How To Manifest With Your Chakras

How To Manifest With Your Chakras

Wondering how to manifest with your chakras? Let’s get started.

Energy, magic and manifesting.

In my world, they’re all the exact same thing, no matter what the label might be!

Chakras are key to understanding the energy flow in your own body. That also means that they are something important to consider on your journey to manifesting an amazing life!

Think about chakras as just another way to gauge your alignment. A big chakra imbalance can manifest itself in health issues and recurrent themes in your life! When even just one area is out of balance, it will become very difficult for you to find the energetic balance you need to manifest your desires.

While I haven’t touched on chakras yet on the blog, my own chakras are something I tune into regularly. It’s just part of of a healthy energy practice.

If you’re feeling stuck in your life (or in your manifesting!), taking a look at your chakras can give you some great insight on what’s really going wrong!

Balanced energy is a hallmark of being in alignment. Thinking about chakras is just another way we can determine if our own energy is in check. If a chakra is closed or if it’s over-performing, that’s going to put a strain on your other chakras as well! It’ll pull you right out of alignment. In order to keep everything working together cohesively as a unit, it’s critical to stay on top of your chakra health.

What Is A Chakra?

Good news: you don’t have to be really into yoga or meditation to understand chakras! You simply need to understand that your chakras are the energy centers in your body. They also happen to correspond to your glands. (Those yogis were really onto something!)

The Sanskrit word chakra translates directly to wheel or disk. So we think of chakras as being spinning wheels of energy in the body. These seven powerful energy centers align with your spine and each correspond to a different level of energy.

It’s imperative to keep the energy and unblocked for maximum health, energy and manifesting power! Basically, an energy blockage means you’ve got some work to-do in order to become healthy and powerful again.

When your chakras are healthy, open and spinning the right way, then you are effectively unblocked and fully in your manifestation power!

Are you ready to learn about chakras to amplify your own manifesting power? Then let’s dive in!

How To Manifest With Your Chakras

Manifest With Your Chakras | Chakra #1:

Root Chakra | Muladhara

How To Manifest With Your Chakras Muladhara

Correspondences: Reproductive Glands | Red | Earth | Saturn

Your first chakra is located at the very base of your spine. This chakra represents all things that keep you alive and functioning at a very basic level: instinct, survival and safety. This chakra rules over your sense of fear. It’s also the gateway to your connection to the earth.

Issues with this chakra will likely very apparent in your life: trouble with finding a place to live or putting food on the table is a strong indication that something is out of balance! A low-functioning root chakra might also manifest in feeling tired, timid or overly cautious.

It’s crucial to work on healing these basic issues before you try manifesting anything bigger into your life! Otherwise your life is like a glass with a whole in the bottom! Things are just going to keep on falling out of it.

(Conversely, a too active root chakra might result in feeling reckless, oversexed or belligerent.)

To assist in sacral chakra healing, try meditating with the color red. Alternately, boost a low-functioning root chakra with red stones like garnet or ruby. Or if you suspect this chakra is over-functioning, tone it down with obsidian, smoky quartz or tourmaline.

Manifest With Your Chakras | Chakra #2:

The Sacral Chakra | Swadhisthana

How To Manifest With Your Chakras Swadisthana

Correspondences: Endocrine | Orange | Water | Moon

Your second chakra is located in your lower abdomen, just below the tailbone. Similarly to the root chakra, this chakra is all about survival, safety and sex. This is where our emotional connection to the world begins to form and is also a powerful source of our creativity. While safety is still the main concern, you’re able to respond to your issues with better emotional intelligence.

Are you truly enjoying life? The sacral chakra is pleasure seeking! A low-functioning sacral chakra might make you feel repressed or anti-social while an over-stimulated one might result in hedonism, lustful or selfish.

To balance your sacral chakra, try meditating with the color orange. To strengthen a weak sacral chakra, turn to orange stones like jasper or carnelian. Conversely, if you suspect your sacral chakra has gone into overdrive, balance out the energy by choosing blue stones like blue fluorite or blue lace agate.

Manifest With Your Chakras | Chakra #3:

Solar Plexus Chakra | Manipura

How To Manifest With Your Chakras Manipurna

Correspondences: Adrenal | Yellow | Fire | Mars/Sun

Your third chakra is located at the top of your belly, right at your diaphragm. This one is key for you to really start bringing your power into the world! The solar plexus chakra is the home of your personal sense of power and force of will. You need to call on this energy to finish projects and forage new paths in the world.

This is also the first important psychic center in the body. When you experience a “gut feeling”, it’s actually your solar plexus chakra communicating with you!

Can you properly assert yourself and express your desires and needs? A low-level of passion and motivation could be the result of an under-functioning third chakra while an over-functioning solar plexus could result in controlling or manipulative behaviors.

