Are You Manifesting The Opposite Of What You Want?

Are You Manifesting The Opposite Of What You Want?

You’ve done everything right. You’ve set your intention. You’ve put it out there. And you’re waiting patiently for your manifesting wish to show up.

The only problem?

Right now, it seems like you’re getting the very opposite of what you actually wanted.

So how is that possible? When you’ve followed the rules and done the work, could it be possible that the Law of Attraction doesn’t work for you?

In short, the answer is no.

To explain further, let’s start by going back to the basics of the Law of Attraction.

You’re always manifesting, whether you’re consciously trying to or not.

So if you think you’re getting the opposite of what you really want, the first thing to do is to understand that the Law is working with you all the time.

You’re not unlucky or just not talented. And you certainly don’t suck!

We all have the exact same tools to work with!

However, there are some common traps that might interfere with getting what you want.

But before you freak out take heart! Above all, the manifesting process is all about mind over matter.

If your attitude or beliefs aren’t in alignment, then you’re going to be manifesting something other than what you really want.

Figuring out what has gone wrong isn’t about looking outside! It’s always about looking inside.

So don’t fret! This is all stuff that only you can control.

So if you’re feeling like you’re manifesting the opposite of what you want, it’s time to dive in and do a little Law of Attraction troubleshooting.

6 Reasons Why You Might Be Manifesting The Opposite Of What You Want

Manifesting The Opposite Reason #1:

You Need To Create Space

Sometimes in order for something new to show up for us, we need to create space for it. Trust that this is not a mistake but actually part of the process!

There are some hard limits to this human life. Our homes are finite. The amount of time we have in a day or our lifetime is limited. So we can’t keep adding more things on top of what we already have. We have to trade out some of the things that aren’t working for us for ones that do.

When things start to exit your life stage left, it’s easy to get fooled into thinking that something has gone wrong! But relax! Everything happens with divine wisdom and timing. Deeply know that there are forces much wiser than you at work behind the scenes. So keep surrendering to the process, instead of freaking out and trying to stop it!

Manifesting The Opposite Reason #2:

Your Manifesting Is Only Just Beginning

When things start to go wrong, your manifesting journey has only just begun! Can you set aside your fears and believe with your whole being? Can you look at evidence to the contrary and still know that you’re going to get what you want? Because this whole process is about exactly that!

If you’re panicking and experiencing fear around your intention, you’ve fallen out of alignment. So set aside some time to reconnect with your desire and your faith (in both the Universe and yourself). The Law of Attraction exactly knows what you’re feeling deep down inside. So if you’re operating from a place of fear, you’re dialing up the Universe to place your fears right in front of you!

The mental switch is inside all up to you. Take some time to visualize and feel into your happy imagined future. Remember that feeling always comes before the having! So if you’ve stepped out of your deep knowing and into fear, then you know what to do.

Manifesting The Opposite Reason #3:

You’re Actually Focused On What You Don’t Want

Another reason that you might not be getting what you want is that you’re actually focusing on what you don’t want more than on what you want.

Very often people think they’re focusing on what they want, but they’re actually thinking about what they don’t want much more! Again, this is a matter of tuning into yourself and your real feelings and expectations about what’s going to happen for you.

For example, you’ve set the intention to make a certain amount of money this month. But the end of the month is nearing and the money hasn’t shown up. So you start thinking more and more about how it’s not here!

Your expectation is everything! So if that sneaky little inner voice keeps saying “This will never work for me” then guess what? You’re right!

Start by sending yourself some love and compassion. Losing faith is not the end of the world! To fix it, focus on being grateful for everything you already have and you’ll flow easily back into the feeling of having instead of lack.

Manifesting The Opposite Reason #4:

You’re Future Focused

Another common issue is envisioning your wish in the future instead of the present moment. If you’re imagining your intention coming true at some future date, it will continue to remain right there–in the future!

Manifesting isn’t about thinking ahead. It’s about creating the feeling of having in the present moment. So if you’re wishing long-term, it’s time to turn your attention to what it would feel like to have your wish right now.

Visualize it as being real. Visualize what it would really feel like to have your wish be part of your reality, as a part of your everyday life. If you can make it feel as real and as tangible as if you had it right now, you’ll be back on the right manifesting path.

Manifesting The Opposite Reason #5:

The Excitement Has Worn Off

Excitement or exhilaration is the Fool’s Gold of the manifesting world! It can be easy to confuse excitement with high-vibrational energy. But in reality, excitement is not a long-term emotional state.

Losing your excitement about your desire is definitely not a sign that your manifesting isn’t working! It’s easy to confuse waning excitement with thinking you’re doing something wrong but the two are actually very different.

