girl reflected in mirror with text The Magic Of The Law Of Correspondence (Universal Law Series)

The Law of Correspondence (Universal Law Series)

Today, let’s continue our universal law series with the Law of Correspondence.

The Law of Correspondence can be summed up by one of my most favorite magickal phrases: “As above, so below”.

So within, so without.

Inner world = outer world.

Micro = macro and vice versa.

But what does that actually mean?

The Law of Correspondence simply states that for every action that occurs, there are multiple responses.

I’ve been studying spirituality seriously for almost ten years and this concept still blows my mind a little. Yes, even though it’s the cornerstone of conscious design (aka what I was first focused on when I started The Aligned Life: how you can use your space as a vision board).

The most powerful thing to realize here is that you have so much more control than you think!

This principle also underlies why I teach manifestation the way I do. Instead of just waiting for the Universe to do all the work, it’s much more effective to go in and do the healing work you really need to get unstuck and start manifesting.

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How To Use The Law of Correspondence

Law of Correspondence Strategy #1:

It’s All A Reflection Of You

I always talk about how relationships are actually mirrors. The things that bother you the most about your partner, your best friend, or your boss are really things that you have inside of you.

In reality, this is true well beyond our relationships. The things you see in the world are simply echoes of what’s happening inside of you.

However, I’m not going to suggest working on yourself to the point of ignoring the injustice you see in the world. But it’s also important to note that the healing work you do inside of you also plays an important role in healing the world.

When we’re healed, we’re better at healing others. Yes, personal growth work can be selfish when we focus only on ourselves and our goals. But when we realize that we’re an important part of the bigger puzzle, it becomes even more transformative.

Why not play with this idea just to prove it to yourself? For example, instead of bitterly waiting for your significant other to do what you want them to, act with the assumption that they will. You might be surprised at just how quickly you can create the results you want from simply assuming this stance!

Law of Correspondence Strategy #2:

It’s All Happening For You Not To You

No matter what’s happening to you right now, it’s important to see the bigger picture.

I like to think of us all each playing our own individual cosmic video game. The obstacles I have to overcome won’t be the same as yours and vice versa. But ultimately learning how to (metaphorically speaking) run faster and jump higher is just preparing us for what’s to come.

If someone just plopped you down in the final level with no training, there’s no way you’d make it! So all the previous levels (and their obstacles and failures) ultimately just made you stronger.

Everything has a lesson to teach us and the faster we learn, the faster we expand. Resisting what is, is always our biggest source of suffering.

So look at what’s in front of you and dare yourself to see the lesson! When you start to regard your problems and discomfort as an opportunity in disguise, that’s when you truly step into your power.

Law of Correspondence Strategy #3:

How You Do One Thing Is How You Do Everything

Sometimes we create needless stress for ourselves when it comes to the big things in life. For example, if we’re struggling with love, we only think of our potential romantic partners as the focus of our attention. However, this is needless and can further delay our desired results.

In reality, there’s no need to wait for the perfect moment to prove yourself. You can create new results in your problem area by tackling something that seems completely unrelated.

In relationships, perhaps you’re having a hard time enforcing boundaries or keeping your standards high. So instead of waiting for your next potential romantic situation for you to work on, why not start the work now? Look at your work relationships or friendships and begin the work there.

I know it seems crazy to concentrate your efforts seemingly elsewhere. But remember, that’s all a lot more closely related than you think!

Above all else, the Law of Correspondence reminds us to tap into ourselves for the healing, happiness, and comfort that we desire. You are never a hapless passerby or a powerless victim to your circumstances. You are an active participant in every last thing you see in the world and the sole creator of your reality. The only question is: what are you going to do with that power?

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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girl reflected in mirror with text The Magic Of The Law Of Correspondence (Universal Law Series)


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