How To Get Into Alignment

How To Get Into Alignment

Wondering how to get into alignment?

As you may have guessed from the title of this blog, alignment is something I take very seriously!

Just to recap, for me the definition of alignment is when your thoughts, feelings, words and actions are all aligned for one common goal.

Being in alignment is the ultimate in self-actualization. It means you’ve mastered the art of getting out of your own way.

It’s a powerful and magical place to be.

And as an extra bonus, when you’re in complete alignment, you also become a natural manifestor— or a super attractor! You enter a flow state where everything you want just seems to happen naturally for you. (Mostly because you’re not screwing it up for yourself!)

So if alignment is our ultimate goal, it also brings up another important question:

How do I know if I’m in alignment?

And that’s a particularly tricky question to answer. After all, there’s no alignment reader that can give us our exact results!

The only way to figure out if we’re in alignment is to pay close attention to what we’re thinking, feeling, saying and doing–and to be really HONEST about it.

Because if you’re not really being honest with yourself, what’s the point of putting in all this effort? Of course, it can be scary to admit where we’ve gone off-track. It can be sobering to figure out what has gone wrong.

But if you really want to create the life of your dreams, you’ll have to put in that work.

So I hope you’re ready to dive into this very important component of self-work! Let’s get started:

How To Get Into Alignment: A Step-by-Step Guide

There are actually 5 components to alignment: desire, thoughts, feelings, words, and actions.

How To Get Into Alignment Step #1:

Your Desires

Your desires are important to your individual journey. They’re a large part of what propels us through life! They’re also part of what makes you uniquely you.

We’re simply not all meant to want the same things! And fortunately, there’s so much more than the suburban house and white picket fence to choose from in life!

But our desires can come from somewhere other than us. Sometimes they’re learned from the household we grew up in and sometimes we pick them up from the media. And other times, our goals used to suit us but–unbeknownst to us–we’ve since outgrown them.

So it’s crucial to regularly do some dream work and question your goals. We need to make sure your desires are worthy of YOU, that they haven’t come from somewhere else and that–most importantly–they still light you up.

So if you’re not sure, it’s time to set aside a little time to do some work. Simply ask yourself what would your life look like if you could have ANYTHING you wanted? Start from there and see what wonderful options you can come up with.

And PS-you can never daydream too much! Daydreaming unlocks our imagination and allows us to figure out what we’re being currently drawn to.

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How To Get Into Alignment Step #2:

Your Thoughts

This is the easiest problem to troubleshoot! There’s not usually a disconnect between our thoughts and feelings. That’s because our feelings arise from our thoughts. We’re usually very aware of when our thoughts have gone off track because we’re also not feeling good! So thoughts and feelings are typically two sides of the same coin.

How To Get Into Alignment Step #3:

Your Feelings

Your feelings are one of the best indications that you’ve gotten out of alignment. You know that nagging feeling in the back of your mind that something is off? Yup. It’s time to listen in and see what else it has to say!

Most people go through life as slaves to their own emotions. They don’t realize that emotions are the result of our thoughts. So if you want to feel better, then you just need to work on creating a different thought.

Our feelings are just our internal barometer. So if you feel weird or bored or uninspired, it’s time to figure out where that’s really coming from. All of our feelings are here to show us something important.

We’re all pretty darn good at fooling ourselves into thinking “everything’s fine!” when we don’t want to face the truth! But that little nagging feeling isn’t going away unless YOU take action and change what needs to change. The faster you can course-correct, the faster you’re going to get to your ultimate goal.

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How To Get Into Alignment Step #4:

Your Words

Since I became a student of personal development and spirituality, I have found myself completely amazed by the vocabulary of the people around me. I can figure out so much about someone’s internal state just from the words they use to describe themselves and the world around them.

However, it’s always a smidge more difficult to notice our own vocabulary! But with a little effort and attention, you’ll soon start to notice some of your key patterns and phrases.

Do you keep talking about things that you don’t ever do? Do you try to present yourself in a way that doesn’t really align with who you are? If so, then you’re creating a layer of internal conflict.

You might not think your words matter but they have a huge impact on your world! You might be able to fool a friend or two with your grandiose talk but deep down inside you’ll always know your own truth. The more time you spend talking about things and not doing them, the less confidence you’ll have in yourself. And that extends out to literally everything else in your life, in addition to the one problem area that you’re trying to cover up.

So it’s time to try being authentic. Be true to your word. Express your truth in the best way you can. You are a powerful person and you deserve to believe in the words you speak! You deserve to believe in you.

How To Get Into Alignment Step #5:

Your Actions

The final piece of the alignment puzzle is to notice our actions. You can desire something, feel good and talk about it positively. But if you don’t ever actually do anything to bring you closer to that goal, it’s still not quite enough!

That’s not to say you have run out and hustle every day! But if there’s an element that’s missing in your life, how can you start preparing for that?Part of acquiring your new goal is becoming the kind of person that would have that thing already! You need to put the work into changing your schedule, home, friend group or hobbies to reflect that.

So get creative with it. There are always lots of ways you can create actions that align with your intentions!

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I know this might seem like a lot of work at first! But you’re important. And your DREAMS are important. Getting into alignment is the best way to get you there so don’t be afraid! Dive in, do the work and watch just how magical your life becomes.

Good luck and much 💜,

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Get Into Alignment


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