woman journaling with text 11 Journal Prompts To Attract More Money

11 Journal Prompts To Attract Money

As many of you know, I’m a huge fan of the power of a manifestation journal.

I really believe that we can do a lot of the work of being our own coach, therapist and magic manifestor just by writing things down from our soul.

I go through this process in detail in my Manifestation Journal workshop.

But the concept is simple: we can both do deep inner healing work and powerful magic work simply by writing things down with a good old-fashioned pen and paper.

Of course, money is always a hot manifesting topic around here.

So today I was inspired to share some journaling prompts to help you focus on money and abundance in general.

Use these prompts to start the healing and recoding process in your own manifestation routine!

Attract Money With These Journal Prompts

Attract Money Journal Prompt #1: Money makes me feel…

What’s your true relationship to money? Most people assume they have a good relationship with money when they actually don’t. That means they’re frequently ignoring their own money issues (and in turn, staying stuck and self-sabotaging their money manifestation efforts).

Being real with yourself is key! So journal on this one from the heart and without judgment.

Attract Money Journal Prompt #2: If I was financially free, I would…

Money isn’t just paper or numbers on a computer. More important than any of that is the buying power it gives you.

You being in charge of more money is also you having more influence over the world! So use this prompt to get curious: what would you really do with a lot of wealth and, more importantly, why?

Attract Money Journal Prompt #3: I would like to feel ____ about money.

A better relationship with money doesn’t happen when you receive more money. It actually starts long before that! Thinking deeply about how you want to feel around money will allow you to start making those changes how.

Attract Money Journal Prompt More Money #4: Having more money would allow me to stop….

When we think about manifesting, we get pretty focused on bringing more of something into our life. But our lives are like cups: they can only hold so much! Attracting more money and abundance means there’s something else that you’ll need to let go of. (Remember, this is a positive thing!)

Attract Money Journal Prompt #5: If money was no object, I would help the world by…

Money is an amplification of us. Having more money extends our influence into the world. So get excited and ask: if you were able to give back in a massive way, what would you do?

Attract Money Journal Prompt #6: If you had to spend $10,000 right now, what would you buy?

Yes, everyone wants to manifest more money. But here’s the funny thing: few of us have bothered to think about what you would actually spend your money on. Aside from bills and necessities, what would you really want to buy? This prompt can be quite illuminating.

Attract Money Journal Prompt #7: What do you want other people to think about you and money?

This question is kind of a trick because–surprise!–we can never actually control what other people think about us. In reality, this question allows us to look at our own ego. We all have an ego and we don’t need to be ashamed of that! Getting into the real reasons we want money just allows us to step more into our own power.

Attract Money Journal Prompt What are some different ways money could come into my world?

In my virtual healing studio, Heal’d, I teach you about opening money portals: the paths that money can use to find you. But this journal prompt can get the ball open. Remember, winning the lottery is never the only answer! Get creative and think about how you could create more money.

Attract Money Journal Prompt #9: What do I believe about rich people?

Limiting beliefs are a huge block to our manifestations. And wealth is something many of us have blocks about. But you’ll have to look into the shadows of your subconscious mind to find clarity on this.

Attract Money Journal Prompt #10: What is your first money memory and how did it make you feel?

No matter how long ago, our childhood experiences form part of our adult lives. Getting curious about your own money issues is an important part of the work (and something I guide you through in my Heal’d program).

Attract Money Journal Prompt #11: One small action I can take towards creating more wealth is…

Action is always required! Journal on this one to inspire yourself to start showing up for your dreams and making money moves!

Manifestation Journaling Workshop

Want more like this? Get all my Manifestation Journaling secrets in this workshop!

So tell me: which money writing prompts did you try out and what new realizations did you come to?

Remember friend, the process of manifestation is anything but passive. But journaling is a powerful path to self-knowledge and magnetism. So challenge yourself to at least try these journal prompts out, because honestly, what else do you have to lose except the chance of attracting more money?

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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woman journaling with text 11 Journal Prompts To Attract Money


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