Manifest Money With Cinnamon | 5 Money Spells

Manifest Money With Cinnamon | 5 Money Spells

Want to manifest money with cinnamon?

Yup it’s true: a common ingredient like cinnamon has some very positive magickal qualities.

The reason cinnamon works so well is because it’s warming and spicy: it’s thought to attract and keep money around with these properties.

One of the reasons I love to work with cinnamon is because it’s so simple. If you’re trying to get into spellwork or magick, it’s easy to get intimadated by long lists of exotic ingredients. While there’s a time and place for everything, money spell work doesn’t need to be complicated at all.

These money spells are potent and simple, making them perfect for you whether you’re a seasoned witch or a beginner manifestor.

Technically, manifesting doesn’t require fancy supplies at all. But sometimes you want to add a little extra potency or ritual to the intentions you set. That’s where the world of magick and money spells comes into play.

Why Does Cinnamon Help Money Manifestation?

Cinnamon is a very popular spice that has many uses. Not only is it great for cooking, but cinnamon also has medicinal properties. Cinnamon can help to improve circulation, boost immunity, and reduce inflammation. In addition, cinnamon is also known for its ability to attract luck and abundance. That’s why cinnamon is often used in many popular money manifestation spells and rituals.

Powerful Techniques To Manifest Money With Cinnamon | 5 Abundance Spells

Manifest Money With Cinnamon #1: First Day Of The Month Spell

Use this spell on the first day of the month to manifest money flowing to you all month long.

Every month on the first day, grab a small spoon worth of ground cinnamon.

Then stand in the front doorway of your house (or office).

Repeat the following three times with as much intention as you can:

You will have to blow the cinnamon, but before blowing it, you have to repeat with a lot of faith and strength a money affirmation like:

“As I blow this cinnamon, money, abundance, and prosperity will fill this space.”

“When I blow this cinnamon, money and abundance will effortlessly flow through.”

“When I blow this cinnamon, prosperity will enter this house.”

The blow the cinnamon off the spoon, toward the outside.

It’s good to leave the cinnamon there for a full 24 hours to attract money and wealth. (But do what you have to do if you have kids, a pet, or strict HOA.) Then feel free to vacuum it up!

Manifest Money With Cinnamon #2: Burn A Cinnamon Stick

Here’s a simple cinnamon stick money spell to call in money fast.

Write money intentions or a symbol for money on a cinnamon stick.

Concentrate infusing your stick with as much energy of that intention as you can.

Then simply burn the cinnamon stick, as if it were a sage stick or palo santo.

You can also walk around your house while it’s smoking to infuse the scent everywhere.

Manifest Money With Cinnamon Spell #3: The Dollar Bill Spell

Here’s another simple spell that will attract money easily.

Gather up your supplies:

  • Cinnamon (duh!)
  • Water
  • A dollar bill (Real or imitation! Any other paper money symbol will also work. For example, plastic Canadian/Australian money won’t work so get creative.)
  • Sage or any other energy cleansing tool

Prepare by cleansing your space. Use the sage or whatever else you’ve chosen. You can also do a ritual bath ahead of time if you like!

Cleanse all of your ingredients. (If you’re a beginner, that just means wave the smoke around them, imagining they are being cleansed.)

Dip your dominant finger into the water and then into the cinnamon.

Draw a line down the dollar bill towards you, while imagining how you would feel to receive that money. (You can also say an affirmation or something like “I’m so grateful for this extra $1000.) You want to leave a bit of the cinnamon on the money as you draw the line.

Repeat, until you have a total of five lines.

Fold the dollar bill towards you (I like to do five times). Then put it in your wallet and voila!

Manifest Money With Cinnamon #4: The Prosperity Bowl

A prosperity bowl is a classic choice to attract more money and abundance. In fact, I always have a Feng Shui money bowl in my money corner!

To make your own, grab a suitable small bowl. (Thrift scores or dollar store finds are totally fine for this!)

Add in a few ingredients:

  • cinnamon (of course!)
  • basil(symbolic of money)
  • mint (symbolic of money)
  • comfrey (anti-theft)
  • star anise (good luck)

Plus a symbol of money (loose change, dollar bills, etc.)

Plus whatever else you like (crystals, money symbols, etc.)

Finally, write down your money intention on a piece of paper. Then you can either fold up the paper and place it in a bowl.


Light a candle and burn the paper to release your intention. (Always being firesafe of course!)

Manifest Money With Cinnamon #5: Put It In Your Wallet

Finally, we have the most simple cinnamon money spell of all! This one simply involves putting a little cinnamon in your wallet.

For this, you can literally sprinkle some cinnamon inside, while setting an intention to attract more money.

Or if that sounds too messy, pour a little cinnamon on some paper and fold it up to make a little paper “envelope”. Then set your intention and place the envelope safely inside your wallet.

So what did you think? Have you tried manifesting money with cinnamon before? Which spell are you going to try now?

Final Money Spell Notes

Money spells will always work but for extra oomph, cast them during the new moon or full moon. (Or on a Thursday-Jupiter day!)

Remember, the key to making any spell work is to have faith that it will work. So no matter which money spell you choose, get your energy behind it. What you think and feel while you’re casting your spell matters. Throw those “This is stupid” thoughts out the window and just take a chance.

Finally, be sure to be specific about how much money you’re manifesting! “More” is far too general. Commit to a number and remember you can always manifest more later.

Happy manifesting!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Manifest Money With Cinnamon | 5 Money Spells


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