woman with sparkler & text 10 Steps To Create Your Best Year Ever | The 2022 Guide

10 Steps To Create Your Best Year Ever | The 2024 Guide

Are you ready to create your best year ever? Let’s do this!

The start of a brand-new year is always so exciting.

I’m definitely not one to save my goal-setting just for the New Year. But I can also admit just how intoxicating the promise of a fresh year can be.

I know you’re here because you’re interested in bettering your life, in money, love, success, and more.

Even though we basically talk about goal-setting all the time in manifestation, I wanted to put together a special guide to help you make this year ahead truly sparkle.

Dreaming is only the beginning. As I teach, manifestation is about all of your energy: your thoughts, words, and actions (not just your feelings!).

No matter what you’re dreaming about for the year ahead, I challenge you to start to take true action towards it.

Remember: when nothing changes, nothing changes.

If you show up the same next week and the week after, you’ll continue to live in the same reality.

I’ve had that experience, year after year. And trust me, it doesn’t feel good, especially when you know your potential is for so much more.

So it’s time to get inspired! Let’s kick off your New Year on the best foot possible with this simple guide all about how to do things differently.

10 Steps To Create Your Best Year Ever | The 2024 Guide

Create Your Best Year Ever Tip #1:

Set Goals With Soul

I’m not really into the idea of resolutions, only because it seems almost expected that we give up on them after only a few weeks.

However, I am into setting a few big juicy goals for yourself, at any point during the year.

The key here is to set goals that feel exciting. Many of us either shoot too low (which means no motivation). Or we completely overreach, then get overwhelmed (and also end up taking little to not action).

What does your heart want?
Where do you want to go this year?

The sweet spot is selecting a goal right there in between over-the-top and too easy.

I also recommend that you only pick a few big goals to concentrate on at any one time. Yes, you can get a lot done in one year! But most of us do better with some focused attention rather than trying to change everything all at once.

Create Your Best Year Ever Tip #2:

F*ck Motivation

“I just can’t seem to get motivated.”

If you wait until the moon is just right, the weather is perfect, and for you to actually feel like doing something, don’t be surprised if you end up waiting forever.

The problem with waiting to feel like doing something is that it puts all the power outside of yourself.

The thing that will take you farther than motivation every single time is discipline. Do you show up for yourself and do the things you actually want to do? Or do you make excuses and flake out?

“Forgetting” to put your true interests first is yet another form of self-abandonment.

If this is an area you need to work on, then come check out Heal’d in January! It’s all about staying organized with your goals (instead of trying to rely on motivation alone).

Create Your Best Year Ever Tip #3:

Find Your Resistance

Finding the reasons behind your own resistance is key to making real progress.

Hint: it’s usually fear, wrapped in a very convincing story.

The fact is our brain wants to put out as little effort as possible. It also never wants anything to change. Any time you go after a goal your brain will trip you up in both of these ways.

Think: your brain telling you to eat the cookie and skip the gym!

Most people have no idea about this. So when their resistance comes up they fall right for it.

It’s the ultimate in self-sabotage–and it’s only when you’re aware of the problem that you have the power to begin to change things.

Think about your goal.

Now tell me: when it comes to achieving your goals, what are you secretly afraid of? Hard work? Failure? Get clear about it and address that fear as much as you can with your conscious mind and you’ll be a lot less likely to fall for your subconscious mind’s little traps.

Create Your Best Year Ever Tip #4:

Ignore That Voice Inside Of You

We will always have an inner mental soundtrack that’s more interested in helping us mess up our goals than achieve them.

Think: the voice that tells you you’ll go running “tomorrow”, the diet is stupid anyway, or that you don’t really want the relationship/money, etc.

Most of us take that voice much too seriously. We think that if part of us wants the complete opposite of our true desires that maybe we don’t really want the things we think we do.

Don’t fall for this trick! There will always be an excuse. What’s important is what you actually choose to do.

Create Your Best Year Ever Tip #5:

Ditch What Isn’t Working

One of my own personal character flaws is that I stick around in situations that aren’t working for much too long. (Guess I’m just one of those people who has to learn everything the hard way! 🤣)

I tend to wear rose-colored glasses and expect the best from people (especially people I love). But sometimes that means failing to take action because I’m too busy hoping for the best.

This is why I know exactly how important it is to notice what’s not working and then do something about it.

If it’s a relationship, having a conversation and setting some boundaries or standards is a great idea. (And if that doesn’t work, then it might be time to minimize your time together or leave the situation.)

If it’s a pattern you have, then challenge yourself to think of a different way to handle things. Then when it arises again, take the new action.

Don’t wait around passively for life to magically fix itself! Take the hint, try to take action and if that doesn’t work out, figure out your Plan B as soon as you can.

Create Your Best Year Ever Tip #6:

Work From Your Future Self

Take a moment to envision your ideal Future Self: maybe that’s tanned, toned, deliriously happy, basking in the glory of having achieved the goals you’re only dreaming about right now.

