Rich, Sexy + Spiritual AF: How To Create Life On Your Terms
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Rich, Sexy + Spiritual: Create Your Dream Life

Rich, sexy AND spiritual? Who says you can’t have it all?

Confession time: I have quite a rebellious spirit. If someone tells me I can’t do something, that usually just makes me more determined to do it!

(It’s a Scorpio thing ☺️ )

But that rebellious spirit is exactly why I love challenging the status quo when it comes to creating an amazing life.

Our modern society is kind of a funny thing. We all like to think we’re pretty darn unique. Yet so many of us are trying to create a cookie-cutter sort of life!

When you step away from the expected, people actually have a lot of opinions about what your life “should” look like! For example:

If you’re spiritual there’s no WAY you can be rich or sexy.

If you’re sexy, it’s highly unlikely that you can also be spiritual or rich.

If you’re rich, you might be sexy but you definitely won’t be spiritual.

But why put limits on your awesome-ness levels?

Instead of upholding those ridiculously old-fashioned beliefs, it’s time to start dreaming of a better way to live!

It’s about time we all called bullshit on these outdated concepts. Why can’t you have your cake and eat it too?

Thinking that you can’t have it all is just a story that YOU are choosing to believe.

If you want to slay your life in every way, it’s time to change up the story!

It’s time to dream bigger.

So consider this post my call to arms! It’s time to stop settling for what you’ve been told is possible. If you want to be rich, sexy and spiritual then it’s time to do go out there and do it baby! So let’s get started:

Rich, Sexy + Spiritual: Create Your Dream Life

On the surface, being rich, sexy and spiritual might seem like wildly different things. But it’s time to stop believing they’re mutually exclusive! When you really dive into what each component means, you’ll soon notice they actually have a lot in common:

Rich, Sexy + Spiritual Principle #1:

Why It’s Important To Be Rich

Money is a simply an extension of YOU. Which means if there’s not enough of it in your life right now, you’ve likely got some issues around self-worth to work on.

Not to say that it’s all your fault! Money is a tricky topic for many. While we’re all inherently involved in the pursuit of it, it’s also common to have some very mixed feelings about it.(“Money is the root of all evil”, “Rich people are greedy” etc etc,)

If deep down in your heart you believe that money is bad or that you’re a bad person for wanting it, then it’s going to be difficult to create a life of abundance!

Money isn’t powerful in itself! But it does amplify your power. If you’re spiritually inclined then it will do you and the whole world some good for you to have some more of it! Being rich means you can put your will into motion. Your money can support charities, small business, organic food etc etc. It can buy you yoga classes or let you volunteer abroad for six months. Money gets shit done! Becoming rich just allows you to create more of what you want to see in the world.

Rich, Sexy + Spiritual Principle #2:

Why It’s Important To Be Sexy

Just to be clear, the sexiness I’m referring to here is NOT about fitting into a size two, bleaching your teeth or getting Botox. If you have or want those things, great! But if not, don’t worry–this isn’t about fitting into one rigid idea of what attractiveness is.

The sexiness I’m talking about is all about attitude. The one trait all sexy people have in common is confidence.

When someone knows both who they are and what they want, they become downright irresistible.

We don’t want to spend time with people who are focused on the negative things in life! We want to be around people who inspire and energize us. When we see someone who’s totally living in their authenticity, it’s hard to keep our eyes off of them. That means real sexiness is about far more than your physical form! It’s about your mindset and your attitude, your ability to make life happen.

Basically, attractive people are always total bad-asses! So let’s up your sexiness levels. It’s time to get clear on your values. Establish those boundaries. Set those goals! The more self-actualized you are, the sexier you become. Period.

Rich, Sexy + Spiritual Principle #3:

Why It’s Important To Be Spiritual

Cultivating a relationship with spirit is a personal journey. While I’m not here to dictate what anyone should believe in, I deeply believe we’re all spiritual beings having a human experience.

In fact, I believe we’re all just parts of the same consciousness. Our human forms are misleading. We look different and we have a very limited perspective while we’re here. But ultimately we’re all important pieces of something that’s much bigger.

Spirituality is all about feeling connected. It’s about having purpose. It creates meaning. Without connection, purpose and meaning, we end up feeling lost.

When you trust in yourself and in the divine order of the Universe, you can surrender. While it’s wildly exciting to set goals and plan your life, it’s also important to own our limitations. We can control our perspective, our focus and our attitude. But there are many factors in life that are beyond us. Instead of wearing yourself out trying to micromanage every last detail in life, it feels pretty amazing to let go of the stuff that’s beyond you.

Deep down inside, you know you’re part of something bigger You’re not just here to do you, boo! You’re here to make a difference. For some, that means climbing Everest or starting a NGO. For others that’s volunteering their time or being the best mom on the block. But whatever it is, purpose and passion are the keys to an amazing life. So it’s important for you to connect with yours!

Don’t sell yourself short my darling! The only person who can really tell you you can’t do something is you! If you want to be rich, sexy and spiritual AF, then your time is now! Let’s go out there and make it happen.

Thank you so much for reading beautiful. As always I’d love to hear your comments and results, so drop them below. Much love & see you next week!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Rich, Sexy + Spiritual AF: How To Create Life On Your Terms


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