luxury handbag store with text How To Manifest Luxury: Call In The Epic Life Of Your Dreams

How To Manifest Luxury: Call In The Epic Life Of Your Dreams

Want to manifest more luxury, opulence, and abundance? If so you’re not the only one! Loads of people get into the manifestation game because they’re lusting after cars or designer bags.

My only hope is that they fall wildly in love with themselves without all of that while they’re at it!

In my own manifestation journey, luxury was not at the top of my list. Yes, there were things I wanted from life but I was more attracted to concepts (like freedom!) instead of physical objects.

However, I’ve been thinking a lot recently about why that is.

The energy of luxury is opulence: taking things well beyond what would be acceptable and into a realm where they are extra.

I believe it’s this “extra-ness” that I have the biggest problem with. (#truth!)

I’ve personally struggled with the concept of luxury in my life. I had a normal-humble childhood, where we always had enough–but were always warned about being too greedy or foolish with money. In some ways, I’ve overcome that programming but there’s still a long journey ahead of me. For a long time, I struggled with just having enough–never mind having enough and more.

Maybe you can relate?

Even if your childhood was different than mine, I bet you can. Here’s the thing: if you’re only ever just skating by financially (making minimum payments, living paycheck to paycheck, just managing to get things done but only barely) then I’d be willing to bet you have some work to do in this area.

And that makes sense. If having “enough” was the only thing we were aware of, it’s going to take conscious programming on our part to ask for more.

So even if luxury is not at the top of your manifestation list, I challenge you to play with this idea just a little. What would inviting more luxury into your life look like? Feel like? What does luxury mean to you and how would you feel receiving it?

If manifesting luxury goods and experiences is something that your soul is secretly craving, then keep reading because I’ve got lots of tips today that will help you to do just that.

How To Manifest Luxury: 8 Tips & Ritual Ideas:

How To Manifest Luxury Tip #1:

Ditch The Guilt

Guilt around asking for luxury and abundance is your Number One Manifestation Block. When part of your brain is secretly thinking: “Do I really deserve this?” “Who am I to ask for that?” then you’re already fighting an uphill battle.

Remember that manifestation is an energetic game. But your energy includes allll those sneaky negative thoughts rolling around in your mind.

The batshit-crazy thing here is that guilt is something only we have control of. There are plenty of things you don’t feel guilty about. So why did you choose this one? (And yes, at some point you chose it, even if it wasn’t a conscious decision.)

Being a Conscious Creator means taking full responsibility for your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. When you realize just how much the guilt is holding you back, hopefully that can motivate you into letting it go–for good.

How To Manifest Luxury Tip #2:

Start Asking For More

Luxury starts with us asking for–and receiving–more. So I challenge you to look at your current manifestation list. Is there any area that could be improved simply by asking for the more luxurious option?

This doesn’t have to apply to just what you buy. Think about your other goals too! If you’re looking for a new job, what would feel luxurious and opulent to you? A fancy office? Bigger salary? Notice what lights you up and start getting excited about that.

Remember, no guilt! Part of the manifestation process is freeing ourselves from what we’ve been told is realistic or possible for us.

That’s why it’s so important to connect with luxury on our minds’ eye level. We must be able to do that before we can consciously call it in.

How To Manifest Luxury Tip #3:

Get The Best You Can Afford

Not gonna lie: I luuurve a good bargain. I hit up TJ Maxx with a vengeance and I have a black belt in thrift store shopping. I really do love digging up the deals and I probably always will–but I have also recently realized that some of this addiction was rooted in lack.

Here’s the thing: it’s one thing to go for the deals because it’s fun and feels good. It’s entirely another thing to only go for deals because you think you deserve only the bare minimum.

If you’re constantly choosing the cheapest possible option for yourself, that’s very much a message you are reinforcing to your subconscious mind over and over again.

There’s not anything wrong with spending as little as possible. But if that’s just your default setting, you’ll have to do some reprogramming on yourself in order to counteract it.

If part of you absolutely rejects the idea of spending, then here’s another spot for you to work on. Instead of buying the cheap option at the grocery store, what if you bought the really nice coffee, cheese, whatever? Instead of buying a fast fashion pair of shoes that will barely last the winter, why not save up a little and buy yourself an investment piece?

How To Manifest Luxury Tip #4:

Carry Cash

There’s one sure-fire way to feel like there’s always “enough” every time you open your wallet: carrying an abundance of cash!

Admittedly the time might be running out on this idea, as more and more of us move to a cashless way of living.

