Let's Make Resistance Your New BFF! Move Through The Shit To Create Your Magic

How To Move Through Resistance

So you set your intention and you put in the work to get in the vortex and feel good….

Then it happens.

Resistance: a bump in the road ahead. We encounter an unexpected setback, a delay in time, or maybe even a whole new whack of obstacles that we’d never even anticipated.

All that “bad” stuff can make you go a little crazy–or maybe even make you think like you somehow got this manifesting thing all wrong!

That’s why I’m here to reassure you that’s not the case! Resistance is just part of the package. It’s nothing to do with you getting it wrong or not deserving what you want.

We can’t anticipate every bump in the road! So there’s really no reason to freak out when it happens.

But I get it. When you feel like something has gone wrong you immediately want to blame yourself or something for the problem.

But what if nothing has gone wrong? What if resistance is just part of how you move forward?

Doesn’t that shift the way you perceive it? Doesn’t that empower you to keep moving forward? Doesn’t that make you feel good about what’s happening?

So many of the things we label as negative are actually here to help us!

When you reframe your thinking about resistance, it frees up so much energy and helps you to focus on what you really need to do next.

In short, we all meet with resistance in one way or another! And the best way to work through that resistance is to cultivate the right mindset.

So here are my top five best tips to help you deal with resistance so you can stop feeling sorry for yourself and start making progress again!

5 Ways To Move Through Resistance

Move Through Resistance Tip #1:

Know Fear Always Equals Growth

Fact: our brains are hardwired to keep us safe and protected. After all, we’re the descendants of the survivors. And our genes have done exactly what they were meant to do: survive.

However, times have changed and our brains have not yet caught up. The average person encounters very few life-threatening situations on a day-to-day basis. Yet our brain still sends out fear signals all the time!

Instead of picking up only on life-threatening stuff, it now classifies anything that’s unknown as scary. Which is totally unfortunate because going to the next level (starting a company, getting a promotion, falling in love, travelling etc.) all involve doing something new. If you listen to what your body is telling you, you’ll make excuses for doing all those things even if they’re exactly what you really want.

In other words, fear is always just an illusion! It’s a blanket of fog that clouds our vision and makes everything seem way more terrifying than it is. That’s why simply facing your fears head on brings so much clarity and power! The things our brain wants to make us so afraid of are never as bad as we’d imagined.

In fact, I actually believe that fear simply highlights our quickest path to growth and success. We don’t learn nearly as much from the safety of our comfort zone! That’s why getting thrown off your path often yields the biggest life lessons and results. (You can read more about my particular journey right here!)

Move Through Resistance Tip #2:

Repeating Patterns

If you find yourself experiencing something over and over again, that’s a whopper of a sign that something needs to shift!

I like to use a video game analogy to explain this. In the old-school Super Mario world, if you tried to pass a level but made a mistake and died, the next time you played you’d try not to repeat the same thing! You’d automatically try out a new tactic instead.

But in the real world, few of us take the same approach! Instead we get upset that our approach isn’t working–and erroneously think that if we keep doing the same thing over and over that eventually the world will suddenly work the way we want it to.

Oh heck no girl! This approach is clearly madness–and it’s time to stop! If you’re stuck dating the same kind of person or in the same kind of job (or whatever it is for you!) time and time again, then you know it’s up to you to create something different.

Figure out where the common threads are. Why do you keep being attracted to the same kind of person? What patterns are continually happening at work that you could take new action on? Shifting out of feeling stuck isn’t about hoping things will work better this time! It’s about figuring out what you can do differently to avoid the same result in the future.

Move Through Resistance Tip #3:


Way too many of us still fall prey to the myth of perfection. But trust me on this: it’s an absolute lie that you can either make a million dollars or get married etc. and never experience a negative emotion ever again! While we might not classify ourselves as perfectionists, so many of us still fall prey to this fairy-tale line of thinking. But we only hurt ourselves in the process.

Life isn’t always going to be rosy. It isn’t always going to turn out exactly the way you want it too. But it’s all just part of the experience of being human. Learning what you don’t want or finding out what’s not working is key to figuring out what does. This is the process of contrast.

Resistance is simply a natural part of your growth so please stop thinking that you can somehow magic your way out of it! That attitude will only set you up for failure, unnecessary pain and self-loathing.

Let's Make Resistance Your New BFF! Move Through The Shit To Create Your Magic

Move Through Resistance Tip #4:

Reframe Your Game

Today’s fun fact: your brain is kind of a drama queen! But don’t worry, because so is everyone else’s. That brain of yours just loves to search out problems for you to ruminate on. In fact, not having a problem to face might make your brain feel kind of weird. This problem-seeking tendency is just a bad habit that creates so much of our drama and pain!

And it need not be that way.

Those negative feelings feel very real when you’re in them. It might then be surprising to note that you’re only feeling that way because of the story you’ve created. So if you want to stop all the mental drama and anguish in its tracks, you simply need to change the story.

If you walk around thinking that every hurdle is a punishment that you could have avoided, they of course those hurdles aren’t going to feel good! So please try to remember that that’s not true.

Even with manifesting and holding space for what you want as best you can, the Universe knows best. Getting to the next level is simply about uplevelling and growing. So often the resistance that we face is simply an opportunity for growth in disguise.

If you decided to see your “problems” as opportunities to shine your light and to learn and expand, then you’d automatically switch back into your power instead of moping around in victim mode. The story you tell yourself truly matters! So make sure you’re paying attention to yours.

Move Through Resistance Tip #5:

Pass The Level

Manifesting is truly just about growth in the end. And sometimes the Universe is simply watching and testing you to see how much you’ve grown. That means if you really want to go to the next level you have to pass the test in front of you (whatever that might be!).

From an energetic viewpoint, few of us realize this is happening. We’re too busy creating drama about the fact that our life isn’t yet perfect to realize that the very real challenge in front of us is in fact the direct path to what we want.

You can protest all you want but that won’t help doing the work you’re meant to do. Your lesson is right here so why not dive in and start passing it? And why waste so much time and energy wishing things were different? Resisting reality is one of best ways to stay miserable and stuck.

So let’s figure it out: what does passing this level look like for you? Maybe it means saying no to the person who’s close-but-not-quite right. Maybe that means turning down a tempting job offer because it’s not what you really wanted. Whatever it is, do your best to identify it and move forward as fast as you can. And PS? That’s exactly how you uplevel fast.

Tell me: what kinds of resistance and obstacles are you facing on the path to manifesting success? How are you going to reframe the situation to get your power back and start moving forward again?

The way you look at the world truly does have an effect on your results. It’s actually the more loving and productive choice to stop our annoying human habit of labelling things either good or bad. Removing the negative drama we create will free up so much more of your energy to focus on what truly matters!

Thank you so much for reading! Good luck with this & please come back to let me know how it goes.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Let's Make Resistance Your New BFF! Move Through The Shit To Create Your Magic


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