Manifesting Not Working? Here's What To Do

6 Things To Do If Your Manifesting Isn’t Working

One of the most common questions I get about manifesting is “why isn’t it working for me?”

Unfortunately, the road to manifesting our intentions isn’t always as smooth as we would like!

It’s very common for beginners (and even seasoned pros!) to (seemingly) run into problems along the way.

So first off: don’t panic! The more you freak out about your magic not working, the more difficult it will be to get back on track! And then take heart:

There’s always a positive step you can take towards manifesting your dreams.

Manifesting is a practice. It’s an art; we’re co-creating our future with the Universe. I can give you all the advice in the world but it all comes down to managing your own energy, above all else.

So with that in mind, today’s post is all about troubleshooting your manifesting practice and getting back on track:

6 Things To Do If Your Manifesting Isn’t Working

What To Do When Your Manifesting Isn’t Working Step #1:


First and foremost, it’s time to check back in with yourself. Think about your intention. Now try imagining how it would feel to have it actually come true. Then ask yourself: do you still feel truly aligned with that goal? Does it still light you up?

Because it should!

Remember that you are not the same person you are yesterday (nor are you the same person you will be tomorrow). We can’t predict what’s going to be right for us in the future. If your goals need to shift, let them! Sometimes they need to shift rapidly so don’t freak out if that’s the case.

So the first priority when something has “gone wrong” is making sure you are still on the right path.

If your intention is no longer in alignment, then go ahead and start asking for something else! You don’t need to cling to anything that no longer serves you. Go on and find a new intention that’s better for you.

What To Do When Your Manifesting Isn’t Working Step #2:

Shift Your Energy

Manifesting energy cannot work within the same field as fear or anxiety. So ask yourself how you are really feeling about what you’ve asked for. If you’re detecting more negative feelings around your intention than positive ones, it’s time to shift things.

Stage an energy intervention on yourself! Start practicing radical gratitude. The more we can be thankful for what we already have, the faster we’ll shift out of a fear mentality. Even if you’re feeling extremely far away from your goal, try being extra thankful for the water in your tap, the hot shower you can have, the comfortable bed you sleep in. Play a gratitude game with yourself and see just how thankful you can be in just one day.

What To Do When Your Manifesting Isn’t Working Step #3:

Leave The Door Open

Are your actions truly aligned with your intentions? In reality, it’s not always the case. Many of us (myself included) think and say we want certain things while pursuing behavior that does not really align with that.

So really ask yourself: have you left the door open for those good things to come find you? You can ask the world for anything you want but precious few things can show up in the middle of a Netflix marathon. (That is one very closed door!)

The Universe chases movement and it’s desperately trying to meet you half way. So make it easy, ok? Put in a little effort and make some room for the Universe to respond to.

What To Do When Your Manifesting Isn’t Working Step #4:

Feel, Don’t Think

Manifesting always starts in the heart, not the head. You must believe before you can receive.

Since feeling is the most important thing, it’s time to check back in with yourself. Can you really feel what it will be like to win the job, the contest, the girl? If you can’t, it’s time to put some extra effort into it.

Believing always comes first: even if you don’t see evidence, even if your dream seems crazy to an outsider. Belief is your own manifesting super-power. And if you don’t truly believe in what you’re asking for, then try adjusting your wish to something that you do believe in.

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What To Do When Your Manifesting Isn’t Working Step #5:

Let Go

Remember to let go and stay out of the details. In other words, you can set an intention but don’t get attached to the how. The Universe is much smarter than we are! There are a million different ways you can get what you want. Don’t try to micromanage how things should happen.

Are you trying to insist on things happening only one way? If so, you’re not leaving much room for the Universe to reach out and surprise you. If you’re attached to a specific event or date, try letting it go. Leave a little room for the magic to do its thing.

What To Do When Your Manifesting Isn’t Working Step #6:

Look For The Proof

Sometimes your wishes will come falling straight out of the sky, practically bumping you straight on the head. But other times, things aren’t so obvious. Energy is a pattern; sometimes signs arrive long before our actual intention shows up. Sometimes the tides begin to turn in tiny almost-imperceptible ways. But by turning our attention to those tiny events, we magnify and attract more and more of them. So start looking around you for “evidence”. You’ll always find some if you keep an open mind.

I hope these tips serve you well on your manifesting adventures! Thank you so much for reading & if you enjoyed this post, please remember to share!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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