Human Design & The Law Of Attraction
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Human Design & The Law Of Attraction

Let me start off by being honest: as much as I’ve been studying spirituality for years, I never looked into the world of Human Design until very recently.

Have you ever had the same experience? One time, you look at something, read it and don’t feel intrigued by it so you move on. Then months or years later you come across the same information and suddenly feel amazed at how accurate and insightful it is!

Well that’s just happened to me with the concept of Human Design!

(Truthfully, it’s also happened to me in the past with Abraham Hicks! For a long time I just didn’t connect to it and then one day! Boom! It all clicked.)

But that’s just the way the world works. You get shown what you need to see at the right time. And sometimes we simply don’t resonate with things that will turn out help us down the line.

(Isn’t this journey fun? lol)

As for right now, I feel super-intrigued by these ideas and I want to share them here with you.

Human design is a way of categorizing your unique internal map for life. Like astrology, it uses both birth time and place to calculate your chart.

Finding your key theme and coping strategies will allow you to lessen resistance and start moving through life with more power!

Finding out what my type was (Manifesting Generator) gave me a big A-Ha! Moment. I’m the Buddha Warrior–and that just makes so much sense to me: why I’m always writing, creating content an strategy but also have my head fully up in the spiritual clouds.

I hope a similar realization happens for you!

But before we begin, let’s just be clear that every personality type is important! We can’t all be good at the same things in life. We need always others around us who can do the things that we’re not good at. So don’t think that one type is any better than the rest! They’re all equally important and they all work well with the Law of Attraction. It’s just that learning your type might give you a little extra edge of insight.

Ultimately, the more you understand yourself the more powerful a manifestor you’ll be! So keep reading if you want to find your Human Design type.

(Don’t know your type? You can find a Human Design calculator right here.)

The 5 Human Design Types

Human Design Type #1:

Manifestors: The Freedom Lover

Percentage: 8% of population
Chakra: throat
Theme: anger
Strategy: inform before you act

Manifestors are the initiators, those indispensable types that can makes things happen. Society actually depends on them to get the ball rolling! They naturally have a large influence on the world, even when they’re not aware of it. This is the type that always gets things done.t

On the flip side of that, they do not want to be told what to do. This type marches to its own drum and therefore are the most likely to become thought leaders or visionaries-if they can manage to hold onto their inner essence!

Ironically, this type has long been trained to fit into society–and therefore to have lost touch with their own natural abilities! So you may have to do some work to uncover your natural tendencies if this is your type.

They do not feel the need to ask for permission. They’re naturally wired to act alone but that can leave others around them feeling disregarded. This type tends to take action fast but that can mean that the people around them feel that they’re not being taken into consideration. It’ll make your life much easier to get the necessary people on your side before taking action. You’ll make things much easier on yourself if you explain yourself as you go!

When they feel controlled or manipulated, they can become angry and turn their anger against those around them. They ‘re also naturally selective with their time and energy and have few close relationships.

They’re naturally creative types and they must always be able to express themselves. However, they might need to rely on others to help finish their projects.

Human Design Type #2:

Generators: The Buddha

Percentage: 35% of the population
Energy Center: sacral
Theme: frustration
Strategy: wait to respond, don’t initiate

Generators, as you might have guessed, have a continual source of energy. The Sacral chakra is the most powerful of all chakras and is capable of running all day and into the night. This type is a natural Energizer Bunny! If this is you, don’t be surprised if you don’t feel the need to unwind as much as others around you do.

(They have so much energy in fact that they might find sleep difficult unless they’ve done some sort of physical work during the day.)

Authenticity is true key for Generators. They need to be absolutely satisfied by their work and respected for what they bring to every aspect of their life.

Generators are constantly getting pings and signs from the Universe. Maybe you see something in a store window and the next day your friend offers you the exact same thing. It’s simply up to you to notice the guidance and to decide on whether you want to act on it or not! But don’t try to get ahead of yourself. Ultimately, it’s better for Generators to put off action until they have absolute confidence in their decisions. Resist the urge to follow every lead or to push things before they’re ready to happen!

Society has conditioned us to “just do it” but it’s crucial for Generators to sit back and listen to their gut before taking action. If this is you, get into the habit of asking yourself before you make a decision, you’ll be surprised at just how easy this really is! You’ll always know the answer deep inside so practice tuning in and listening to that inner wisdom!

