7 Signs That You Are About To Manifest Love

7 Signs That You’re About To Manifest Love

Looking for signs you’re about to manifest love? You’re not the only one.

Love. It’s what makes the world go round! Except it doesn’t feel all that rosy when you’re obsessing over where to find it. (And I know this is something you all struggle with since I still get all your messages about it!)

Of course, we all want to be loved and most of crave a long-term partner to share our life with. It’s only natural! However, I know that this longing can sometimes turn into fixation (or downright Love Zombie-ism! Eeek!).

So let me first reassure you that finding a soul mate isn’t something you have to struggle to do!

It’s actually happening all the time! We actually have a huge number of soul mates in this lifetime, although most of them are not of the romantic variety. We created soul contracts before we incarnated in this lifetime; that means we’re constantly encountering people that we’ve lived previous lives with (and learned lessons from before).

In other words, you can’t not find the people in life that you’re meant to! They’re all around you and on their way to you already, without you doing a single thing about it. Simply knowing that should take some of the pressure off.

However, I understand that even with my reassurance people still want to know when it’s going to happen. I’m no psychic! So I can’t tell you exactly when that will be for you. But I can help you to see the bigger picture when it comes to manifesting love, starting with these 7 signs that love is on its way to you.

7 Signs That You Are About To Manifest Love

Sign That You Are About To Manifest Love #1:

You’re Meeting Your Own Needs First

You’ve put in the work and done your healing. That means you’re not looking for someone outside of you to rescue you or to make your own issues go away. That’s a powerful step towards calling in your soul mate!

You know that famous scene in Jerry Maguire when Tom Cruise woos Renee Zellweger back the the declaration: “You complete me”? I hate that scene. The whole idea of needing someone else to complete us is incredibly damaging. Of course, a romantic relationship is a wonderful thing to experience. But as soon as you start making someone else entirely responsible for your own happiness, you’ve given all of your power away.

From an energetic and manifesting perspective, attempting to attract love from that space is difficult if not downright impossible! That’s because you’re trying to manifest from a space of lack: I don’t feel good by myself but if only I had a partner then I’d feel fine. So if you’re serious about finding love, you’ve also got to get serious about giving yourself exactly what you think is missing. It’s the only way you’ll be able to manifest what you really want.

Sign That You Are About To Manifest Love #2:

You’re Willing To Say No To Shiny Objects

Fact: while the Universe isn’t punishing you, it does like to throw you some tests from time to time. When it comes to matters of love, that means showing you someone that’s really close to what you want…but not quite right. Maybe that means they live far away or that they’re emotionally unavailable in one way or they don’t possess something that you place a lot of importance on.

Those shiny objects can be awfully tempting! When you’re feeling desperate for love, you’ll be far more likely to get tempted by those Shiny Object Tests. It’s only when you’re really clear about what you want that you’ll be able to attract exactly that into your life!

In terms of manifesting, that means two things: you need to double down on what you really want and you have to have faith that you deserve it and that it’s on its way to you. That means you’ll be able to spot anyone who’s Almost But Not Quite and keep holding space for your special someone.

Sign That You Are About To Manifest Love #3:

You’re Not Overly Fixated On One Person

Are you waiting for that one super-hot-yet-maddeningly-aloof Mr or Ms Right to wake up and ask you out already? My friend, that’s a huge red flag that you’re not in your own power.

Yes, having a crush can be an overwhelming (yet fun!) experience. (For more of my thoughts on that, check this out.) However, we must always accept reality at face value! If you’re continuing to hold out for someone who’s literally showing no interest in you, that’s a big sign that your own self-worth needs some work. Trust me, Mr or Ms Right will not be confusing or vague when they show up for you!

As soon as you stop trying to make the wrong person happen, you’ll have a lot more energy left for the actual right person!

Sign That You Are About To Manifest Love #4:

You’re Secure In Your Worth

At this point, you have a take it or leave it approach to love. Of course, if the right person showed up you’d jump right in with both feet! But you’re also wildly in love with your life exactly the way it is. You have lots of interests and goals and friends already and they all keep you very busy. You’re not sitting at home pining for Mr or Ms Right because you’re out there living your best life!

From an energetic standpoint, the proof is in the pudding! If you’re constantly claiming to want a relationship, yet you’re waiting for someone else to give you permission to live your best life, you might be waiting a long time.

Stop putting off the nice dresses and fancy dinners and vacations for “someday”. Start embodying your highest self now and you’ll become instantly magnetic to everything you’ve always wanted!

Sign That You Are About To Manifest Love #5:

You Feel That They Are Coming

I’m a huge believer in our inherent intuitive powers! And I also believe that the Universe is communicating with us at all times. So when you’ve had your inner breakthroughs, cleared your past energy and are truly ready to meet your next romantic interest, then you might start getting some signs. This could be dreams of a mysterious someone. It could be sensing their energy around you. Or it could be just a calm inner feeling of knowing. Intuition works a little bit differently for everyone! Your job is simply to listen.

Don’t be tempted to second guess what your intuition is telling you! Trust the signs and take solace in knowing that love is already on its way to you.

Sign That You Are About To Manifest Love #6:

You’ve Let Any Past Heartbreaks Go

Sure, your past is far from perfect! But the same applies to everyone else. At this point in time, you’re no longer wrapped up in the drama or holding grudges. While what happened to you might have been very painful at the time, these days you can see the bigger picture. You learned some valuable lessons from your experiences. And you are willing to admit that your past relationships were ultimately meant to be temporary experiences.

It’s very difficult indeed to embark on a new romantic relationship while still mourning an old one! Many people who are recently single tend to jump into things too fast for all kinds of reasons (to fill a void or because they feel like dating someone–anyone!–will heal their heart). Those kinds of relationships seldom last because they weren’t based on authenticity. It’s always in your future partner’s best interests to do your own healing work before they show up for you! Once again, energetically speaking, we’re always the most magnetic when we’re not looking for someone else to heal our inner wounds. So it’s time to leave your past where it belongs: behind you.

Sign That You Are About To Manifest Love #7:

You See Signs From The Universe

We’re all receiving communication from the Universe at all times! Those little Divine Winks (as I call them) mean that you’re stepping into your true authenticity and magnetism. You’re making your best life happen! So it’s all just a sign to keep going.

Examples can be angel numbers (like 1111), personal symbols (mine is a red balloon) or synchronicities. Perhaps you’ll hear a certain song at a crucial moment, see a message written on a billboard or run into just the right person in a random circumstance. This isn’t a matter of forcing things. It’s a playful game that we all have access too! Don’t get too caught up on each symbol. Just know that the message that your intuition tells you about the experience is always the right one!

The most important thing to remember when manifesting love is that your partner is waiting for you, just as you’re waiting for them! Perhaps they have their own soul work that they need to finish before meeting you or the Universe is still currently conspiring about how to draw you two together. Either way, trust that manifesting love isn’t just about what you want. Every relationship is a partnership and that begins before you even meet each other in the natural world. So stay out of stress and desperation and remember to trust that everything is ultimately working out in your favor! (As it always does!)

Have you had success manifesting your soul mate? Or are you in the process? As always, I’d love to hear your stories and comments below!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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  1. I am in the process of finding my love. I found your article very interesting.
    How do you know what your sign would be from the universe? You say you’d are red balloons. I do feel a sense of calm.

    1. Hi Melanie! The signs are different for everyone! Try asking the Universe to send you a sign and see what comes up for you! You’ll know what yours is when you see it. Good luck & much ????

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