Seeing To Believe In Manifestation

Seeing To Believe In Manifestation

Curious about seeing to believe in manifestation work?

I know it sounds too good to be true at first. I mean could manifestation really be as easy as…

  • Watching TikToks
  • Scrolling Instagram
  • Looking at your Pinterest boards

The surprising answer is it can.

Keep on reading to find out more about subconscious manifestation and find out how to use this simple technique to manifest your desires!

Subconscious Manifestation Is The Key

You don’t just attract what you want. You create your life through your subconscious belief structure.

That means your Shadow, Wounded Inner Child, and attachment styles, etc. are actually more in control of your life than you think.

You think that just because that stuff happened a long time ago that you’re over it.

But even if you don’t think about your past often, your subconscious mind has not forgotten.

Indeed, it is still very much living inside of that world–especially when it comes to things that happened early in your life (age 0-7), large pain/shame experiences, or situations that happened to you repeatedly.

Small t-traumas or emotional wounds don’t happen the same way for everyone. There’s no right or wrong here. However, many of us were taught to “Get over it” or “You’re being too sensitive”.

What is Seeing To Believe in Manifestation?

As sophisticated and grown-up as you are, part of your brain is very much Monkey See Monkey Do.

That means: we’re more likely to see that our desired outcome is possible for us when we see someone else with what we want.

Seeing to believe is just another way to “hack” into your subconscious mind and prove to yourself that you really can have what you want. It’s one of our most powerful tools: subconscious reprogramming in a simple and powerful package.

How To See To Believe To Manifest Your Desires

Step #1: Think About What You Want To Manifest

Take a look at one of your manifestation goals. I know you might have a lot of them but for this work it’s best to pick just one. What’s one big goal you have for yourself to achieve over the next 6 months to one year?

Step #2: What Identity Do You Need To Manifest That

The biggest process in manifestation is identity shifting: to move from who you are right now into the person who actually has the goal or intention that you want to have.

Most people just look at the goals on a surface level. They don’t get curious about who they need to become and the beliefs they need to have about themselves.

Let’s just say there’s a big identity gap between someone who is broke and someone earning $10k/month.

Here’s where you get to break down your manifestation intention into tiny little pieces.

  • Who would you have to become?
  • How would that person think about themselves? Talk about themselves?
  • What would they do every day/week/month?
  • What kind of energy do they embody?

Step #3: Look For People With Those Traits

Now that you have your list, it’s time to start looking around the real world for people to support your vision.

Who embodies those traits? Who already has some or all of what you want to manifest?

Sometimes the answers are very obvious. You might have already been inspired by a particular influencer, business owner, acquaintance, or celebrity.

One person might perfectly represent what you want. Other times, you might have to go looking for elements of what you want in different people.

Often, you’ll need to piece things together by looking at multiple sources of inspiration. If you’re truly creating something unique, then it only makes sense that you’ll have to DIY your vision holders.

Step #4: Feed Yourself From Your Inspirations

Once you’ve found your person (or people), it’s simply your job to “soak up” as much as their energy as you can. But how you do that will be up to you.

Watch their interviews, stalk their Instagram stories, put alerts on your phone for when they update.

If you’re using Instagram, you could easily add those people your favorites so that you can see them all in one place.

If your inspiration has a book or podcast, get into it! Consume as much of it as you can.

If your person is in real-life, try to get in their energy in real-life! Offer up your services as a volunteer. Take them out for lunch. Apply for a job at their company!

All the time you spend in this person’s energy is a boost to your subconscious mind. It’s an easy way to prove to yourself that the results you want are possible. That means they will start coming through much more easily for you too.

So tell me: what do you think about seeing to believe in manifestation? Who are your manifestation inspirations or vision holders? What’s your plan to get into their energy and see them?

Your subconscious mind seems somewhat mysterious at first. But it’s by far your most powerful tool for manifestation. Learn how to program it correctly and watch your manifestations come through easier than ever before!

Happy manifesting friend!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Seeing To Believe In Manifestation


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