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Does this sound familiar?

  • You’re settling for work that doesn’t fulfill you or pay you what you deserve
  • Your home doesn’t feel inspiring or aligned
  • You keep attracting relationships with people who are WRONG for you
  • You’re constantly stuck or in a rut and you have no idea how to change it
Trust me, I know what it feels like.

Because that used to be me!

It wasn’t too long ago where I went to work in a horrible desk job that completely undervalued me.

But while I was there, I started to dream.

Slowly over time, I began to make progress on those dreams.

In the end, I completely transformed my life from what it used to be.

And if I can do it, I know you can do it too.

Let me show you how….

You’re meant for more

All those limiting beliefs and programs in your mind are nothing but lies.

The good news is…you’re already doing SO MUCH to change.

There’s a few things I already know about you:

You want BIG things: money, love, success

But right now?

You can’t figure out why it’s not working.

There’s such a big gap between the life that you envision for yourself and where you are right now, that sometimes you just want to give up and cry.

Manifestation was supposed to be easy, right?

So why doesn’t seem easy to you?

You’re not cursed. Or unlucky. Or doomed to fail!

What you can’t see is exactly how YOU have been the one that’s holding you back

Right now, you’re trying to design your life from your conscious mind (prefrontal cortex) only.

This part is thinking, logical, and reasonable. In fact, it’s very clear about what your life should look like.

However, your conscious mind is just a fraction of your overall mind.

The secret thing that drives MOST of your beliefs, emotions, and actions?

The secret force that is driving MOST of your beliefs, emotions, and actions?


And honey, let me tell you…

Right now? It’s like the Wild West down there:
  • Limiting beliefs
  • Inner Mean Girl voice
  • Wounded Inner Child
  • Shadow Self
  • Core Childhood Wounds

These are just a few of the subconscious factors blocking you from manifesting the exact life that you desire.

Here’s what that really means:

In the meantime, you can’t help but judge yourself harshly for not being “there” and having the things you want yet

You find yourself getting INSANELY jealous of the people you see who have the life that you want

You’re OH SO OVER getting your hopes up only to “fail””…again and again…..

Deep down, you know you were born to experience more than this.

But right now, you don’t know how to break the cycle.

Stop waiting for your luck to turn around!

Start creating your life, your way…starting today

Introducing hea’ld

The virtual healing studio
Heal'd Virtual Healing Studio

heal’d is here to help you create your Ideal Future Self life by targeting old pain, shame, and programming.

To create deep and sustainable transformation that targets you on every level, we use a combination of my favorite healing tools:

Journaling (self-coaching) is how you create identify blocks and notice how you are creating your negative patterns.

Hypnosis to start healing and rewiring your subconscious mind (aka the part of you that’s manifesting without you even noticing).

Somatic practices like EFT (tapping) rewire new ideas into your nervous system.

This uniquely holistic approach ensures that we are targeting you on every level. This is also why “thinking positive” or even talk therapy can fall short. Those tools simply do not address you as a whole person.

Not living your dream life really sucks.

But here’s how heal’d will help you:

  • Manifest more money, love etc. without spending hours visualizing or trying to create the perfect vision board
  • Avoid the Manifestation Trap of just wanting your dreams but never achieving them
  • Profoundly shift your life from the inside out with Shadow Work, Inner Child & Core Childhood Wounds Healing
  • Find out how to “hack” your own mind to get the results you want (instead of accidentally repelling them)
  • Heal your old programming and limiting beliefs so they stop blocking your manifestations (Finally live your life with true freedom!)
  • Dive deep into the areas where you need the most work (like Boundaries, Love or Money) through our library of workshops (There’s a fresh new workshop every month!)
  • Use my powerful hypnosis and subliminal tracks to rewire your mind with minimum effort, every single day
  • It’s like a Gym Membership-Turned-Netflix for your continual spiritual and emotional growth!
heal'd virtual healing studio

Peek Inside Your Membership:

Here’s what’s included when you join us:

The Self-Coaching Toolkit

Manage your mind, stop feeling like an emotional ping pong ball and self-coach your way through any problem

New Monthly Workshops

Just like keeping your body in shape, it’s important to continue your growth! That’s why I offer you a different workshop every month, complete with video trainings and workbooks with tons of journal prompts, meditations & more.

The Workshop Library

Get access to exclusive magical workshop trainings to help you take your journey even further. Includes Manifest Love, Manifest Money, Conscious Design (for your home) & so much more!

Everything you need to rewire your mind automatically!

  • Meditations
  • Tapping & EFT
  • Hypnosis
  • Workshop Videos
  • Workbooks
  • Journal Prompts
  • Breathwork
  • Subliminals
  • Much more!

