5 Steps To Become A Conscious Creator

5 Steps To Become A Conscious Creator

As you might have noticed, I talk about being a Conscious Creator a lot.

But if you’re new around here, then there’s a chance you don’t understand exactly what I mean by that!

I get questions about it occasionally so today I thought I’d do a post to clear things up for once and for all.

Let’s start by defining it first:

Conscious Creator is simply someone who consciously works to create their own reality.

It’s the opposite choice to default living: where you’re reacting to the things that occur but you don’t really do anything to change them or make your life more to your liking.

From the outside perspective, they can look almost entirely the same: you get up in the morning, go to work, come home etc. But while the Conscious Creator is focused on what they really want and where they’re ultimately going, those living unconsciously are just sort of filling up their time.

I’m extremely passionate about this because I’ve definitely had periods in my life of falling asleep at the wheel of life. For me, that meant staying in jobs or relationships (including my marriage!) for much much way longer than I should have!

In those times, I knew something was wrong but I wasn’t taking any action towards fixing it. I blindly hoped that with time, things would smooth themselves out. I naively thought that non-action was better than taking real action.

But of course, that’s never the way things work!

For me (like most of us) that avoidant approach was really just based in fear. We’re afraid of saying no or ending something so we don’t. But that always results in the same thing: what I like to call the Cosmic 2×4 Moment. That’s when life comes up and knocks you right over. It’s not fun but’s also inevitable.

Because you can try to avoid life all you want but the truth will always come out in the end!

All of this is just to say that I hope you don’t have to experience that Cosmic 2×4 Moment in the way I did! One of the best ways to prevent that from happening is to be honest with yourself, take responsibility for your present reality and to consciously start creating your own reality.

It’s never too late for you to become a Conscious Creator! That’s why today I’m sharing five crucial steps for you to start choosing your own reality.

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5 Steps To Become A Conscious Creator

Become A Conscious Creator Step #1: Take Radical Responsibility

Being conscious about where you’re going requires you to be conscious of where you are right now. It might sound obvious but taking radical responsibility for your life the way (warts and all!) is necessary for success.

We all have mistakes, setbacks and trauma. No one has lived a perfect life and it isn’t an even playing field! But comparing your situation to anyone else’s is pointless. We’ll never fully know what others have experienced. So why make yourself feel worse by comparing yourself that way?

Hiding behind blame might be tempting but please know that it’s a dead end. You always have the choice of where you want to go next and how you want to feel while doing it. But you won’t be able to do that if you’ve already surrendered all your power away.

Become A Conscious Creator Step #2: Think Big Picture

I truly believe we’re all capable of living wildly amazing lives! However, the biggest reason we’re not yet doing that is because we simply don’t believe we have that capacity! So we cut off our dreams before they have a chance to bloom.

Step one in creating an amazing life is always figuring out what you want. Yes, of course, many amazing things that you haven’t anticipated can (and will!) happen along the way. But you still need a direction for your journey! Without a goal in mind, you’re just bumbling along. A goal is always necessary to create an awesome kind of life!

Don’t Be Shy

So please don’t get shy now! Thinking of crazyawesomehuge goals for yourself should be fun. It should fire up your imagination and get you excited. This isn’t about being realistic or figuring it all out. The point is simply to dream. Don’t talk yourself out of them before your journey has even begun! Dream big and the courage to actively pursue those dreams will soon follow.

Become A Conscious Creator Step #3: Set Daily Intentions

No matter how juicy your intentions might be, a truly awesome life is about much more than just those big goals! Your day-to-day life might seem inconsequential or even boring at times but there is so much magic in the every day! You truly can create a beautiful life by tuning your attention to the “little” things.

The truth is being intentional is a practice! Which means you have to practice doing it, day in and day out. I love to practice setting intentions for various things in my day. You can think about how you want your work day, a big meeting or your work out to go. You can set intentions for how you want to feel and how you want your work to flow. You can set intentions for something fun and unexpected to show up as well as a money intention for the day.

Please don’t be fooled! These “small” intentions truly add up and create huge results over time. The more you can practice living intentionally, the better (and bigger!) your results will be.

5 Steps To Become A Conscious Creator

Become A Conscious Creator Step #4: Visualize/Journal/Focus Your Energy

Sometimes I find certain people get frustrated with manifesting because they want a specific manifesting formula: ie. meditate for 20 minutes a day for 17 days and boom! Your wish will be here.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t quite work that way! The reason is always because your manifestation comes through when you’ve done the work and you’re truly ready for it. So much depends on how well you can integrate your desire, learn any needed lessons and work on upping your havingness levels.

Shift Your Focus

How can you best put yourself in the energy of having? We all do our best in entirely different ways. Some people are really great at visualizing while others would prefer to journal it out. Think of the way you learn best: are you a visual learner? A verbal learner? A kinaesthetic learner? Tailoring your manifesting experience to match your particular talents is key! Whatever your method might be, be sure to devote time to it daily so you can reconnect with your desire and truly step into the idea of having.

Become A Conscious Creator Step #5: Stay Playful/Let It Go

When you’re focusing your energy and attention on making something happen, it can be all too easy to forget the real purpose to the practice! But in the end, you’re doing all of this work because you want to feel good.

So if you’re stressing and panicking and micromanaging your way to your goal you’ve already gone fallen off the right track! It’s almost impossible to create a positive result from things that make you feel angry or stressed. That’s all just to say that your energy is what matters the most–always.

Stop The Hustle

If you’ve defaulted back into the habit of hustling, it’s time to take a step back. How can you start having fun again? How can you approach things with a beautiful playful energy instead of one of desperation or striving?

Personally, it always helps me to remember to focus on the feeling. There are a million ways to feel successful, loved, happy etc. so please don’t ever think that your intention is the only path to happiness! You get to choose how to feel every day and the more you start choosing the way you want to feel right now the better your results will be.

So tell me: how are you consciously creating your life? What was your favorite step for switching out of default mode and into taking action?

Truly anyone has the capacity to become a Conscious Creator with the right mindset! So don’t get discouraged. This work always gets easier the more you practice it. Take baby steps towards living consciously and I promise that very soon your entire world will change!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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5 Steps To Become A Conscious Creator


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