But for now, aim to always keep some money in your wallet that you don’t plan to spend. It exists only as a mental reminder of what you’re really capable of.

Yes, you can have money on you that you don’t ever use–and the more mind-blowing that concept is to you, the more you need this tip.

As for the amount, it doesn’t matter so much as the concept. Some people will feel cool and abundant AF with a crisp $100 on them at all times. But if you want to start with a $5 or $20 that’s great too! The point is that you’re never looking at an empty wallet. When you visually see that there’s always money in there, that will help your subconscious mind to receive that message.

How To Manifest Luxury Tip #5:

Choose Luxury Now

So you want more luxury in your life. But just how are you supposed to live like that before you manifest winning the lottery?

We often fall for the trap of thinking there’s no way we can live a life of luxury until we have the money first. But that’s just not true!

No matter where you are right now, there’s something you can do to create a more luxe day-to-day experience for yourself.

No, that doesn’t mean rushing out with your credit cards and buying yourself a Porsche!

Instead, I encourage you to think about how you can slowly upgrade your favorite everyday experiences.

Say you love coffee (like me!). Then why not treat yourself to a nice bag of coffee from your favorite roaster? Just upgrading from the grocery store options can feel make a huge difference.

Perhaps you spend your mornings in the yoga flow. Why not upgrade that experience by drinking cucumber water while you work out instead of sipping from your sad old water bottle?

Luxury can live in the details and most of the time, there are lots of ways to upgrade our life through shifting those details.

For inspiration, Think about a luxury five-star hotel, spa, or restaurant experience. What elements of that experience could you swipe and use for yourself?

How To Manifest Luxury Tip #6:

Shift Your Language

The language we use is one of our biggest manifestation tools. Yet most of us don’t use this at all. Instead, we use the same lack-focused language we always have:

“I can’t afford it.”
“I’m broke.”
“That’s too expensive.”

Whether you’re manifesting luxury levels of money or not, this language has simply got to go. Just imagine it this way: what if every word you said was a direct command to the Universe?

I know people are weird about this because you don’t want to actually spend money you don’t have or present yourself as rich when you’re not. But you can definitely get your meaning across without resorting to that old financial dead-end language.

Hint: a shift in language also ultimately signals a shift in the way you’re thinking. So get a grip on the way you speak about money, abundance, and luxury and you will start to shift the way you think about it too.

How To Manifest Luxury Tip #7:

Create Excitement About It

If you’re like me and luxury was not something that automatically popped up on your mental Bingo Card, then you probably need a little help to get really excited about it.

Sometimes we’re too busy telling ourselves “no” to let our natural excitement build. But ignoring our natural desires isn’t helpful. It’s actually taking us farther away from our authentic power–and in turn from our manifestation magnetism.

So ask yourself: what can you do to build that excitement? (Or to create it from scratch if you’re not quite feeling it yet.) There are so many ways to do this: journaling about your ideal future, visualization, or creating a secret Pinterest board and loading it up every morning. Don’t think of this exercise as manifestation itself. But it is a great way to keep yourself motivated to keep going (especially when your bank account is in overdraft).

Basically, your brain cannot tell the difference between the future and the past. When you think about where you’re going, it feels those same feelings right now. Playing with that energy of already being there and having what you want is not only important for your energy, but it’s also really fun (and totally free!).

How To Manifest Luxury Tip #8:

Be Generous

Is giving away money a way to receive more of it? The answer is yes and as counterintuitive as it sounds, it actually works.

After all, the biggest thing keeping you from giving money away is the fear that you won’t be able to create more of it. When we hold onto money out of fear it automatically indicates the fact that we’re not trusting ourselves–or the Universe.

Remember, luxury is all about the energy of manifesting more than enough. So why not tap into that energy by giving away a bit of what you already have? Give your favorite barista a little something extra, give away some money to someone on the street or make a donation to your favorite charity. There are tons of ways to give back that help others, feel good, and shift your vibration all at the same time.

As a caution, there’s no need to overdo it here! Give away what your current financial abilities allow and don’t press yourself to over-extend yourself.

So tell me: what’s your relationship to luxury? Do you currently play with calling luxury experiences or things? Why or why not?

Luxury can look like anything you want it to. You don’t have to look like every influencer on IG in order to experience a luxurious life nor do you have to become a capitalist billionaire to have these experiences. This exercise is more about giving yourself permission to go really big and to indulge this human mind and body of yours. Keep asking yourself what that looks like and it will lead you to luxury every single time!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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luxury handbag store with text How To Manifest Luxury: Call In The Epic Life Of Your Dreams


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