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Anxiety, Depression + Manifestation

Wondering about anxiety, depression and manifestation?

Every so often, I get a very concerned message from someone who’s not in a great place emotionally.

Maybe they’re stuck in anxious thoughts about the future. Or perhaps they’re suffering from depression, loss of energy or just feeling sad.

But their question to me is always the same: how does this mood affect my ability to manifest?

In the basic world of manifesting, this might seem like a huge problem! We’re so often taught that our thoughts become things without understanding the deeper mechanics of manifestation.

So if we can’t prevent our thoughts from being negative, does that mean we’re about manifest something bad?

This idea becomes extra-terrifying when you can’t seem to shift your mood or snap out of it. Your well-meaning friends might tell you just to “think positive” but that advice is so much easier said than done.

Obviously if we could just snap out of it, we would! So what can we actually do from this negative thought space?

Here’s the good news:

Manifesting is not just about your thoughts!

Just think about what life would be like if that were true! We have thousands of thoughts every day and some of those thoughts are downright non-sensical or kooky. We all have the annoying ability to jet from juicy happy thoughts to downright awful ones in a matter of minutes. So if manifesting really was based on thoughts alone, we’d be creating all kinds of random, great-then-not-great stuff for ourselves every single day.

Our thoughts do have a lot to do with manifesting but the reality is more complicated than that. Remember manifestation has everything to do with your energy–not just your thoughts! So that also includes actions, words, beliefs and our self-worth.

Basically, if you’re subconsciously deem something to be too hard/big/difficult you’re going to block it from coming into your reality (even if it’s something your conscious mind really wants!).

A bad mood, month, week cannot ruin it

What you’re experiencing is 100% normal. As long as you’re willing to put in the work on your mindset and beliefs, you can still make manifesting progress.

Today I’m going to dive into how to manifest while you’re experiencing anxiety and depression.

But before we get started, it has to be said: I am not a licensed medical provider. This advice is not meant to replace your existing therapy or prescriptions. I understand that there are chronic versions of these disorders that require therapy or medication.

In no way am I suggesting replacing your existing path. However, you may still find some value in this post! Everyone’s situation is different so please do what’s best for you (and if you’re experiencing suicidal ideations please reach out for help!).

Let’s first touch base with the basics of each emotion:

Dealing With Anxiety & Depression

Anxiety & The Law of Attraction

Anxiety manifests in panic mode: racing heart, sweaty palms, an impending feeling of doom. Definitely not fun! But where does it come from?

Most anxious thoughts are the result of projecting too far into the future. Planning for our future is a good thing but there’s only so much anyone can do in the current moment! Worrying about what you’re going to do five steps from now or three months down the road might be rather pointless.

Like it or not, there’s only so much we can do to prepare for life in advance! Part of that is a time issue and part of it is the simple fact that we will simply never have all the relevant information until we actually get there. Working through this anxiety root cause is really about trusting the fact that you’ll be able to handle whatever comes your way when you get there.

Another cause of anxiety is trying to be someone you’re not. We all have a lot of expectations to live up to! Society tells us who we should be all day long, for our whole life. Plus there’s also the expectations of family, work, friends etc. A bit of keeping up with the Joneses is okay; but spending too much time trying to fit into some arbitrary box of the perfect mom/employee/partner is exhausting.

This type anxiety stems from feeling like you’re going to get found out. Your secret fear is that if you stop tap-dancing for even just a second, the world is going to find out the truth about you! If you don’t feel worthy of love without the mask, then you might eventually feel worn out from forever trying to be someone you’re not.

Depression & The Law of Attraction

Sadness, lethargy, loss of interest in things you usually like: these are all signs of depression. In contrast to anxiety, depression typically stems from a fixation on the past. While we all have things in our life that we wish were different, depression typically forms from constant negative rumination about those things. It’s regretting your actions: “I shouldn’t have said that.” “I wish this had happened” “I should have done this instead.”

Surprisingly, depression can also come from suppressed anger or anger we didn’t express in the past. While anger is something we all experience, it’s not always easy or socially acceptable to express this anger (especially for us people-pleasing “good girls”).

Sometimes we get angry about something we should have been angry about a long time ago because our perspective as shifted and sometimes we don’t have all the information at the time we needed it. It often takes months (or even years!) to realize our own truth about a situation (ie. letting someone treat you poorly). Whether we repressed that anger at the time or we weren’t given the opportunity to express it back then, this can leave us feeling powerless–and eventually depressed.

The cure is to acknowledge and lean into that anger. You are allowed to feel your feelings, to stand up for yourself and to get upset about being mistreated. Don’t shy away from those emotions, even when they feel taboo or intense. The alternate is to push those feelings away or judge them, which will end up making you feel unloved, misunderstood or helpless–and that’s when depression kicks in.

