How To Use People As A Tool For Manifesting

How To Use People For Manifesting

Wondering how to use people for manifesting?

It sounds strange at first! But it’s a powerful technique.

If you’re a student of the Law of Attraction, then you already know that the true magic of the equation is aligning your energy with what you really want.

Most of us think about the things we want and try to line ourselves up with those things.

But that’s not the only way you can work with energy in order to level up your life.

The people you pay attention to are also POWERFUL tools for growth, even though you don’t realize it right now!

But everything and everyone is energy.

And we’re each an energetic (and emotional) sponge.

That’s why it’s important to be conscious of where your attention is going.

Paying attention to someone or something means you are aligning your energy with that thing or person.

And that will always have an effect on you.

Here’s an example:

I’m sure we can all think of a chronically pessimistic person in our life. And you probably try to avoid that person to some degree, whether you realize it or not.

That’s because when you spend time (and attention) on them your energy field is getting dragged down to their level. The more you understand what they’re thinking and feeling (which happens when they talk!), the lower down the scale you’ll go.

Of course, it’s not always appropriate or necessary to cut negative people out from your life!

However, it is important to understand what’s actually happening so you can set healthy boundaries and protect yourself.

Likewise, the people who you admire offer you a way to energetically level yourself up.

So it’s time to start thinking of them as teachers. Part of their job on this planet is simply to show you what’s possible in the world. It’s still up to you to apply those lessons to your own life!

But if you ask me, this is a way more fun way to learn than reading books or taking classes!

And you’re probably doing it anyway, so why not learn how to amplify the effect by being deliberate and conscious about it?

So let’s get started! Here are three ways you can start using the people around you as a tool for your own personal growth.

How To Use People For Manifesting

Use People For Manifesting Tip #1:

We Learn By Watching

The best way for humans to learn is by watching other humans. Think about it. Even though you’re likely loathe to admit it, you’ve probably picked up a lot of your own behavior from your parents! It’s sometimes funny to see how we all answer the phone the same way or have similar reactions to adverse situations.

So don’t have to feel bad about it, even if the behavior is not so flattering or healthy! You’ve spent your entire life watching those repeated patterns. It’s no wonder that they’ve rubbed off on you.

But since we know we’re wired this way, why not use it to our advantage? You get to pick and choose people who’s behavior is worth emulating, whether it’s characters on TV, influential blggers or YouTube personalities. Then pay close attention to how they react, behave, think, feel. Notice what qualities are similar to you and what are different. Where could you steal a few ideas to improve your own life?

There are lots of ways to exist in this world! Maybe you need to learn how to be more outgoing, athletic, flirty or empowered. So have some fun and deliberately choose a few people who you admire to learn from.

Use People For Manifesting Tip #2:

We Can Mirror Their Energy

Even if you’re only watching someone on TV, the simple fact that you’re paying attention means you’re creating an energetic attachment. (That’s also why it’s sometimes necessary to take a break from watching the news or violent TV programs. That dark energy is powerful and sometimes it has a lasting adverse effect!)

Just watching, listening and analyzing those you admire will also show you how to mirror (and harness!) their energy. You’ll learn how they hold themselves, what they’re thinking and even feeling. And that’s a truly magical thing.

This is just another reason why it’s important to be careful about what media you consume! It’s never totally mindless; it has a real effect on you. So do it wisely and start connecting to people who inspire you instead of “hate watching” or wasting time on things that aren’t ultimately lifting you up.

Use People For Manifesting Tip #3:

We Learn More About What We Want

If there’s a point of attraction between you and someone (whether that person is on TV, at the cafe down the street or sitting next to you on the sofa right now ☺️) then that person likely has a few qualities that you think you don’t currently possess.

Sometimes we’re attracted to similarities. But other times it’s the differences between us that form an attraction!

Many times, attraction comes from an attempt to complete ourselves. We often don’t even realize that we’re missing a certain element in our life until we see it on someone else.

Attraction comes into play in many social relationships. Gut of course, romantic ones are where it’s most prevalent.

What Are You “Missing?”

Our soul mates are a channel that helps us reveal the parts of ourselves that we thought were missing. But completion can never arise from someone else filling up our gaps; it only occurs when we truly become that new person. The idea that the other person is doing that for us is just a myth! Change always comes from within us, even when we perceive it to be from someone else.

So what would happen if you started to look at attraction as a way to figure out where you need to change in your life? It’s never really the other person that we desire; it’s how we think that person will make us feel. And if you can figure that out, you can have the feeling–no other person required.

Everything in this world can be looked at as a teacher! But the lessons that we learn from the people around us are usually the most valuable. So be aware of what’s happening and figure out what you want to learn more about. It’s time to make this typically unconscious process conscious so we can use it for our highest good!

Thank you so much for being here, beautiful soul! I hope this inspires you to look at the people in your life with a brand new lens for learning.

Have a wonderful week!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Use People As A Tool For Manifesting


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