Human Design Type #3:

Manifesting Generators: The Buddha Warrior

Percentage: 35% of the population
Energy Center: sacral
Theme: frustration
Strategy: wait, respond, double check your response

The Manifesting Generator balances the power of the Manifestor and the surrender of a Generator. One part of you wants to leap into action while the other wants to wait. It can be difficult to resist that initial impulse but the more you can train yourself to wait, the better your results will be!

They are the Buddha Warriors of the world; there’s no other energy like them. However, they must work hard to balance that masculine and feminine energy. The warrior tends come to the surface most often! It’s up to you to leave time to be quiet and to listen to that more quiet feminine energy. The more you can lead with your Buddha side instead of the Warrior, the better your results will be!

Manifesting Generators move quickly but sometimes that involves making mistakes along the way. They’re also prone to starting a new project only to abandon it later. Don’t feel bad about these natural tendencies! Your quick temperament means sometimes this is just what’s going to happen so allow it, knowing it’s just part of your nature.

Sleep is especially important for Manifesting Generators and they will find a lot of wisdom in this state. During their waking hours, they have the same energy as a Generator.

For example, Manifesting Generators will always have much better job opportunities that just “show up” instead of endless LinkedIn searches. It’s important that you have a job that deply fulfills you. Otherwise, you risk becoming angry and restless.

Human Design Type #4:

Projectors: The Visionary

Perecentage: 21% of the population
Energy Center: all of them
Theme: bitterness
Strategy: wait for the right invitation

Projectors have the natural ability to amplify an idea or movement. They don’t typically generate new ideas but they’re capable of literally projecting their ideas out into the world (making them a natural fit for PR or marketing, for example). They’re the light that leads the way for the rest of us!

They’re definitely not the workhorses of the world! Their skills are best for work that involves supervising and harnessing the energy of others. They’re wonderful managers, leaders or organizers.

The people who surround the projector are very important as they can help to orchestrate and evaluate the invitations the projector receives.

Projectors should go to bed a little earlier than they actually need to sleep in order to compensate for some of the energy they’ve picked up over the day. They do not have a sacral motor so they cannot sustain work for long periods of time. They must regularly rest and take breaks (maybe even an afternoon nap).

The most important skill for a projector is to learn how to trust the process. It’s not up to them to initiate things. They need to be seen for who they really are and they must always feel their presence is invited (whether formal, informal or implied).

Human Design Type #5:

Reflectors: The Mirror

Percentage: less than 2%
Theme: disappointment
Strategy: wait 28 days

Reflectors both reflect and retain the energy of the world around them. This type is highly sensitive to their environment. So it’s important that they’re comfortable and surrounded by the kinds of people who can energize them instead of depleting them. If this is you, be sure to take the time to create a beautiful home and supportive friendships.

Reflectors have the ability to take everything in but let nothing stick. However that tendency can mean that you often feel very alone and disconnected, especially through childhood. Unless a parent is reflecting positivity and stability back to you, you can feel very untethered in the world. While you have considerable gifts, it’s common for you to feel like a misfit if you don’t understand your own true nature.

This type finds it difficult to make a decision quickly! So don’t force it. Waiting a full moon cycle to make an important decision will allow a Reflector to gather information, listen to themselves and to the wisdom of those around them.

This type is not capable of creating their own energy. It’s extremely important for them to to rest and relax. If this is you, the better off you feel, the more positive energy you’ll be able to reflect back into the world around you! So it’s extra important for you to indulge in self-care.

I hope this knowledge has enlightened you as much as it has enlightened me! There’s always so much more to learn about ourselves and the more we understand the more powerful we ultimately become.

Much love and thank you so much for reading! (And if you liked this post please remember to share it!)

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Human Design & The Law Of Attraction


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    Thank you for sharing this! It was very enlightening. I’m the projector and I’ve always wondered why I’m not the kind of person to invent and create things, but I’m really good at organizing and working with things others have already made. It’s been bugging me, but now I’ve got the explanation! There’s nothing wrong with me, it’s just how my type is 🙂

    1. So glad you got something out of it Anni! ????

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