Successful Manifestation With Anxiety Or Depression | 6 Tips

Anxiety, Depression & Manifestation Tip #1:

Indulge In True Self Care

I know people can get triggered when you suggest the basics to help an emotional problem. But I’m going to do it anyway! This isn’t because you don’t know this stuff already (everyone does!). But even though we might logically know what’s best, what we actually do in our daily life can be quite different.

We are physical beings and we all need adequate sleep and exercise and a good diet to keep our physical form running smoothly. It’s estimated that getting less than five hours sleep has the same effect as being drunk. Needless to say, when our body isn’t rested or well-fed neither is our mind! Giving yourself the best shot at happiness also means taking care of the physical side of you.

Anxiety, Depression & Manifestation Tip #2:

Don’t Rush To “Normal”

Running away from your negative feelings isn’t a solution. It usually only results in those emotions surfacing back at a later time. You have to let them out to get through them! They will not dissolve unless you let them bubble up and out.

In our society, we’re typically pushed back to feeling happy again as fast as possible. This is an incredibly damaging approach to our emotional health. It’s also wildly unrealistic! We’re human; we need the full range of human emotions to teach us more about ourselves and the world.

So please don’t fall for the belief that if you’re not happy 24/7 that something is wrong with you. We can’t be happy 24/7; we need our problems to give our life focus. We need the dark to help show us where the light is. Life is 50/50. But those down moments are here to help us grow and make the sweet moments that much sweeter.

Anxiety, Depression & Manifestation Tip #3:

Don’t Over-Identify With Your Feelings

Please remember: YOU are not anxious or depressed; you are simply experiencing those things. They’ve left you before and they will leave you this time as well.

At first, this can be a tricky idea to truly integrate but it can help give you some much-needed distance between you and your feelings. Most of us have been taught to identify our emotions as us since we were small. (“I’m sad/mad/hurt” vs. “I’m feeling sad/mad/hurt” etc.)

But you are so much more than those negative thoughts! Labeling yourself unnecessarily with these words is often a self-imposed sentence that just further magnifies our negativity.

Anxiety, Depression & Manifestation Tip #4:

Don’t Make Your Feelings “Wrong”

Give yourself permission to feel your feelings. That one simple step is so key. Trying to push your emotions away is exhausting and will lead to burnout. Instead, understand that your feelings cannot truly hurt you. This might not exactly be fun but eventually, they’ll pass (as everything always does). It’s okay to experience sadness or anger or worry! You’ve felt those things before and you will again. You will weather the storm.

Anxiety, Depression & Manifestation Tip #4:

Come Back To The Present

Again, depression is typically past-focused while anxiety is future-focused. But neither of those timelines actually currently exist. That means that right now, they’re all just thoughts in your mind. Your life is actually made up of this moment, right here, right now. So let’s focus on changing our mental channel so we can experience something else instead!

Mindfulness goes a long way to help with this. That simply means constantly asking yourself: what can I do to bring ease to the moment? Breathe deeply, take inventory of what you’re feeling and ask what you can do to feel better now. The answers are never in looking backward or forward! The only thing you can do to feel better is to make your now as amazing as possible.

Anxiety, Depression & Manifestation Tip #5:

Journal It Out

The thoughts in your mind can be overwhelming and downright bossy. But slowing down and writing them out can make give you a lot more clarity. The physical act of moving thoughts to paper is also cathartic! Just sit down and scribble what comes out. No need to be formal here!

(And the more you resist this, the more I challenge you to give it a shot!)

Anxiety, Depression & Manifestation Tip #4:

Find The Root Cause

Not sure where your emotions are coming from? Here’s an exercise to help pinpoint the underlying issue. Ask yourself this: If you had to boil down your feelings to one word, what would that word be? Or: if there’s just one situation (past or future) that’s upsetting you, what would it be?

In the midst of the dark, it can be difficult to pinpoint where our feelings are coming from. Giving yourself a solid word to describe it can feel like a powerful move towards gaining your power back.

Anxiety, Depression & Manifestation Tip #6:

Continue Your Manifestation Work

Unfortunately my friend, manifestations are rarely set-it-and-forget-it! That means you can’t just do what you’ve always done and expect different results. You actually have to put in the work and prove your intent to the Universe!

However, feeling anxious or down is no reason to stop taking action. You truly can keep making moves towards your goals even when you’re feeling low. There are SO many things you can do so here’s a quick list to get started:

  • Take real-world baby steps
  • Tackle the thing you’re most afraid of doing
  • Focus on increasing yours self-worth
  • Embody the person who has whatever it is you’re after

Now tell me: did any of these ideas give you some clarity and peace around anxiety and depression and manifestation? How are you going to continue to work towards your manifestations while you’re feeling low?

As always, come to yourself with love first and foremost. You are still worthy and deserving of all the beautiful things you desire, not matter what your current emotional weather might be. So take heart and keep pushing towards your dreams!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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girl looking out window with text that reads Mind Management: Anxiety, Depression & Law of Attraction


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