Human Design: Your Authority Type Explained

Human Design: Your Authority Type Explained

I go through waves of things I’m interested in (as does everyone else!). One thing I’ve been redrawn to recently is Human Design.

I’ve already written here about the Human Design types as well as the difference between specific and non-specific manifestors.

But today I thought I’d do a deep-dive into the world of Human Design Authority types.

Basically, your authority type tells you the best way that you make decisions in life. This is essential information because we are all so different. The person who needs a ton of time to make a decision (Reflectors!) needs a completely different strategy than an intuitive like the Splenic Authorities.

Whether you’re aware of it or not, we all make decisions all day long. Figuring out how to support yourself in whatever your authority type is will ensure you’re always making the best possible decision for yourself.

I try not to get too invested in what any single system means (meaning this astrology or whatever else!). But I encourage you to find ut your authority type and to read up on it. The information you find here could be invaluable to you in your journey to creating your most extraordinary life.

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Human Design: Your Authority Type Explained

Human Design Authority Type #1:

Solar Plexus Authority | Emotion

  • 47% of the population
  • All types

The Solar Plexus authority is ruled by emotion. However, that does not mean simply reacting in the moment when something happens. When you’re in the moment, you can be overly fired up and miss out on the nuances of the situation at hand. Therefore, it’s better for the emotional authority types to take a step back and consider things before making a decision.

Let yourself sleep on it. And let yourself move through the full wave of emotions: the push of the reaction in the moment then receding back to calm. At the end of this inner journey, what are your emotions telling you? It’s only when you feel balanced and quiet that you can truly make the right decision.

Also remember, that emotion defies logic and standard reasoning. Remember, your mind will always search for 100% certainty and emotions will never offer that. (At best you will be 80% sure!)

Obviously, this conundrum can be confusing if you don’t understand your authority type. So just know that if you truly feel something, be brave enough to go after it without trying to justify it through the normal human justifications.

Tip #1:: Feel All The Feels

Envision your emotions are a wave. Let the wave move completely through you before making a decision. Suppressing your emotions will obviously delay this process! It might be scary to confront all your feelings but it’s also the only way towards clarity for you.

Tip #2: Never Make Decisions When Activated

When you’re in the moment, you don’t have enough emotional information yet to make the right decision. Always wait to come back to a place of calm (aka sleep on it!) before deciding.

Tip #3: Wait For 80% Clarity Around A Yes Or No

For your energy type, decisions will simply never feel 100% and that’s okay! Get used to trusting that 80%.

Learn more about solar plexus authority here!

Human Design Authority Type #2:

Splenic Authority | Intuition

  • About 11% of the population
  • Manifestor or Projector

Splenic authority is the oldest authority type and is ruled by intuition. Again, this energy type does not follow the logic that our brain (and society) wants it to. For you to be able to thrive as a Splenic Authority, you’ve got to learn how to trust those intuitive nudges of yours, no matter how strange or illogical they might seem.

These intuitive nudges typically show up as a hit of knowledge, a flash of an idea, or just a sudden awareness. This energy center is much older than the mind and is highly associated with our basic survival, health, and overall well-being.

It’s simply your job to notice the first message that comes through then to act on it. The more you wait or internally debate, the murkier your guidance will seem.

Fear is a favorite communication tool of the spleen. The trick here is to understand where that fear is coming from. Is it simply because you’re being faced with something new? Or are you being asked to step away from what you know to be right or true? While a little fear is normal for everyone, it’s important to understand that fear or confusion can often be your no sign.

Tip #1: Make The Decision Now

The gut instinct you receive in the moment is everything. Listen carefully to the knowledge you receive and be brave enough to act on it. That might be a statement that springs into your mind. Or it might be more like a feeling. Excitement, buzzy joy? Yes. Confusion, fear, panic? No. It can be hard but try not to wait for your logical mind to pipe in and confuse the original message.

Tip #2: Don’t Overthink

Everyone on the planet can suffer from this: letting the logical mind search for the “right” answer rather than trusting our intuition (or emotion etc.). However, it’s important to understand that for you, your logical mind won’t always be guiding you to the right answer.

If you’ve already stepped into overthinking and have lost sight of the original message, let yourself calm down and ask again. Then take the first sign (no matter what comes up!) and run with it. However, it’s much better to simply notice at the moment rather than asking again!

Tip #3: Wait For The Moment

Often it’s better for you to wait until the last minute to make a decision. While other authority types do better with time, you thrive when you’re put in the moment.

Learn more about splenic authority here!

Human Design Authority Type #3:

Sacral Authority | Guts (Intuition)

  • 35% of the population
  • Many Generators/ Manifesting Generators

Sacral authority types are also ruled by intuition. However, this intuition hits a bit different than the quick yes-or-no energy of splenic authority types.

Your strategy is always to respond to the question, situation or information around you. It’s not your job to make things happen. It’s your job to notice and feel into situations as they arise.

That might sound tricky but in reality, you’re already responding to the world around you all the time. Example: feeling your breath quicken when a certain someone comes in the room or feeling a sudden tension in your stomach when someone asks a certain question etc.

As with the other energy types, this is all feeling not logic. Remember you don’t have to wait for your ego brain to come up with the exact right answer. Learn how to trust what you’re feeling at all times and respond from there, rather than waiting for your logical mind to come up with the exact right answer.

The trick for you is to always make sure you’re responding, not initiating. Here are three questions to ask yourself to make sure you’re on track:

By acting, am I answering a question? A need? A void? You always want to be responding/answering not creating.)

Tip #: Are You Being Pushed Or Pulled?

