How To Makeover Your Money Mindset

How To Makeover Your Money Mindset

Wondering how to makeover your money mindset? It’s not as hard as you think! Keep reading.

Money is a highly charged issue for most of us, which means most of us have also got a big ol’ pile of money blocks to match. Watching your parents struggle to survive imprints a powerful message onto a young mind: money is hard work to get and even harder work to keep.

But even if your family had a healthy relationship with money when you were young, you may have still unconsciously picked up a negative attitude towards it. Society often unfairly paints money as being evil or wrong. Just think of all the common money sayings you’ve heard over the years: “money’s the root of all evil”, “money doesn’t grow on trees”.

Internalizing all of these messages is what creates a money block.

As with any block, the most important thing to do first is realize that you have one.

Let’s stop right here for a quick money pep talk:

Money is a necessary element of modern life. Needing or wanting more of it doesn’t make you a bad person! You no longer need to justify yourself. It doesn’t matter if you’re supposed to be too spiritual or artistic to care. We all have to care about money to some degree and having a healthy relationship with money is just part of healthy self-esteem. You deserve to get everything you want in this life, money included.

If you’re reading this article, you’ve got my explicit permission to begin to boldly seek attracting more money into your life. Now let’s begin the journey with these 5 money mindset tweaks:

6 Ways To Makeover Your Money Mindset

Makeover Your Money Mindset Tip #1:

Forgive Your Past

There’s no use in beating yourself up for all of eternity about that $100 you foolishly spent on shoes three years ago. The past is over and all we can do is learn from our mistakes and move on. If that involves dealing with debt, aim to take the emotion out of it. Try treating it like just another bill, not yet another opportunity to ponder exactly how much money you spent on booze back in college.

Makeover Your Money Mindset Tip #2:

Get Grateful

There’s a saying for that: First World Problems. Despite how poor or stressed you’re feeling about money, try to remember that 80% of the world’s population lives on less than $10 a day. If you’re able to read this article, you’re already one of the lucky ones. Your laptop, phone, car, bed and even the clean water from your tap are all things worthy of celebration. (Could you imagine going even one day without them?)

Not to mention the fact that gratitude is also a great way to tell The Universe: “Hey this is awesome! I want more of this!”

Remember energy goes where attention flows!

So try to get pumped about what you already own. Look around your home or take a peek in your closet. I’m sure there’s something you already own that makes you deliriously grateful! Now hold onto that grateful feeling for as long as you can and as often as you can.

Makeover Your Money Mindset Tip #3:

Use A Money Mantra

Our brains are creatures of habit and they cling all too stubbornly to old thought patterns. Mantras offer an easy way for us to rewire and retrain our brain over time.

So if you experience pangs of guilt or fear about spending your cash, then using a mantra is an awesome way to snap out of that bad habit. Instead of falling into those comfy old thought patterns, try thinking “There’s plenty more where that came from!” as you pay your bill.

You can also use gratitude as a mantra in itself. Train yourself to always thank the bill you’re paying, even if it’s for something you’re not all that keen about (dentist bills, speeding tickets, etc.). “Hey thanks dentist bill for cleaning my teeth!”

Makeover Your Money Mindset Tip #4:

Pay It Forward

There’s no more abundant action that treating a friend or making a charitable donation. Giving stuff away feels really good and we’re typically more inclined to do it when we’re feeling flush. But you don’t have to wait for the money to show up first.

If you’re feeling poor, it’s time to take positive action. Try forking out a little extra cash to pay for your colleague’s Starbucks order. Or go bigger and set up automatic monthly donation to a charity of your choice. Actively choosing to spend your money on something bigger than you is the ultimate sign of financial control and abundance.

Money Mindset Tip #5:


What does getting rid of stuff have to do with money? Well a whole lot as it turns out! The first thing to understand is that it’s important to make space for new stuff to come into your life. There really shouldn’t be room in your life for things that no longer serve you, whether that’s your old trainers or your ex-boyfriend. (Ha!)

The second thing to understand is that money is attracted to both positive action and free space; it naturally wants to flow in and all around you. Decluttering ticks both boxes! So no more excuses: take an afternoon and tackle your closet, the garage, the junk drawer in the kitchen. It will always be worth it.

A Caveat

Money is one of the most popular manifestation topics for a reason: we all seem to want more of it. But it’s a good idea to remember that money is only a tool and what we really want goes a lot deeper than plain ol’ cash.

When we think about money, we’re actually desiring feeling respected or secure or free. It’s a good idea to remind yourself that those feelings are available to you any time, no matter what your bank balance happens to say.

I hope this post helps you zap a few of your money blocks. It’s an ongoing practice and I’m still working on getting rid of all of mine. But the more I work on it, the easier it gets and I’m sure the same will apply for you.

Thank you so much for reading!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Makeover Your Money Mindset


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