Manifest Your Happy! How To Create Your Best Life & Have Fun Doing It

Manifest Your Happy! How To Create Your Best Life

Question: have you ever experienced manifesting burnout?

It’s a real thing, I swear! And you’re definitely not alone if you have.

While it’s normal to get excited about the power of the Law of Attraction at first, it’s also common to lose enthusiasm at some point.

Sometimes you stop because you don’t know what you want to manifest.

Sometimes you simply get overwhelmed by all the possibilities (so you end up doing nothing).

And sometimes, you stop because all that thinking about your future leaves you more exhausted than energized! (And ugh…who wants that?)

To be true, clarity is a crucial part of manifesting. Because if you don’t know what you want how are you going to create it?

But all that thinking and planning about the future can leave you feeling defeated before you’ve even begun!

Sometimes you need to remind yourself that even the best of intentions also have a dark side. As soon as you say you want something, it becomes very apparent that you don’t already have it!

In other words, our manifesting goals also put our focus on our lack. And remember–whatever you focus on expands! So too much thinking about how far away your goal is only makes your goal retreat farther into the distance.

So what to do?

That’s why today I was inspired to tackle that feeling of exhaustion and pressure that can happen with manifesting. I want you guys to feel excited about consciously creating your future, not overwhelmed by it! So in this post, I’m sharing some of my best tips on how to set goals, with love and a sense of fun.

5 Ways To Manifest Your Happy! How To Create Your Best Life & Have Fun Doing It

Manifest Your Happy Step #1:

Stop Competing

One of the most common reasons people get hyper-focused on their future is because they feel like they have to catch up to someone else. Maybe your best friend just got married or your ex just bought a house. Comparing yourself to the people around you can make you feel unhappy with where you’re at almost instantly. Then we try to compensate by focusing on our future and catching up.

Of course, setting goals because of other people means those goals aren’t authentic to you. So while it’s a tough habit to break but it’s time to stop comparing yourself to everyone else, including your friends, family, social media favorites and celebrities. Comparison really is the thief of joy! There’s no faster way to feel unhappy with your life than by comparing it to what’s around you.

Keep in mind that our perception of others is never as peachy keen as the reality! Sometimes those designer handbags are the result of a spending addiction. Sometimes the happiest looking relationships on Instagram are anything but! Plus, I guarantee there’s someone looking at you right now thinking you have everything figured out.

Remember perfection isn’t a real thing anyway and we’re all living life in our own timeline. So stop worrying about “catching up” and let yourself get back to enjoying life!

Manifest Your Happy Step #2:

Remember Your Real Purpose

Your job, my dear human, is to enjoy this life while you’re here! But this apparently radical concept flies directly in the face of what we’ve been taught. Instead, we’ve been brainwashed into thinking we need to work hard so we can earn more money so we can buy things that will make us happy.

But guess what: you can be happy anyway, right now, without all the work and bells and whistles! In fact, the quicker you opt out of that harmful line of thinking that you need X/Y/Z first, the happier you’ll be.

It’s never the goals that you’re really after. It’s always the feeling. You think that the car/boyfriend/job will make you feel more successful and confident. But those things are really just an excuse! So why not grant yourself that permission right now?

The things we pursue are nice-to-have but they don’t define us! So don’t punish yourself because you’re not there yet. Practice feeling the way you want to and you’ll be able to loosen your grip on your desires. Plus a funny thing happens here: as soon as you can surrender, that’s exactly when your goals will start showing up!

Manifest Your Happy Step #3:

Go Smaller

If you’re getting burnt out over your amazing-yet-daunting manifesting goals, perhaps it’s time go a little smaller.

Sure, everyone gets excited about manifesting things like Louboutins or beach-front homes. But you don’t have to save your manifesting powers for those special things only! It’s actually wonderful practice for you to start setting mini-intentions throughout your day, about things that are oh-so-very ordinary.

Maybe these smaller goals are not initially as exciting as your big sexy goals. But they’ll help you practice staying into the energy of fun and joy through the manifesting process!

So give it a shot: set an intention for your morning, your commute, your workout. Just take a moment to consider how you want things to go and watch what happens! Since we’re not all up in our head about these kinds of things, it’s a lot easier for us to manifest them. Plus once you see how easy it to start shifting your reality, you’ll gain more confidence in your skills and start creating success more often!

Manifest Your Happy Step #4:

Have Fun

At the end of the day, manifesting is just a tool for you to create your best life! Again, the purpose of life is to be happy. If you’re torturing yourself for not being “done” or not having figured every last thing out, you’re missing the point.

It’s hard to manifest your way into something that makes you really happy when your energy isn’t happy. You’re forever reaping the rewards of your own energetic output. So where is your energy going? If you’re feeling pressured, anxious or stressed because of your manifestation goals, you’ve already lost the game! Focus on feeling good always and you’ll always be in a magnetic state.

Manifest Your Happy! How To Create Your Best Life & Have Fun Doing It

Manifest Your Happy Step #5:

Take A Break

Sometimes we all just need a break! If you have too much of what I call Destination Addiction (a focus on the end goal more than on the present moment), then I’m going to prescribe you a radical treatment:

Stop manifesting.

Yup, you read that right! But it truly is necessary from time to time. If manifesting just makes you focus your attentions somewhere far off in the future more than in the present moment, then you need a swift intervention. Stop worrying about where you’re going for a week or a month and challenge yourself to be more present in the moment.

Sure, your life might not be picture perfect. There might be things you’re currently perceiving as mistakes or obstacles. You might even be just a little uncomfortable with where you are right now! But that’s all okay.

Taking a break will just allow you to sink back into appreciating who you are and where you are instead of rallying against it. Plus once you can manage to be grateful again for your life the way it is, you’ll be that much more powerful when you come back to your manifesting!

So tell me: how are you going to start manifesting your happy? What do you need to shift to stop feeling overwhelmed and start becoming magnetic again?

If there’s only one take-away you have today, make it this: remember to keep your manifesting fun! You create your world with the energy you put out there. So the more fun you have in the process, the better your results will be!

Good luck my darling! Thank you so much for reading & let me know how it goes in the comments below!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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Manifest Your Happy! How To Create Your Best Life & Have Fun Doing It


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