How To Banish Your Blocks To Start Manifesting FAST

How To Banish Your Blocks To Start Manifesting FAST

Many of the messages I get are from people wondering how to to manifest fast, fast, fast.

Everyone wants their blocks banished (like yesterday!) so they can get TF on with it and start manifesting the life of their dreams.

But let’s be real: if you want to manifest quick, you’ve got to get serious about what it takes to do that!

Lately, I’ve grown tired of all the feel good manifesting advice. All I want to talk about these days are the REAL reasons you’re not manifesting things into reality.

My biggest goal for 2018 is to truly help people make progress with their manifesting goals!

Big hint: it’s nothing to do with secret formulas or superstitious beliefs.

The core work of manifesting always comes back to one thing:


Because despite all our hard work and best intentions, most of us are not in true alignment.

That’s because we all have blocks, unhelpful patterns and limiting beliefs that have been literally programmed into our subconscious mind.

So if you’re not aware that this stuff is a problem, that will leave you wondering why your manifesting isn’t working. I’m doing everything “right” so what’s the problem?

Well the answer, my dear Conscious Ones, the problem of course is YOU.

If you’re not willing to look at your history, childhood and family for clues about what’s really going on, then you’re missing a key part of the equation.

It’s true that we create our own worlds. But the world that you’re currently living in has been created with a lot of influence from the people around you.

While this can happen through our whole life, we’re especially susceptible to this before the age of 10.

While you grew up to be a reasonably successful independent adult, you also picked up a lot more from your family than you realize.

We’ve patterned our behavior (postures, eating habits), attitudes (respect towards authority figures, the way we treat friends and romantic partners), fears (yes, you definitely subconsciously picked up on what your parents’ were afraid of, even if they never vocalized it), beliefs about the world (“rich people are evil”, “love always hurts” etc.) all from the people around us. And that’s where our path to success becomes blocked.

What Are Blocks?

Before we get started, let’s define exactly what we’re talking about here.

Mental blocks can be a number of things: limiting beliefs or unhelpful patterns of behavior.

They all fall under the encompassing umbrella of Shadow work. We need to get cozy with our subconscious to both find and clear these problems.

It’s relatively straightforward to set an intention and to start putting yourself on that level energetically. While your conscious mind might slip and fall into negative thoughts once in a while, it’s usually easy to notice and get back on track.

But what about your subconscious mind? Though you don’t notice, your subconscious is actually in charge of 90% of your thoughts!

And if you’re acting out old scenarios or living in reaction mode, then you’re not in conscious control of your life.

(Note: the topics of blocks when it comes to the Law of Attraction is somewhat controversial. Some LoA teachers think that teaching about them is harmful because it creates the block. I don’t believe that talking about blocks creates them! Rather, I think not enough of us dare to do emotional alchemy on this level.

Personally, I believe this is where the real roots of manifesting work lie and that if you ignore the subconscious factors your results will be weak and infrequent at best. The stronger you are mentally and emotionally the more powerful your magic will be! )

So now that we know what mental blocks are, let’s get down to the business of banishing them, shall we?

How To Banish Your Blocks

Step 1: Identify Your Blocks

Obviously the first step towards banishing your blocks is identifying what those blocks are!

Some of them will be really easy to notice. But the others? It might take some intense reflection and questioning to figure out what’s truly getting in your way.

This work needs some to percolate and integrate. So don’t be surprised if you have a few A-ha! Moments while you’re driving to work or having a conversation with a friend. Sometimes the perspective we need to find those blocks takes a little time to find. And that’s okay!

But in order to get you started, here are some juicy though-provoking questions to point you in the right direction. So grab a notebook and dive in:


Do you think that on some level you’re unworthy of what you’re asking for? Maybe you think only younger/older/more educated/connected/etc people can actually do the thing you want. If you still aren’t 100% that you CAN have your desire then you have some serious mindset work to do!


Are you still attached to that you need to struggle and push in order to get what you want? (This one’s highly connected to worthiness BTW.) Many of us want things in life but we still think that we’ll have to toil away for years before we can have them. Are those beliefs really serving you? What would happen if you could just have what you want without the struggle?

How To Banish Your Blocks To Start Manifesting FAST

Step 2: Honor Your Blocks

I know what you’re thinking: honor your blocks? Are you crazy? Why would anyone want to do that?

But remember, your blocks didn’t fall out of the sky! You created them for a reason: to try to protect yourself.

So you have to thank yourself for doing your job! However, while those blocks may have done the job for a little while, now your blocks are doing you more harm than good. So it’s time to address them and start fresh.


Acknowledge your blocks and thank them (and your brain!) for trying to protect you! Think of this as Marie Kondo-ing your mind: you’re getting ready to let go but doing it with respect for yourself.

Cultivating gratitude for your limiting beliefs means that you’re definitely NOT getting upset and angry at yourself for doing what came naturally. If you start beating yourself up for your unconscious thought processes, you’re just creating more resistance to solving the real problem.

How To Banish Your Blocks To Start Manifesting FAST

Step 3: Create The Cancel Out

The best way of getting rid of blocks is to barrel right through them. Now that we know what they are we can create some thought patterns that actually support us instead of harming us! Creating new thoughts is a matter of repetition. At first it’s going to feel weird and awkward and extremely unnatural to think these positive thoughts! But keep with it. You’re rewiring your brain here and that takes some time and effort.


Grab a blank piece of paper and make a list of limiting beliefs/patterns down the left hand side. Then on the right-hand side, write down the exact opposite idea for each belief.

Then fold the paper in half, rip it in two and throw the limiting belief side away. Boom! You now have a convenient grocery-list of mantras and affirmations to help rewire your mind to support what you want in life.

Use these new brain-training mantras anyway you wish: meditate on them. Do EFT (tapping) on them. Create an audio file and listen to them on repeat while you sleep. The options here are really endless so get creative and have some fun while you reprogram yourself!

How To Banish Your Blocks To Start Manifesting FAST

While we all have mental blocks, we don’t all have to be a prisoner to them! The more raw and honest you can get about your truth, the better results you’ll get! Even if you don’t believe in the Law of Attraction, I highly recommend you dive into this life-changing practice.

Thank you so much for reading! I’ll see you back here next week.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Banish Your Blocks To Start Manifesting FAST


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