5 Crazy Manifesting Rituals That Actually Work!

Video: 5 Crazy Manifesting Rituals That Actually Work!

Five Unconventional Manifesting Rituals to Accelerate Your Desires

Welcome back to my channel! I’m Jen, a life coach and Law of Attraction teacher, here to guide you through the art of creating your best life ever. If you’re keen on joining a high-vibe manifesting community, be sure to subscribe and hit the notification button. Today, we’re exploring something different – five of the craziest manifesting rituals that might just give your manifesting routine the boost it needs.

Crazy Manifesting Rituals | 1. The 5×55 Method

Let’s start with the 5×55 method. This involves writing your wish 55 times for five consecutive days. Though I’ve shared my reservations about this method in a previous video, the idea behind it is to embed your desire into your subconscious mind, similar to affirmations. If this resonates with you, give it a try! It’s an easy and low-cost method to potentially boost your manifesting power.

Crazy Manifesting Rituals | 2. The Two Cup Method

Next, we have the two cup method. Picture two cups, one with your current state and the other with your desired state. You transfer water from one to the other and then drink it, symbolizing a shift into your desired reality. It’s a simple and almost free method based on quantum jumping concepts, and many have found success with it.

Crazy Manifesting Rituals | 3. Scripting Your Dream

Thirdly, scripting your dream is a powerful tool I personally use. Write down your dream day or goal in detail, as if it’s already happening. This practice is not just about the act of writing but connecting with your future self. It’s a fun and creative way to visualize and manifest your desires.

Crazy Manifesting Rituals | 4. The 1 to 5 Method

The 1 to 5 method is about balancing out negative thoughts with positive affirmations. For every negative thought, come up with five things you’re grateful for. This method is great for maintaining a high vibe throughout your day and can be a game-changer in shifting your internal energy balance.

Crazy Manifesting Rituals | 5. Using Crystals for Manifesting

Lastly, using crystals for manifesting. Crystals like citrine are known for attracting specific energies, like wealth. To ‘program’ a crystal, simply hold it while focusing on your intention. This ritual can be a delightful addition to your manifesting practice, especially if you feel a connection to these beautiful natural elements.

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5 Crazy Manifesting Rituals That Actually Work!


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