Creating Balance: Manifesting With Masculine And Feminine Energy

Manifesting With Masculine And Feminine Energy

Curious about manifesting with masculine and feminine energy?

Things are rapidly a-changing in the world around us! In so many ways, collectively we’re waking up to our purpose and potential here on this planet which is so exciting.

However, it’s not always a smooth ride! Change can be hard for us to embrace, even when it’s ultimately doing us a favor in the long run.

What Is Masculine & Feminine Energy?

First off, masculine and feminine energy doesn’t have anything to do with actual gender or sexual identity. Everyone has aspects of both energies. The most powerful people on earth know how to keep them in balance.

You can switch out to another term if you like (yin and yang, for example).

Masculine energy is the “doing” energy: it’s about chasing goals, achieving big milestones. It has a hunger for more and more.

Feminine energy is about “being”. It’s about receiving, intuition and creativity. It’s about following your pings and trusting, rather than forcing things to happen.

Successful manifestation requires a bit of both. It’s important to set big goals and also to take action. However, it’s also important to do inner work, to trust your intuition, and to receive gifts from the Universe as you go.

How To Balance Your Masculine & Feminine Energy

The first step here is to identify where you’re out of alignment. Do you lean more masculine or feminine?

We live in a masculine-rewarding society. Most people are out of balance in their masculine side (yes, that’s true whether or not you’re male).

If you tend to concentrate more on “doing”, then take some time to connect with your inner guidance. Let go of your need to control and let the Universe lead for once.

If you’re more in your dreamy/feminine side, then challenge yourself to do something concrete. What’s an action step you’ve been avoiding? What’s one win you can create for yourself, today, this week, this month?

The Rise of Feminine Energy

One of the most exciting changes in recent years is the rising of feminine energy. This is about much more than just feminism (although that plays an important part). This is really about achieving a balance between two different polarities. (Sadly, we’ve been living in the masculine polarity for far too long!)

While we are born male or female, we are not born masculine or feminine. (If the masculine/feminine energy is a trigger for you, try thinking of it as Yin and Yang or Shakti and Shiva.) We all contain aspects of both energies, no matter what your actual gender is!.

Cultivating a balance between the two energies just makes you a more powerful and self-actualized person. You’re simply firing on all cylinders instead of having too much weight on one side.

The same thing goes for energy in the world at large. There is masculine and feminine in everything. But a balance between the two energies is harmonious and ultimately more productive for everyone.

Honor The Masculine

Honoring only our masculine energy is also limiting ourselves to only one half of our true potential. Without exploring our divine feminine, we can never be fully tuned into our full power.

With that said, our current culture still mostly worships the male aspect. We’re taught to be analytical planners and go-getters, sometimes to our own detriment. This is the hustle, the push, the planning and all the normal “make it in business (or life!) philosophies that have been taught to you over your entire life.

In contrast, feminine energy is about feeling and creativity. It’s about those magical soft skills that you can never put on a resume but that actually do you a world of good when it comes to your career. Isn’t it time to start honoring those too?

Again, change is scary! We’ve lived in a masculine-dominated society for so long that upsetting the status quo makes some people rather nervous.

Let’s get this straight right now: it’s not that a masculine approach to life is inherently bad. Being focused and organized and linear are all powerful tools that can have very-real life results.

Just imagine how much happier and more productive the world would be if we could honor masculine and feminine energy equally!

Fortunately, this change is already beginning. We’re starting to see a rebalancing of this energy. But it’s no hostile takeover! It’s more as if you took a bucket of water out of a pool: more water would rush in immediately to fill the space! So again, rest assured, this isn’t about women rising up to overtake men. We’ve already learned the consequences of such an imbalance and are in no rush to repeat them! This will never be about vanquishing and dominating (both male energy concepts BTW!).

It’s about coming back to balance and equilibrium, which will ultimately benefit the entire planet.

Our feminine energy is another source of strength, one that most of us have been ignoring for most of our lives. The skills that are thought of as feminine are not valued by our society (although that is shifting slowly). Think empathy, intuition, following your gut.

Again, I’m not suggesting throwing out your masculine skill set entirely! But instead of only giving those skills priority, what would happen if you valued your feminine side just as much?

