5 Weird Money Manifestation Rituals To Use Daily

5 Weird Money Manifestation Rituals To Use Daily

Looking for a powerful new way to call in abundance? These weird money manifestation rituals are perfect for exactly that.

One of my biggest pet peeves for manifestation is the idea that manifesting has to be reserved for special occasions or big shiny goals only.

That’s obviously not true! In fact, the more you practice manifesting the better you’ll become at mastering your own energy and co-creating with the Universe itself.

So why not make manifesting a daily practice?

There are lots of different ways to do this of course but today I’m sharing 5 weird money manifesting rituals you can use daily to align yourself with the vibration of wealth and abundance.

5 Weird Money Manifestation Rituals To Use Daily

Weird Money Manifestation Ritual #1:

Put A Money Mojo In Your Wallet

Making your wallet a magnet for money is one of my favorite abundance manifestation tips! That’s why I did a whole video on it.

But I encourage you to use this as a jumping-off point! Add in a four-leaf clover, a symbol of money, your manifestation list, or whatever else you want. Just make sure that it feels good and is meaningful to you.

Learn how to feng shui your wallet here.

Weird Money Manifestation Ritual #2:

Money Affirmations

When you’re living in money fear and scarcity, even paying for something like your groceries can leave you feeling stressed out and tense. But feeling that way obviously isn’t helping you attract your money goals. So why not switch the energy up?

I like to use a mantra or blessing whenever I spend cash (either real hard cash or online payments).

Some good money affirmations ones to try:

“There’s plenty more where that came from.”

“I always receive three times more than I spend.”

“Thank you money for blessing me.”

Weird Money Manifestation Ritual #3:

Take A Money Shower

Every single time you take a shower is the perfect moment to do a little magic and manifestation! While it’s a great moment to imagine yourself washing away negative energy or past situations, you can also use it as a cue to imagine yourself being dowsed in dollar bills. (Or hundos. Your call!)

Just take your shower as normal but pause for a few minutes to imagine money falling all over you. (If you don’t want to imagine actual money, try a color associated with money like green or gold.)

This sounds a little kooky at first but it’s actually fun and easy to do–which is why it’s the perfect choice to add to your daily money manifestation routine!

Weird Money Manifestation Ritual #4:

Use A Crystal

You know the stereotype of the witch with a crystal in her bra? (Or is that just me?? 😂) Well, there’s a good reason fr that! Crystals can be powerful tools for magic and manifestation.

For this, choose a piece of crystal jewelry that you can wear daily or find a small crystal that you can slip in your pocket, tuck in your bra, or add to your handbag.

People can get really excited about the different types of crystals but honestly, whichever one has the most meaning to you is a perfect choice! Some “good” choices for money are always citrine or gold pyrite (or anything green or gold!).

To use your crystal, hold it in your hands for a few minutes. Then think of the money intention you wish to set (“I want to manifest $1000!”). Then either speak that intention out loud (or in your mind’s eye) and blow the intention onto the crystal.

Be sure to wear or carry with you daily! It’s simple and straightforward.

Weird Money Manifestation Ritual #5:

Track Your Money

Yes, simply tracking your money can be a powerful way to change your magnetism! Most people who are struggling with money also refuse to check their bank accounts. Then they wonder why their manifestations aren’t working!

It’s all kinds of hard to manifest something you’re actively running away from! (Think: wanting to get married but refusing to look at potential partners.)

So why not face this financial demon head-on by making checking your accounts just a normal part of your day?

While you’re at it, don’t forget to have gratitude for the money you do have in those accounts! (Yes, even if your account is in overdraft!)

So tell me: which money manifestation ritual are you going to try out first?

Remember, you really do have much more control over your financial wealth flow than you’ve been taught to believe! The more you stretch those abundance muscles, the better your money manifesting results will be!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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5 Weird Money Manifestation Rituals To Use Daily


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