Your Workshops + Resources:

Some workshops are only offered for one month but might come back in the future. Others are added to the permanent library. But there’s always something new to learn on the 1st of the month!​

These Trainings & Resources Are Valued At Over $1500

But you get full access for less than the price of one latte a week!

  • 15+ Workshops Including How To Manifest, Heal Your Inner Child + More
  • Hypnosis + Tapping Library
  • New Workshops Monthly

Cancel anytime!

  • 15+ Workshops Including How To Manifest, Heal Your Inner Child + More
  • Hypnosis + Tapping Library
  • New Workshops Monthly

Just $17/month!

It’s Time To Meet Your Ideal Future Self

The version of you that actually has the money, love, success & more is not as far away as you think.

You are the magic, my friend! 

And you always were.

It’s finally time to use your power instead of hiding from it.

Stop secretly self-sabotaging the life you desire.

Learn how to recode your mind to attract what you want instead.
Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

Hey there! I’m Jenn

Coach | Healer | Former Teenage Astrologist | Bestselling Author of The Mindful Witch

A few years ago, I hit my rock bottom. I lost my partner, my business, and my home overnight, and ended up living in my parent’s basement.

It was horrible.

But ultimately, that moment catapulted me into my self-love and healing journey. I decided from then on, I would have my back no matter what.

And I’m proud to say that I did that! These days, I’m a Bestselling Author, Healer, & Coach living my dream life, in Berlin, Germany.

Healing my subconscious mind allowed me to transform my world from the inside out! And now I’m here to help you to do the same.

Welcome dear one! I’m so happy to have you here.

What People Are Saying

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Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, monthly members can cancel ther membership at any time! (Just head to your account portal.)

Yearly members are locked in for rest of the year. (But you’re not going to want to leave!)

When does heal’d start and finish?

heal’d is a completely self-paced online course – you decide when you start and when you finish. (If you buy the annual pass, you will have to renew in one year.)

I add a fresh new training every month so there’s always something new to learn!

How long do I have access to the program?

You have access to the program (plus all meditations etc) as long as your membership is active!

What if I’m unhappy with heal’d?

I made sure this program is jam-packed with workshops and meditations so you get way more than your money’s worth.

Due to the digital nature of the program, there are no refunds.

However, you can cancel your (monthly) membership at any time!
If you’re not sure about it, reach out and send me your questions. jenn (at)

Who can join heal’d?

Anyone can join heal’d! I tend to focus on women/female-identifying in my work but I am open to all ages and genders.

This is a safe space for our BIPOC & LGBTQ members.

An important note for the hearing impaired: currently, this program contains video without transcriptions so please take that into consideration before joining.

What if I have another question?

Reach out to me and I’ll do my best to get back to you within 24 hours. jenn (at)

Do you offer refunds?

No, due to the digital nature of the program, there are no refunds for heal’d. So please be aligned with your decision before you buy (You can also reach out to jenn (at) with any questions!)
However as always, monthly members can cancel at any time.

How do I access heal’d?

After you register, keep an eye on your inbox for your login information.
Once you have that, just head to the login page and you’re all set.

How can heal’d help me?

Heal’d is designed to help you heal and reprogram your minds to attract your desires.

Manifestation is not just about thinking positive. It’s about healing your old patterns and recoding your mind for what you actually want.

We also offer ongoing trainings to always make sure you are growing towards your highest potential.

Can I cancel my membership?

Yes, monthly members can cancel ther own membership at any time! (Just head to your account portal.)
Yearly members are locked in for rest of the year.
(But you’re not going to want to leave!)

Does my membership automatically renew?

If you purchased a monthly plan, your membership will automatically renew every month until you cancel your plan.

If you miss a payment, your account will be closed.

If you purchased an annual pass, your membership will not renew automatically.

I have PTSD/other mental health issues. Is heal’d for me?

The answer is different for every person, depending on where they are in their healing journey.

Have you already done some work on this? Do you feel already feel safe? Do you have a support system? If so, then yes it can work for you.

If you don’t, then I suggest seeking out the help of a therapist or professional first, as this work can become intense or triggering.
This program is not meant to replace mental health treatment. But it can work beautifully in addition with your current/past treatment.

Don’t use your one wild & precious life to stay stuck in dreaming.

You can have what you want! You just need to claim it.

Do your Future Self a favor and take the first step towards you future today.

heal’d will give you both: the inspiration to dream bigger and go farther and the support and mindset work to make those dreams a reality!

It’s the absolute best healing + manifestation experience for the price…guaranteed!