Learning how to balance your own energy will make your life run smoother and ultimately make you happier. It will also help with your manifesting because anything that brings you back to your true power (as both masculine and feminine) will also make you incredibly magnetic to your desires.

Let’s dive in and learn more about your masculine and feminine energies, as well as how to balance them.

Masculine & Feminine Energy: How To Find A Balance

What Is Feminine Energy?

The characteristics of feminine energy are:

Intuition. Emotion. Empathy. Truth. Loving. Creative. Intelligent. Receptivity. Dreams.

Too much feminine energy can leave you feeling out of control, irritable, lonely and ungrounded. Overly nurturing behavior leads to self-sacrifice (which ends in bitterness, resentment or like you’re being taken for granted). If you’ve ever been accused of being too need or emotional, then you probably need to balance out this energy with some masculinity.

Too little feminine energy is also harmful. Perhaps you’re having difficulty speaking up about a situation at work or having an important conversation. Or perhaps all your ambitions and accomplishments are ultimately leaving you feeling empty. Losing connection with our heart means losing an important part of our happiness equation.

When it comes to manifesting, your feminine energy is a necessity for dreaming, using your intuition and for receiving.

How To Increase Your Feminine Energy

Create Some Art

This type of creative expression is the ultimate in feminine energy! So pick your creative poison and start a new project like making music, painting a canvas or signing up for an art class.


Nurturing is one of most strong feminine tendencies. So boost your feminine energy by nurturing something in your life. Think: tending to a garden, being a resource to someone in your life who needs some extra support or just being a voice of encouragement to your friends and family.

Use Your Intuition

Intuition is a tool we all have access to! However, you might be out-of-touch with this aspect of yourself. To harness this energy, start listening to the nudges that come from inside of you. We all have a gut instinct or feeling about certain things! The more you listen to yours, the stronger this muscle will become.

What Is Masculine Energy?

The characteristics of masculine energy are:

Independence. Logical. Analytical. Discipline. Creative. Practical. Visionary. Control.

Too much masculine energy can result in anger, stiffness inner conflict and resentment. Perhaps even though your job is going well you feel anxious or trapped (things are far too peaceful!). You have difficulty being thankful for what you already have and find yourself self-sabotaging your own happiness. Or perhaps you burn yourself out frequently by trying to help all the other people in your life.

Too little can result in low self-confidence, an inability to follow through on plans. It can also result in decision making and having trouble standing your ground. Without the feminine to balance it out, it becomes harsh, cold, and critical.

When it comes to manifesting, masculine energy is required for planning, putting in the work and sticking to our goals.

How To Increase Your Masculine Energy

Join a competition

Men typically love to physically “fight” with each other in the name of sport! Competition is definitely a masculine trait and you can bump up your masculine energy by indulging in a competition yourself. Consider training for a marathon, staging some sort of cook-off with your friends or even just having a games night!

Make something with your hands

Planning and building something (think classic wood-work projects!) gives you a chance to use your planning mind and your physical body to create something new in the world. But don’t let this idea overwhelm you! Join a class at Home Depot on the weekend or track down an easy project on Pinterest. It doesn’t really matter what you choose to create just as long as it requires planning, measuring and a degree of precision. Have fun with this!

Test your physical strength

Lifting weights is a classic masculine way to use your body. But this activity doesn’t just belong at the gym! Consider rearranging the furniture in your flat, carrying your own groceries upstairs or trying out a new pose in yoga that requires some upper body strength.

Energy Journal Questions To Ask Yourself

Sometimes it’s hard to tell which area you need to work on! Ask yourself these questions to pin point which energy you need to balance:

  • Which energy feels more out-of-balance to you? (Listen to your intuition!)
  • What would balanced energy look like in your life?
  • Do you need more practice doing or being?
  • In general, do you need to be more allowing or more assertive?
  • Are you speaking your truth about who you are, how happy you are and what you want?
  • Are you setting and maintaining healthy boundaries?

So tell me: where has your masculine and feminine energy felt out of balance? How are you planning to change things moving forward?

As always, I’d love to hear your experiences with this! Good luck and happy manifesting!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Creating Balance: Manifesting With Masculine And Feminine Energy


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