Moon Magick

Moon Magick

Manifest Your Desires with the Power of the Moon

Give Your Manifestations The Best Chance For Success! Start working WITH Natural Lunar Power

Intrigued by the power of the moon?

Curious about magick or witchcraft?

Or maybe you’re looking for another way to enhance and boost your manifestation practice.

I happen to know that you’re not here on accident my friend!

There was a reason you were meant to find your way here today.

The Moon Is Calling Into Your Power

The moon is part of the Universe itself.

It’s a powerful and potent entity that affects so much of life here on earth, whether you believe in magick and manifesting or not.

We see this every day with the ebb and flow of the tides. (Or just go check out an emergency room during a full moon!)

But we can also notice this happening within ourselves and the people around us.

I’m sure you can think of a few moments when your life got a little strange or magical around the full moon!

Then it should come as no surprise to learn that your manifesting powers can also be greatly enhanced by the energy of the moon.

Your own energy is like those tides: it goes in and goes out. And if you learn how to time things right, you can use this to your advantage.

Let’s be real: when it comes to manifestation and magick, most of us could use a little boost! And the natural energy of the moon is a fantastic way to do just that.

Introducing Moon Magick!

Moon Magick - Get What You Want With The Power of The Moon

As much as I love and adore the moon, I know not everyone understands the potential of this magick.

However, my moon posts on my site are among my most popular. And I get asked moon magick questions all the time!

While I covered some moon magick in my book The Mindful Witch, I wanted to create something that would help you take your practice even deeper.

That’s why I created Moon Magick!

Moon Magick is your perfect introduction to working with the natural rhythm of the night sky!

It’s your chance to learn about the various moon phases and get some ideas for how to create your own moon rituals.

Then take your moon magick through the rest of the year through both the signs of the zodiac and with the Celtic tree moons.

Get inspired and accelerate your manifestation practice to the next level!

This is the perfect book for everyone from beginner manifestor to the well-seasoned Manifestation Witch.

You’re Going To Learn:

  • Find out my own personal Full Moon and New Moon Rituals for maximizing your magick!
  • Learn about the moon cycle plus the monthly moons to fully harness the power of nature throughout the entire year
  • Discover the power of the Celtic Tree Moons and find out what each one means
  • Learn about the Zodiac and the moon and learn how to celebrate and manifest with each sign
  • Discover powerful moon and manifestation rituals to use throughout the month, plus plenty of ideas for rituals and moon-related magickal activities you can do on your own
  • Start creating an ongoing relationship with both the Moon and the Universe to create your best manifestation results ever!

    Here’s What You’ll Get:

    • Gorgeously designed printable 56-page PDF
    • Both phase-by-phase and month-by-month guides for Moon magick and manifestation (Say goodbye to feeling confused about the moon!)
    • Tons of ideas for your rituals, including spell ingredients, themes and more
    • The inspiration and knowledge to work with the moon, no matter what time of year!
    • Much more!
    Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

    Hey there! I’m Jenn

    I’m a Healer & Coach and the bestselling author of The Mindful Witch.

    I have always been entranced by the moon. I’m remember staring out the window of a car at at it when I was a little girl, totally entranced by a gorgeous orange harvest moon.

    Later on, I began to understand the importance of the moon within magick.

    While these days I focus on manifestation the most, in my mind manifestation and magick are the same thing. (Creating something out of nothing, according to will.)

    While magick will always have a place in my heart, manifestation is what I turn to every day.

    But with that all said, it’s fun to shake things up once in a while!

    I’m not huge on magick “rules”. In fact, I believe the best magick has a lot to do with you, not your tools or accessories.

    But throwing the moon back into my practice has been a hugely rewarding practice, spiritually and in terms of my real-life results.

    Personally, I’ve successfully manifested my dream apartment, a move to Europe, a bestselling book, and an amazing relationship!

    And now it’s time to share some of that magickal power with you.

    Ready To Discover Your True Manifestation Potential?

    Today, you can harness the power of moon manifestation for just $19! (Reg. price $37).

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