In the moment, notice what all your senses are telling you. Perhaps it’s an exciting buzz in your stomach or a heavy feeling that descends over your heart. The right “yes” answer will feel expansive, happy, and light while the “no’s” will feel heavy, like a contraction, or like you want to push it away.

Tip #2: Practice Yes Or No Questions

If there’s a big question at hand or you’re simply out of practice listening t your intuition, practice with some smaller yes or no questions. For example, rather than “What do you want to eat tonight?” consider: “Do I feel like pizza? Sushi? Staying in? Going out?”

Tip #3: Focus On Feeling Good Always

You are meant to live a life that lights you up. When you know this to be true, it will become that much easier to trust the intuition that feels good for you, at the moment. Your energy will not change later on down the road. (And PS it’s damn near impossible to build your feel-good sort of life from a dark and heavy decision.)

Learn more about sacral authority here!

Human Design Authority Type #4:

No Authority | Environment

  • 3.53% of the population
  • Projectors

For you, where you are is what makes a big difference to your decisions and results. It’s like you need a calm and quiet space (physically or mentally) before you can reach the right decision for yourself.

Your own inner voice is another big source of wisdom. Feel free to talk out loud to find what’s right or rely on conversations with those you trust. It’s almost as if literally hearing yourself is what brings you the clarity that you’re looking for. Look for a feeling of right or not right that emerges through your voice.

So don’t shy away from that! Get used to speaking to yourself out loud (even if it’s only in the shower). A great trick for this is to simply do it while you’re out walking with your Airpods in. No one needs to know that you’re not actually speaking to someone else!

Tip #1: Trust Your Own Voice

You need space to talk, so don’t be afraid to take it! That might be a quick conversation with someone in the break room or it might be spending an hour speaking out loud to yourself in the safety and quiet of your bedroom.

Tip #2: Choose Where You Are Carefully

Your environment is key for you, so notice what you need. Complete quiet? Or perhaps the buzz that surrounds you at a cafe or restaurant is what feels safe for a heart-to-heart. Notice what you respond to and then put it into practice as much as you can.

Human Design Authority Type #5:

Self-Projected Authority | Throat

  • 2.8% of the population
  • Typically Projectors

Self-projected authority harnesses the power of your own voice. Unlike the Environmental types, your voice is the only thing you need. That means you don’t need to actually have to have a conversation with anyone ever, in order to make the right decision for you. (Although sometimes a coach or therapist can help!) It means that you simply have to speak things out loud to yourself and notice what feels right.

Tip #1: Speak It, No Matter What

Whenever you’re being asked to make a decision, make it a habit it speak about it out loud before you decide.

Out in public or at work? Sneak off to the toilet or somewhere that you can be undisturbed so you can run through what you need to without outside judgment. Or, again, pretending to be on a phone call is a great trick! Put your Airpods on and go for a quick walk while you talk.

Tip #2: Get Unfiltered

When you can drop outside opinions and expectations, what does your voice say? Let yourself speak words (to yourself) that you might not want to share with the world at large.

Tip #3: Ask Yourself

Sometimes you need a little push to get to the decision fast. In that case, ask yourself: “Will this decision make me happy? Will it allow my self-expression? Will it move me in the right direction?” Notice how your voice softens or changes when you arrive at your correct answer.

Human Design Authority Type #6:

Ego Authority | Heart

  • 1% of the population
  • Usually Projectors or Manifestors

For the Ego authority, motivation is key to everything. Where’s your energy being called? You will naturally feel motivated and energized when you’re making the right decision. Conversely, you’ll feel no energy and a complete lack of energy when it’s the wrong decision for you.

The secret to your success is to lean into a healthy amount of selfishness. As a heart-centered energy, you’re at your best when you put your own interests first. Ego energy can use things that we might rush to call “negative” like selfishness, fierce competition, power, duality, and control. Don’t shy away from these feelings! When used in moderation, they can form an integral part of your true authority.

Your success is not built on willpower and pushing through when you feel tired. It’s important to listen to your needs and rest when you’re not being called to. Your energy comes in spurts so act when you feel it and rest when you don’t (as much as you can at least).

Tip #1: Be Spontaneous

Trust the words or actions you’re led to at the moment. Again, this isn’t about the logical mind coming up with the perfect answer. You will just seemingly know what feels good and what doesn’t and you can move forward with that feeling alone.

Tip #2: Don’t Overdo It

When you’re not feeling it, let yourself rest! Mind you, this might be tricky to do at a 9-5 job, for example. However, there are still many ways you can lean into your energy when you’re feeling it and give yourself full permission to rest when you’re not. Follow your rhythm as much as you can and don’t wear yourself out.

Human Design Authority Type #7:

No Authority | Lunar Cycle

  • 1.39% of the population
  • Typically Reflectors

As one of the rarest authority types, you do well t take as much time as possible to make important decisions. If you can, wait out a whole lunar cycle before making your move. Yes, that’s a full 28.5 days–which might seem like a long time to others, this abundance of time probably makes perfect sense to you.

In the meantime, you are welcome to consider the question at hand from many different angles and perspectives as you move through the month. Poll your friends or journal things out at least once a week. While for others time and outside opinions can dilute the original message, for you they can open doors to what truly feels right. Trust both yourself and the opinions of others who genuinely have your best interests at heart.

Tip #1: Take Space

Try not to be rushed into anything! The more time you can take to weigh things out, the better the outcome will be for you.

Tip #2: Set Bundaries

In your personal relationships, start setting expectations around this to avoid being pulled or pushed unnecessarily.

So tell me: what’s your authority type? Did you learn something new from this Human Design guide?

With my renewed interest n Human Design, I’m definitely taking a few notes for myself! So I hope this was just as helpful for you as it was for me writing it.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Human Design: Your Authority Type Explained


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