10 Signs That You're Destined For Greatness

10 Signs That You’re Destined For Greatness

Are you destined for greatness in life?

Perhaps you’ve always had a secret hunch that you’re different from everybody else.

Perhaps you just naturally dance to the beat of your own drum or are seen as a leader by those around you.

You might never have wanted to admit this to anyone else! But it’s true: some of us are just born with a deep knowing that we are meant for something bigger in life.

This can be a scary thing. Because who is there to lean on if you’re doing something completely new?

It can also be a lonely thing. Because when you dare to do something different from your friends or family, you can bet some of them will have something to say about it!

In any case, I want you to know you’re not alone.

Walking this path might not always be easy but but that doesn’t mean that you’re on the wrong path.

So whether you’re struggling with your self-trust around this, or if you just need a little mental reminder that you’re going to be okay, keep reading to find out the signs!

10 Signs That You’re Destined For Greatness In Life

Signs You’re Destined For Greatness #1:

You’ve Always Secretly Suspected Your Own Greatness

Ever since you were very young, something inside you just knew that you were meant for more. No matter what your background is and no matter what your family was like, you didn’t let that limit you.

You naturally aspired for more, even though no one told you to you could or encouraged you in particular. It just simply never even occurred to you that your own greatness would not be possible.

Signs You’re Destined For Greatness #2:

Luck Follows You Around

Many things in life just naturally go your way. Sure you struggle with some things. But other times opportunities, coincidences, and windfalls just fall into your path. Sometimes a lucky coincidence will even save you at the last minute!

While at times you still doubt in yourself, looking back at these lucky moments makes you feel that you are very much being watched out for.

Signs You’re Destined For Greatness #3:

People Look Up To You

Without even trying, you’re a leader in your world. That might surprise you even though it’s true! For example, say you go out and buy yourself a new pair of jeans. Suddenly, all your friends go out and buy the same jeans as well.

In your mind it’s just coincidence or fashion. But in reality, it’s because people trust you and are happy to follow the way you pave for them.

(Now, if only you could consciously start taking advantage of that power!)

Signs You’re Destined For Greatness #4:

People Get Jealous Or Envious Of You

Similarly, sometimes you feel those around becoming jealous or envious. It’s not like you’re bragging or trying to make anyone feel bad. But there’s something about you just doing you and living your best life that makes certain people feel a kind of way.

This can create conflict, either in your actual friendships (Enter: The Frenemy) or inside of you (second guessing your next moves). In either case, you must leave the emotions of other people up to them and continue to chart your own best path.

Signs You’re Destined For Greatness #5:

Being Normal Makes Your Skin Crawl

Living an extraordinary life means that you never blend into the crowd. In fact, the thought of blending in makes you feel downright icky.

Maybe you dress differently. Maybe you have vastly different interests than your friends. Or maybe you have chosen a career path that no one around you understands. There’s just something about you that sets you apart–and there always has been.

But you simply cannot imagine doing life in any other way. Blending in or being normal was just never an option for you. You’re too busy creating your own life path to worry about what other people think.

Signs You’re Destined For Greatness #6:

You Dream Big (Maybe Too Big)

Just kidding of course! FYI there’s simply no such thing as dreaming too big.

You don’t limit yourself when it comes to your future. But your dreams have certainly raised some eyebrows over the years. They’ve certainly made the people around you think twice. (“Who do you think you are??) Your loved ones or close friends might even have told you that you’re crazy or that you should be more realistic.

They just don’t understand that your dreams just naturally reflect the way you see the world: without limits. You think big because you don’t automatically limit yourself. Unfortunately, many other people in the world do–and they will try to get you to do the same thing to yourself.

Signs You’re Destined For Greatness #7:

You Love Learning

You have a naturally curious personality; it’s the epitome of the Beginner Mindset. You’re always thinking–and therefore, always asking questions. Not understanding the world around you was simply never an option.

So you set out to quench your thirst for knowledge and actively learn about what catches your interest–even if that means taking a class or being a beginner at something. Your desire to learn always outweighs any potential shame around admitting what you don’t know.

Signs You’re Destined For Greatness #8:

You Love To Help People

People are always seeking out your help–and fortunately, you love to give it. Again, people just naturally see you as a leader and that makes them trust you. So of course, they’re going to reach out with more questions and or requests.

You’re very much used to this by now though so the thought of saying no never even enters your mind. You just know that you have a natural position of power but you’re willing to use that power wisely.

Signs You’re Destined For Greatness #9:

You Embrace Change

Most people cling to the comfort of the known, even though it’s not where they really want to be in life.

On the contrast, you have already become besties with change. You don’t lose sleep trying to hold on because you know tomorrow will always bring you something bigger and better.

The speed at which you move through life can feel scary to those around you. But once again, that’s a them problem, not a you problem.

Signs You’re Destined For Greatness #10:

You Have Loads Of Brilliant Ideas

While there are people in the world lacking in inspiration, that definitely doesn’t apply to you. In fact, you have the opposite problem: you have so many amazing or unique ideas that you don’t know what to do with them all. Sometimes you even get overwhelmed because you’re not sure which brilliant idea to focus on next.

But even if you can’t do everything, don’t underestimate the power of this gift. Many people struggle to be as prolific with ideas as you. Don’t lose sight of the fact that this is one of your gifts!

So tell me: which signs did you recognize in yourself? How do you trust in your own destiny for greatness?

Remember: seeing the signs is a nice reminder but the most important thing of all is your own inner knowing.

I know it’s hard to trust in the road ahead at times. I know it’s much easier to give into fear or to value the opinions of others above your own.

But if you have that voice inside of you telling you you’re meant for more, you have to learn how to trust it–no matter what! Your destiny is always within your own hands.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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10 Signs That You're Destined For Greatness


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