The Power Of Alignment

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Unleashing the Power of Alignment: A Guide to Harmonious Living

What Is Alignment?

In my journey as a manifestation coach and a teacher, I’ve realized that alignment is the secret sauce to creating an amazing life. But what exactly is alignment? It’s when your thoughts, feelings, words, and actions are in perfect harmony with your goals. Imagine a world where you’re not your own obstacle, where self-sabotage is a thing of the past. That’s what alignment can offer.

The Pitfalls of Misalignment

Often, we place our goals on a pedestal, creating a divide between our current selves and our aspirations. This mindset leads to a sense of unworthiness and a slew of excuses. We start thinking our goals are out of reach, inadvertently creating chaos in our subconscious minds. This misalignment can cause us to feel stagnant, like we’re just treading water.

Achieving and Maintaining Alignment

Understanding that alignment isn’t static is crucial. What aligns with you today might not tomorrow as your goals and perspectives evolve. Continually reassessing your alignment is key to personal growth.

Watch Out for the “Shoulds”

Beware of the “shoulds” – those external expectations from family, friends, and society. True alignment comes from tuning out this noise and focusing on what feels right for you. Remember, discomfort doesn’t always signify misalignment. Sometimes, the most aligned path is the one that challenges us.

The Role of Positive Feelings

Embracing positive feelings and activities that resonate with your goals is vital. This concept, known as “getting into the vortex” by Abraham Hicks, is about feeling good in the present moment, aligning your current state with your desired outcomes.

Final Notes

As we conclude, remember, the journey to alignment is ongoing. It’s not a one-time achievement but a constant process of tuning into what feels right and adapting to change. So, my beautiful manifestors, I encourage you to embrace the journey of alignment. Get ready for the miracles that await you. Namaste.

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The Power Of Alignment


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