Manifesting 101: Just Start Where You Are

Manifestation 101: Start Where You Are

In manifestation, it’s crucial to start where you are.

Are you trying to bite off more than you can chew when it comes to your Law of Attraction practice?

One of the most common problems I see novice manifesters struggle with is attempting to go overboard with their manifesting practice!

This is what that typically looks like: someone asks for something really BIG (like winning the lotto next Tuesday). They get really excited about that vision but when the deadline passes and their wish didn’t come to fruition they quickly become disillusioned.

These are usually the people who become quick to say that the Law of Attraction doesn’t really work.

But of course, the Law of Attraction works! (That’s why it’s a law not a guideline. )

There are actually many reasons why this going-big approach doesn’t work, but the main reason is something called the “spiritual bypass”.

You’re trying to get to the finish line without doing all the necessary up-leveling work that goes with it.

Manifestation is truly a mental process.

But it doesn’t always come easy! It’s difficult for most people to change their ingrained thinking and start shifting their reality.

That’s because you’re working to undo the damage that’s built up over your entire life so far!

It’s smart to think of manifesting as a skill that you need to work on.

You wouldn’t expect to become a professional figure skater overnight!

So don’t expect to manifest a million dollars by tomorrow!

It might not sound as magical or glamorous but the real answer is always to start where you are.

Start breaking down the beliefs. Start looking for nudges and opportunities. Start looking for a chance to DO THE WORK.

The more you practice, the more confident you’ll feel.

The more you get into that correct headspace, the closer you’ll be to aligning yourself with your goals.

Take a closer look at the excuses and stories you tell yourself.

See if you can see your reality from a different angle.

Most of the rules we live by are self-imposed! But you can design your life to be anything you want. You can decide on your own priorities.

Key takeaway? The step right in front of you is always the most important one. Don’t worry about what comes next or what lies far down the road.

Take things one tiny manageable bite at a time and you can climb mountains.

To help you with this concept a little more, here are three more reasons why you need to start where you are:

3 Reasons To Start Where You Are in Manifestation

Manifestation Start Where You Are | Reason #1:

Step 1: Get Real

Getting real about manifesting also means taking full accountability for your life, right here, right now.

Because you cannot become a conscious creator WITHOUT realizing that you have already created everything that you have.

The unfortunate reality is that many people are attracted to manifesting because they’re trying to find a magic wand to solve all their problems…without doing the real work.

However, avoidance NEVER works!

To start consciously creating, you need to face your fears head on and get real about what’s really going on with you.

It takes bravery to discover the real motivations and desires behind the scenes. But if you are serious about creating change then it’s the only way forward.

Manifestation Start Where You Are | Reason #2:

Know Your Why

One of the most important lessons for manifestors is understanding that you’ve invited everything you have into your life, both good and bad.

So that means there’s also an underlying reason why you actually LOVE being broke, single, overweight, unemployed.

Maybe you love having an excuse for why you can’t really be happy.

(Because then you can complain and complain and things are NEVER your fault.)

Maybe you’re so not used to having access to happiness in the present moment you can’t even see how close to it you really are.

(Happiness is just a switch in perception away!)

Maybe you’re afraid of failure or change. Maybe you’re afraid of all the other problems that will arise once you start leveling up.

(You’re really afraid of being SEEN. Of doing the work. Of pressing the goddamn START button.)

Maybe you’re addicted to wanting: to talking about all the things you want to do but never ever actually DECIDING to go after them.

But without figuring out what brought you here, you’ll never be able to make it to the next level. So it’s time to be brave and face the lesson head on!

Start Where You Are Reason #3:

Go For The Next Step

It’s difficult to manifest a million dollars when you don’t even know what an extra $5000 would feel like.

So start where you.

Find the next rung up the ladder instead of aiming for the top! It’s always smart to just take the next step, not try to run straight through to the end.

So just remember manifesting isn’t a one time only affair. You don’t do it once and suddenly create a 100% perfect life.

It’s an ongoing practice and a lifelong habit that you’re forming! So it actually works much better when you chunk it down, go for small goals and gradually work your way up.

Again, manifesting is all about mindset. If you can’t TRULY imagine (and feel) your way into the future you say you want, your work isn’t going to go very far.

What could you do that would uplevel your life in a meaningful yet manageable way?

What steps do you need to make your true vision come true? Be honest about where you are and start aiming for the next rung on the ladder. Maybe that’s an extra $500 this week. Then next week it’s an extra $1000 etc. etc.

Start small. Go slow. And–most importantly–stay playful!

I hope this post inspires you to break things down and start manifesting manageable goals into your life! It might not be as glamorous but steady progress is the real key! So keep dreaming big but remember to chunk down those dreams so you always know what to focus on next.

Good luck!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Manifesting 101: Just Start Where You Are


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