To work on your sacral chakra, try meditating with the color yellow. If your third chakra is over-functioning, get it back in balance with yellow stones like citrine, amber or topaz. If it’s over-functioning (resulting in nervousness or overwhelm) try to counteract it with amethyst, purple fluorite or emerald stones.

Manifest With Your Chakras | Chakra #4:

The Heart Chakra | Anahata

How To Manifest With Your Chakras Anahata

Correspondences: Thymus | Green | Air | Venus

Your fourth chakra is your heart chakra–and surprisingly, it’s green not red! This chakra is the true merger of the physical and the spiritual. It’s easy to locate at the center of your chest and also corresponds to the thymus gland.

The experience of love is necessary for the human experience. This chakra governs both how much we love ourselves as well as how we can love those around us.

An overactive heart chakra really is too much of a good thing! This can result in over-giving of your time and energy, to your own detriment. Conversely, an underactive heart chakra can manifest itself through low self-esteem, self-doubt or feeling unloved.

Are you able to choose love? Can you listen to the voice of your heart? Can you express love towards others? These are all important questions to ask regarding the heart chakra.

To balance out your heart center energy, try meditating with the color green. To help boost a sluggish heart chakra, turn to green stones like jade, malachite or green tourmaline. If your heart chakra might having a little too much fun, tone it done with pink stones like rose quartz or pink tourmaline.

Manifest With Your Chakras | Chakra #5:

Throat Chakra | Vishuddha

How To Manifest With Your Chakras Visshudi

Correspondences: Thyroid | Blue | Sound | Mercury

Your throat chakra is positioned right at the base of your throat or neck. This chakra rules all communication and creativity. It also represents your thyroid gland.

Feeling heard is an important part of an aligned existence! So an inability to voice your concerns or speak your truth may indicate an under-active throat chakra. Similarly, an overactive chakra may be represented by negativity, over-reaction and arrogance.

Do you need to find your voice? Or do you need to start listening more to those around you?

To regain balance in your throat chakra, try meditation with the color blue. If you think your chakra is under-functioning, try blue stones such as turquoise, lapis lazuli or aquamarine to boost it back up. Conversely, if you fear your throat chakra is over-functioning, balance it out with carnelian, orange coral or jasper.

Manifest With Your Chakras | Chakra #6:

Third Eye Chakra | Ajna

How To Manifest With Your Chakras Ajna

Correspondences: Pineal Gland | Indigo | Light | Neptune

The sixth chakra is associated with both your third-eye and your pineal glad. It’s located exactly where you’d think it would be: in the middle of your forehead, just slightly above your eyes. In traditional vedic meditation, you close your eyes and focus them inwards and upwards to help activate this connection.

This chakra represents your ability to communicate and receive information from the spiritual world. You may not have a strong connection with your intuition but it’s just as much part of your power as your logical brain is! Tuning into your intuition is one of the best ways we can connect and receive guidance for our manifesting. If you’re feeling lost or like nothing is happening for you, working on your Ajna chakra could provide a real benefit.

Are you able to connect with your intuition? An imbalanced third eye chakra might be indicated by a lack of dreams, self-doubt or forgetfulness. An overactive chakra might leave you feeling fuzzy and spaced-out.

To work on your third eye chakra, try meditating with indigo or purple-blue light. You can also try stones like lapis lazuli, sapphire or azurite to strengthen this connection. Or if it’s feel overworked try citrine or tiger’s eye to calm it back down.

Manifest With Your Chakras | Chakra #7:

Crown chakra | Sahasrara

How To Manifest With Your Chakras Sahasrara

Correspondences: Pituitary | Violet | Thought | Uranus

The final chakra is your closest connection to Source energy. It’s located at the very top of your head and is associated with the pituitary gland. Here is where we find our own connection to the Divine.

A crown chakra imbalance can leave you needing need perspective on the bigger picture. Or maybe you need to connect back to the Universe itself and your part in it. Remembering that we have a purpose that is much larger than our physical form is a hallmark of the crown chakra! What does that purpose look like for you? How can you relate it your earthly goals and ambitions?

Conversely, spending too much time in the ethereal realm can leave you feeling disconnected to your human form!

For healing, meditate with violet or white light energy. Choose stones like purple fluorite, sapphire or amethyst for strengthening. Or try citrine, amber or topaz to balance an overactive crown chakra and enhance crown chakra manifestation.

So tell me: which chakra do you feel the need to work on? How can you start better balancing your own energy going forward?

I hope this post inspires you to take a more holistic look at the way your energy is functioning. Sometimes you need to do some work on the more basic issues in life before you can start calling in your big goals!

Thank you so much for reading & see you back here after the holidays!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Manifest With Your Chakras


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