Navigating The Cosmic 2x4 Moment: How To Deal When Shit Hits The Fan

The Cosmic 2×4 Moment: Navigating Your Rock Bottom

The Cosmic 2×4 Moment comes in many forms:

The sudden breakup.

The loss of a job.

Losing your money.

But you always know it when it happens.

Getting your butt handed to you on a sandwich isn’t exactly something we want to think about–much less prepare for! But we’re all just human. And it happens.

However, the unfortunate truth of the matter is sometimes it’s necessary.

So when “bad things” happen it isn’t just a case of bad luck. Often, it’s a sign of something much deeper–and one we should pay close attention to!

The Cosmic 2×4 Moment is simply a sign that the Universe needs to reorder itself.

Sometimes the Universe has to get your attention in a big way, only because you’ve been ignoring the little hints it’s been giving you all along.

We ignored the little voice inside of us telling us something was wrong. We minimized what should have been red flags. We stuck our head in the sand and pretended not to notice that our ship was sinking.

Sometimes, when things fall out of alignment, the Universe has no choice but to try to get things back in order. So if it’s actually us that has been getting in the way of our own expansion, then we’re going to feel the full force of that realignment. Ouch.

But I get it: it can be tempting to blame the external world. Your boss/partner/friend should have told you, should have warned you, should have done this or that etc.

But once that initial anger dissipates, perhaps you’ll be able to see the truth!

A sudden change forces our hand: it kicks us out of our cozy nest to see if we can fly.

But the truth is: you can fly baby! And you always could.

Staying anywhere too long is not healthy! And ignoring the warning signs simply lessens your trust in yourself and in the Universe.

So no matter how bad things might be always remember, hitting rock bottom is never really the end! The good news is that once you’re at the bottom, there’s only one direction left to go and that’s up. So don’t berate yourself for being there. Know that you’re right on the precipice of some incredible things coming your way.

There’s always a silver lining, even if you can’t see it at first! Hopefully, the tips I’m sharing here will help you navigate your own Cosmic 2×4 Moment.

Navigating The Cosmic 2x4 Moment: How To Deal When Shit Hits The Fan

How To Navigate Your Cosmic 2×4 Moment

Note: The Cosmic 2×4 isn’t every devastating event! Some events (like a loved one passing) are just a part of life. But most of the tips here will help you shift your perspective no matter what your own situation might be.

Navigating Your Cosmic 2×4 Moment Step #1:

Trust Yourself

Be honest: deep down somewhere inside you, you know the truth. Things needed to change but you hadn’t taken any action towards changing them. Many times our rockbottom is caused by our inaction.

In those situations, there’s no point in blaming yourself for what’s happened! In fact, you should take this experience as literal proof that that feeling you’ve been trying to ignore was in fact the truth.

We all know so much more than we give ourselves credit for. Learning how to tap in and trust your own intuition is one of the best superpowers you could hope to acquire! So ask yourself: what were the red flags? How were you not living in alignment as your authentic self? What lessons can you take forward from this situation?

Navigating Your Cosmic 2×4 Moment Step #2:

Forget Normal

In my last rock bottom, I spent a lot of time wondering when I’d feel normal again. But that in itself is a loaded question! The truth was my old normal was gone forever! Learning to feel good again was all about learning a entire new way of being.

You can’t rely on what you once knew and that’s confusing at first. But you will figure it out, slowly, step by step, day by day. So get curious about what feels good to you now. Maybe you’ll still like to grab a beer with friends or go to yoga class or to pursue your side-hustle dreams. Or maybe you won’t and that’s okay too!

The new you is full of all kinds of preferences and opinions! You just have to spend a little time listening and experimenting in order to figure out what they are.

Navigating Your Cosmic 2×4 Moment Step #3:

It’s Not A Punishment

“Bad things” are never about the Universe punishing you! But it’s easy to see how one might think they are. All too often manifesting students fall into a dangerous line of thinking. So if we think that by thinking positive we can create more positivity in our lives, then we must have thought some bad things to call in the current situation!

But that’s not always true. It’s always important to be aware of the limitations of our own power. It’s true that we get way more control over our path than we were brought up to believe. But there are some major factors in life we will never have control over. And sometimes the things we think we want aren’t actually doing us any favors.

(Find a list of things you can’t manifest right here.)

In other words, you’re not being punished! “Bad” (aka unexpected) things are a part of everyone’s reality from time to time. Besides, they’re only bad because our human brains have the need to categorize everything as good or bad! Move away from the urge to label everything good and bad and you’ll find so much more ease in the moment.

Navigating Your Cosmic 2×4 Moment Step #4:

Reframe The Loss

There’s no denying it: loss hurts. It’s one of the toughest things we humans must learn to endure in our lives.

Fact: focusing on what you’ve lost will never feel good. But the Universe will always rush into fill a void. So while you might be in pain, please know that something new is coming for you. There will be new people to like and love, new places to go, new things to do and a new you to become.

Give yourself some time to mourn but be wary of staying there too long! It’s hard not to focus on the loss at first but try to keep in mind that there’s so much left in the world still to gain. There are still beautiful things in the world and once the fog of pain dissipates, you will experience them again.

Navigating Your Cosmic 2×4 Moment Step #5:

Find The Takeaway

It’s hard to stomach when things seem to be going wrong but try to remember: life is happening for you, not to you. There’s a lesson to be learned from each and every situation, even the negative ones.

Try to give yourself some perspective. What have you learned about yourself? What has this experience left with you? What do you know now going forward?

Life is about much more than just the events we experience. It’s about the journey, about what you learn and about who you become. There’s always a lesson and as soon as you see it, you’ve already transcended the simple mechanics of the situation. You’ve grown and that’s a beautiful thing.

Navigating Your Cosmic 2×4 Moment Step #6:

This Isn’t The End

We tend to add extra pain to our plate when with the words and stories we tell, without even noticing it. When something catastrophic has just happened to us, the story we tell reflects an end-of-the-line point of view. (Which only makes sense because it only just happened!) But nothing feels good about a story of loss or failure, with no hope of redemption.

However, in real life, however, the story is far from over! Setbacks might knock you down for a while but they’re never the end of line–unless you allow them to be. People have come back from homelessness, bankruptcy, health scares, divorces and more–and you too can choose to be someone who overcomes. You get to learn from this experience and you get to keep pushing on.

You’re Not At The End Of Your Story

Simply realizing you’re not the hero who’s failed at his mission but the hero in who’s still in the middle of the movie will give you so much of a sense of power and hope for your future going forward.

You’re not at the end! You’re simply at a new beginning. The truth is you’re always in control of your own story! So please don’t make yourself feel even worse right now by telling the wrong one.

The most important thing to remember in times like this is that it’s impossible for you to go wrong. You’re always in exactly the right spot, even if that spot is rather unexpected! Do your best to forgive yourself and let go rather than wallow in the pain and self-hatred. There is always a way forward so trust in the fact that you will find it.

Thank you so much for reading and see you back here next week!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Navigating The Cosmic 2x4 Moment: How To Deal When Shit Hits The Fan


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