Jenn Stevens with text Ask A Coach: Why Can't I Manifest Money?
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Video: Why Can’t I Manifest Money?

Why Can’t I Manifest Money? Insights from a Life & Business Coach

Hello, friends, and welcome to Ask a Coach. I’m Jenn Stevens, your guide in the journey of life and business coaching. Today, we’re addressing a burning question that many of you have been pondering: “Why can’t I manifest money?” I received a letter from Laurie, a viewer with this exact question, and it resonates with what many of you are experiencing. So, let’s dive deep into this topic and unravel some truths!

Understanding the Challenge

Laurie’s struggle with manifesting money is not unique. She’s been visualizing and journaling for over a year with no significant results. This scenario often leads us to wonder, why is manifesting money so challenging?

The Myth of Instant Wealth

Firstly, let’s debunk a common myth: manifesting instant wealth, like winning the lottery. This approach is often rooted in fear and scarcity. When we aim for such goals, we’re not addressing the core issues of our relationship with money, which is fundamentally about self-worth and mindset.

The Reality of Lottery Dreams

Did you know that about 70% of lottery winners go bankrupt within three to five years? This staggering statistic reflects a mismatch between sudden wealth and an individual’s money mindset. Manifesting a lottery win might not be the solution you think it is.

Starting Small

Instead of aiming for the stars right away, start smaller. Manifesting smaller amounts, like $100 or $1,000, and gradually increasing your goals can be more effective. This process helps build trust in yourself and improves your money self-worth.

The Role of Money Self-Worth

Your belief in your ability to generate wealth is crucial. If you think the only way to wealth is through a lottery, it’s time to rebuild your faith in your capabilities. Working on your money self-worth is far more rewarding than chasing a windfall.

Shifting Your Approach

Manifestation isn’t just about setting intentions; it’s about changing your actions, thoughts, beliefs, and feelings. My program, Recode, focuses on reprogramming your mind and overcoming limiting money beliefs. This holistic approach changes your entire alignment and helps attract more opportunities.

The 360-Degree Manifestation

True manifestation involves a 360-degree approach, encompassing thoughts, words, beliefs, and actions. It’s not just about desiring money; it’s about aligning your entire being with that desire through comprehensive action.

Can’t Manifest Money Final Notes

Laurie, and anyone else facing similar struggles, it’s time to shift internally. Start small, work on your internal stories, and change your actions. Remember, the change always starts within you. And to everyone out there, keep manifesting, but do it wisely and with a focused, holistic approach.

Ending Note

Thank you for tuning into Ask a Coach. Remember, there are no coincidences. You were meant to find this post. Apply these insights and start making those vital changes. Manifestation is a process, and it’s up to us to do our part. Here’s to an amazing week of alignment and happy manifesting!

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Jenn Stevens with text Ask A Coach: Why Can't I Manifest Money?


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