It might seem far away from where you are right now, but it’s actually not nearly as far as you think. Let’s use this vision to hack our way back to what we need to work on right now.

Once you have your Future Self in your mind, get curious about it. What does he/she do, think, act or say that’s different from where you are now? Take notes and start doing those things starting right now.

This is helpful to make us show up to life in a whole new (brave) way. But it’s also a useful exercise when you’re being faced with a dilemma or challenge.

Whenever you’re called to make a decision or tough choice, bring that image back to your mind. What would he or she do? Whatever comes to mind, trust it and act on it.

(This one tip alone is worth its weight in gold!)

Create Your Best Year Ever Tip #7:

Schedule Regular Check-Ins

Be sure to check in with yourself regularly to gauge your process.

It’s one thing to set big beautiful goals. But if we don’t constantly focus on them, we’ll eventually go off track or get distracted.

I’d recommend doing this every month (or every few weeks) at the minimum. If you only schedule the check-ins every few months, that leaves a lot of time for you to accidentally veer off course.

Remember, this isn’t about self-criticism or judgment. It’s simply a reminder for us to show up for what we really want in life.

Whenever you notice yourself going off track, just get back to business ASAP and don’t make it a bigger deal than it needs to be.

Because I’m just a bit witchy, I love to do this during the Full Moon & New Moon every month. And if you want to learn more about moon magick and do this for yourself, I invite you to come check out my ebook right here!

Create Your Best Year Ever Tip #8:

Ditch The Comfort Zone

Always keep in mind the classic advice: Do something every day that scares you.

That’s because when we’re faced with comfort or doing something brave and new, we will choose comfort and safety almost every time. But that means not living up to your potential, discovering what you’re really capable of, and–most importantly–calling in your dreams.

However, this doesn’t have to remain your default pattern forever!

Yes, it takes courage to go do the damn thing. But the more that you take on those risks and come out the other side, the more your brain will understand that those risks were never so scary after all.

Basically, you want to build yourself an evidence bank in your mind of all the hard, tricky, scary things that you’ve taken on.

This is the fastest way to get yourself out of a rut and to change your energy, so that you attract new things, by the way!

So think about it: What can you do today that scares you?

Create Your Best Year Ever Tip #9:

Simplify & Streamline

When we clutter up our minds, homes, and lives with extra weight, we automatically slow ourselves down.

There’s only so much energy and time to go around. So where is yours going?

It might not sound like much, but if you’re spending fifteen minutes a week hunting for your keys or for a matching pair of socks, that time adds up.

So get curious:

Where is your time going?

Where is your attention going?

Does that match your values and dreams for the future?

If not, then it’s time to make a change.

This isn’t about turning yourself into a Robot of Productivity. But if you’re spending four hours every day watching Netflix, just think about what else you could do with even an extra hour of true time for you.

Rest and relaxation are also crucial. But sometimes we’re not even resting and relaxing as fully as we could be!

Is it really relaxing to be on your phone while watching a movie? Or is there a better way for you to truly relax?

(I’m calling myself out on this one! Yikes.)

Create Your Best Year Ever Tip #10:

Find Expanders

It’s an unfortunate reality: in so many ways, we are (temporarily) limited in what we create by the world we saw around us as children.

For example, if your mother struggled with money, then don’t be surprised if you struggle with money too! You are simply copying the beliefs and actions you took in as a child, without even realizing that those things are blocking you.

Solution? Find someone else to model!

No, you’re not a child anymore. But your subconscious brain is still very much Monkey See Monkey Do.

Who or what is your brain seeing on a regular basis?

This is why so many self-help gurus tell you you’re a combination of the five people you spend the most time with. To me, this advice sounds a little shallow as I’m hardly going to ditch my true friendships to be closer to people who have the things I want in life.

However, you can still take the core idea and run with it.

Who has something you want in life? What can you do to get in their energetic orbit (either IRL or online)?

That might mean volunteering to work for free one day a week for a mentor. Or it might mean deeply diving into someone’s Instagram on a daily basis to start seeing the world through their eyes.

If you can’t think of someone to expand you in the direction of your dreams, start there. Do your research. Notice your envy! If no one person seems to fit the bill, that’s okay too! DIY it and pick a few different expanders that reflect different elements that you’re after.

So tell me: what are your big goals for 2022 and beyond? Which tip did you need to hear? And what’s your plan to make those dreams a reality?

This year I’m challenging you to truly show up for yourself and your dreams and start shifting. What do you need to say/believe/feel/do differently this year to make it happen?

Those changes might seem small at the time, but trust me they add up! I encourage you to go out there and do as many different scary things as possible.

Because if you do, in one year your world will look drastically different! (Promise.)

No matter what’s on your wishlist, I’m wishing you a fantastic year ahead.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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