactly sure how I’d gotten into this mess, I vowed that I would never feel this way again.

I became determined to love myself again and to rebuild my life from the ground up–a path that eventually lead to spirituality, manifestation, and a whole lot of inner healing work.

I’m happy to report that it worked.

Today, I’m a bestselling author and coach, living my ex-pat dreams in Berlin, Germany, and helping thousands of people around the world heal themselves, and create their best lives, every single day.

A Few Things I’ve Successfully Manifested:

My dream home (more than once)

✅ Moving to Europe

✅ Creating one of the top manifestation blogs in the world

Getting a book deal

✅ Dating an amazing partner

✅ Plus endless free upgrades, unexpected money windfalls, and so much more

I’m on a mission to help you get back to your most authentic and powerful self–the person you were born to be.

In other words, who were you before the world told you no? Who could you have been without the trauma, limiting beliefs, and lack of emotional support?

Whatever happened to you doesn’t really matter anymore. But the stories you’re carrying from the past still very much do–because those are the things limiting your true potential.

What do you want to manifest into your life? Whether it’s more money, love, or simple inner peace and self-acceptance, please know that it’s possible for you. You are not broken, my friend!

The Aligned Life is where I spill all my best tips for holistic manifestation. Because when you heal your small-t traumas and limiting beliefs, manifesting becomes automatic.

Welcome to my world dear Conscious Creator! I’m so happy to have you here.

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Jenn Stevens Spiritual Life + Business Coach

A Few Random Facts About Me:

Jenn Stevens Certified Life Coach

  • I’m a quadruple Scorpio, Aquarius moon, Taurus rising / INFJ / Manifesting-Generator 4/1 in Human Design.
  • I own two passports and one sassy cat. And as you can tell, I love traveling. If you’ve got some spare room in your suitcase, I want to explore Greece, Croatia, and Mexico City next. (Probably without the cat though.)
  • I moved to Germany basically on a whim — without knowing a word of German. I’m a big believer in following the random dreams in your heart and opting out of what you’re expected to do. Life’s too short to follow all the rules!
  • My tarot cards are my oldest possession! I got my Rider-Waite deck (which I still use daily) at age 14.
  • Other lives I’ve lived: I’ve volunteered at a psych ward, did a stint as an archaeologist, was a teenage astrologist, was a residential interior designer and flipped properties for a living.
  • I’m an avid #spiritjunkie. I’ve lined up for hours to receive a hug from Amma (the hugging saint), gone to group clearing sessions with Damien Wynne, and done kundalini yoga with Guru Jagat. I’m open to all the wisdom I can find in the world and I’ll never stop soaking it all up.

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The Professional Bio:

Jenn Stevens is a Certified Life Coach, best-selling author of The Mindful Witch, and creator of The Aligned Life. She aims to help others heal from within and ditch their old ways of thinking so they can live life with true purpose.

She holds a degree in psychology, a background in marketing, and is a trained interior designer. She believes each of these modalities brings an important aspect to her current work.

Her site,, has helped hundreds of thousands of readers learn to release the fears and negative thinking habits picked up over their life so they can deeply love themselves, dream bigger and gain the confidence to manifest a better tomorrow.

Her writing has been featured in Domino Magazine and The Numinous.

In 2014, she moved to Berlin, Germany from Vancouver, BC with two suitcases and two cats. She believes equally in the healing powers of both crystals and the dance floor and believes wisdom and magic can be found absolutely everywhere (yes…sometimes even on reality TV).

She is currently obsessed with perfecting her handstands.

My Business Is Trauma-Informed. Here’s What That Means:

While I love coaching and wellness, I do not love the high-pressure sales tactics that so many other coaches use. It’s simply not in alignment with my values so I’ve committed to doing things differently.

  • I will always offer a range of services and ways to work with me, including free options as well as higher-priced one-on-ones.
  • Pricing information is always displayed. You do not have to book a call with me to find out how much something costs.
  • I will never use high-pressure sales tactics to make you join anything. I respect that you can make the best decision for you.
  • If you’re on the monthly payment plan for my Recode monthly membership, you can cancel your membership yourself at any time. (You don’t have to email me or offer an explanation.)
  • I aim to offer a safe space for BIPOC and LGBQT+ and I am always open to constructive comments about how I can be more inclusive, as I learn more.