Solar Plexus Authority | Emotional Authority In Human Design

Solar Plexus Authority | Emotional Authority In Human Design

In human design, understanding your inner authority type is key to living a harmonious life. That means less feeling like you’re forcing things, or struggling through life and a lot more flow.

There are seven Human Design authority types in total but today we’re going to focus on the Solar Plexus Authority (or Emotional Authority type).

If you have a Solar Plexus authority, it’s crucial to understand how this type works so that you can increase your self-awareness, make decisions more easily, and have more confidence to pursue your true purpose in life.

Human Design Defined

Human Design is very similar to astrology, in that it’s a categorical system based on your exact time and place of birth. It was originally created by a man named Alan Krakower in 1992. While it does reference astrology, it also mixes the Kabbalah, I’Ching, Myers-Briggs, biochemistry, the chakra system and genetics all into one.

Understanding your Human Design chart will help you understand more about your personality, your emotions and the way you should make decisions and move through life.

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What Is An Authority Type?

In the world of human design, your authority type tells you how you best make decisions so that you can move through life with more ease and flow. It’s not just about logic or following your gut! Each authority type has a distinct strategy to follow that will benefit them the most.

The Solar Plexus in Human Design

The Solar Plexus, one of the nine energy centers in Human Design, is the center of emotions, intuition, and desires. It plays a pivotal role in how we process feelings and how these emotions guide our decisions.

Solar Plexus authority is the most common authority type, with 47% of the population. It can also be your authority type no matter what your Human Design type is (Manifestor, Manifesting Generator, Generator, Reflector or Projector).

Identifying Solar Plexus Authority in Your Chart

To determine if you have Solar Plexus Authority, examine your Human Design chart. A defined Solar Plexus Center, indicated by a colored-in triangle on the right side of the chart, signifies this authority.

Emotional Authority = Solar Plexus Authority

Solar Plexus Authority in Human Design refers to individuals who make decisions based on their emotional waves and intuition. Unlike the instant responses of the Sacral Center, the Solar Plexus requires time to feel through decisions, experiencing emotional highs and lows before reaching clarity.

A Solar Plexus authority is defined by their emotions. It’s key to understand that you have an emotional wave: you will experience an emotion come in, get big, and then eventually roll out. It’s only after you’ve experienced the full emotional wave that you are able to make a decision.

Strategy For Solar Plexus Authority

Sleep On It

The emotional wave will usually roll it’s way through you within 24 hours. If you can delay making a decision, then take the space to do it! It’s important to understand that you won’t have a full inner knowing of what to do next until after the emotion has moved through you. That means making decisions in the heat of the moment can be risky business, as you won’t have all the inner information that your type needs.

Wait For Clarity

Trust yourself enough to know the answer will come! Again, this involves waiting until your emotional wave subsides. But after that, you will be given a clear yes or no answer. However, it’s going to feel about 80% yes or no, not 100%. So while you still might have some doubts, the majority of you will know what’s right. The more you practice leaning into your decisions, the easier it will become to identify your answers.

Stop Relying On Logic

While the rest of the world relies on logic, logic just isn’t the best strategy for you. That deep inner sense of knowing (after you’ve moved through your emotional wave) is always your best source of information on how to proceed. It’s very important that you learn how to trust your own instincts, without trying to make them make sense to the rest of the world.

Ignore Societal Pressure

When your gut tells you to do something that doesn’t seem to make sense on the surface, you might get some push back from those around you. They might be confused or shocked at your decisions at times. Please know that this is always coming from a good place and that they simply don’t understand how life works best for you. Stay strong and remain true to your cause. Don’t let them sway you, no matter how much they seem to know best.

Be In Touch With Your Emotions

While our modern society doesn’t place importance on feeling your feelings, it’s important that you do. Learn to lean into it.

Even when you’re not making a decision, start asking yourself: What physical sensations do you have? What’s happening in your mind? What emotion is this? (There are more feelings than just Mad, Sad, or Glad!) Where are you in the emotional wave?

Listening into your emotions is your biggest source of power! So don’t minimize them or ignore them.

Practical Tips for Solar Plexus Authority

Give Yourself Time

Always allow time to process your emotions before making decisions. In other words, get really good at delaying your decision by saying “I’ll think about it” or “Let me sleep on it.”


Writing down your feelings can help track your emotional wave and figure out your decisions.

Mindfulness and Meditation

If your not used to being in your body or feeling your emotions, meditating and/or mindfulness can help you. Even if you’re “not good” at feeling things right now, that really just means you’ve been ignoring the signals inside of you. Slowing down and noticing your internal state is all you need to begin.

Seek Support (Maybe!)

Some people respond well to talking through their feelings with a trusted friend or partne. However, you have to make sure that it’s still you focusing in on your gut feeling and not being influenced by what the other person thinks or feels. Many times our loved ones just tell us what to do, but that’s not helpful for anyone–even if they mean well.

FAQs on Solar Plexus Authority in Human Design

Can Solar Plexus Authority change over time?

No, your authority type will not change over time. All of your Human Design chart, including your authority, is determined at birth and remains consistent.

How can I trust my emotions in decision-making?

Trust in your emotions develops through observation, experience, and acknowledging the validity of your emotional cycle.
What if my emotions lead me astray?

It’s about finding balance and learning from each experience. Not every emotion needs to be acted upon, but each offers valuable insight.

Is it okay to delay decisions due to my Solar Plexus Authority?

Yes, delaying decisions until you reach emotional clarity is essential for those with Solar Plexus Authority.

Final Thoughts

Solar Plexus Authority in Human Design offers a unique path to understanding and embracing your emotional truth. By respecting your emotional cycle and allowing yourself the time to process feelings, you open the door to authentic and fulfilling life decisions. Embrace this journey with patience and self-compassion, and witness how aligning with your Solar Plexus Authority transforms your life path and personal growth.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Solar Plexus Authority | Emotional Authority in Human Design


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