Stop Manifesting From Your Shoulds!

Video: Stop Manifesting From Your Shoulds!

Stop manifesting from your shoulds!

Authenticity is so key to manifesting. Which means there’s really no room for your “should’s” in the manifesting equation.

If you’re going after things to gain someone else’s approval or things that simply aren’t in alignment with who you are now, then you’re wasting your time and energy. It’s time to focus back on what’s most important for you and throw all the “should’s” away.

What are the “shoulds”?

“I should do X.”
“I should have more money.”
“I should have this by now!”

The should’s are shame messages. They are a sign that we’re holding ourselves up to false ideals or artificially high standards. Almost every time you use the word “should” on yourself you’re coming from a place of harsh judgment.

But where is that judgment coming from? What shame is it hiding?

Why You Need To Stop Manifesting From Your Shoulds

There are a few big problems with manifesting from your shoulds.

The first problem is that you simply never be able to manifest unless you’re coming from an authentic place. You must get your energy in alignment with your goals. If you’re not manifesting what you want on a soul-level, that will be basically impossible.

Second, desiring your shoulds more than your authentic desires means you’re living in people pleasing. You’re more worried about what your life looks like to other people than about what you really want. (And that’s crazy!)

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Stop Manifesting From Your Shoulds!


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