Too much excitement is actually a sign that you’re still far from being aligned with what you want. Even when your intention comes true, you won’t stay in the excitement zone forever!

It’s only when your desire feels normal–when it feels natural, when it feels expected–that you can be in alignment with your desire coming true! So again, focus on how it would really feel for your wish to be part of your world and not on those fleeting Lotto Winner-feelings.

Manifesting The Opposite Reason #6:

You’re Not Ready To Let Go Of Where You Are

Sometimes while we think and say we want a change, deep down inside we’re actually pretty darn comfy staying exactly where we are! This becomes obvious when your actions are interfering with your intention.

Here’s an example: Say you’re looking to manifest a new relationship. But every weekend you’re spending out with your friends gleefully talking about everything that’s supposedly wrong with the men in your city.

Do you see the disconnect? While on one hand, you’re totally unhappy with where you are, on the other you’re also deeply enjoying it. You get to go out and bond with others over it. You get to one-up each other with your tales of woe. Talking about the shitty situation has actually become part of your routine!

If you’re offering these types of mixed messages to the Universe, your true desire is getting lost in the shuffle. First, you need to look at the dark side and figure out exactly what you’re getting out of not being where you want to be. After that, it’ll be easier to move into alignment with your desires, dreams and actions all focused on the same ultimate goal.

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For me, the coolest thing about manifesting is knowing that it’s always under your own control! So even if it looks like you’re manifesting the opposite of what you want, take heart and tune into yourself. The power is always within you.

Thank you so much for being here & have a beautiful week.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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  1. Pranav M Hari says:

    Thank you very much Jenn ❤. I was wondering what’s wrong with myself and I saw your post!!! You just changed my mind forever now I know what was wrong.. thank you very much and I whole heartedly thank you for being so kind ❤. How can I follow you more are you on Instagram??

  2. manish mishra says:

    Hey thanks for this. I have encountered this phoenomena in the past that whenever I start working on the LoA things start going wrong, so much so that now I am afraid at the beginning of any new practice.

    Can you help me with something? I want to manifest success and accomplishment in my life and I have decided to start meditating on the feelings I want to invite in my life. This came to me during a journalist session. So I want to meditate daily on being proud. Feeling the pride of accomplishment and all the different aspects of it. What are your thoughts on it?

    1. Hi Manish! Meditating on being proud is an awesome idea! The more you can create that feeling, the more you’ll see results iin your life. It doesn’t matter if you’re doing a Law of Attraction practice or not! The important thing is where your energy is going. The rest will just happen. 🙂 Good luck! ????

  3. Thank you.
    You indeed acted like life coach in my life. Thank you for helping me out. Which are the ways I can contact you ?

    1. Hi Malhar! Thank you so much for your lovely comment. You can fill out the contact form on this site or send me an email at jenn (at) ????

  4. I came looking for this topic because I tend to get the opposite of what I’m trying to manifest. But I keep working on it. As a matter of fact, I was working on a manifestation exercise, one of the best I’ve had in a long time. I couldn’t sleep because I was actually so exited about my future and feeling sonpositive that things were changing for me. for a change. I’ve had nothing but bad luck for so long It was about 3AM and I was visualizing my perfect day and being financially secure, when we get a knock on the door by the police. While I was manifesting financial abundance, my car was broken into and $500 stolen out of my Purse. What’s extra strange is I never leave my purse in the car and I never carry that much cash. It was just a fluke that day. It’s so hard not to think negatively. Things like this happen to me all the time.

    1. Hi Cristy! Look at your last sentence: “Things like this happen to me all the time” That’s literally affirming the fact that you feel that bad stuff is always coming your way! It’s time to dive in and start asking some deeper questions. What experiences from your past made you feel like this? Can you start to reframe this negative belief with something more positive? Good luck! ????

  5. I was really really hoping I could get through an article about law of attraction and good or bad luck WITHOUT the mention of the generic, tired money reference. Can someone please just address this principle in regards to daily life? Or am I literally the only one in the universe that notices all the little things and seemingly every last detail goes wrong in daily life?? Like when you feel your best, everyone cancels and when you’re sick, the invites flood in. Or the store you go to is out of only the thing you want and it’s the only one open and you really needed that thing at that time but they have everything else stocked to the brim. Or the one time you take a different way home you get pulled over and get a ticket. Or when you finally get an amazing obligation free day to sleep in there’s a giant thunderstorm and sleep is now out the window. Or the one time you really want your bf who is always the one asking for it its now the one time he doesn’t feel good and won’t do it. Or the busiest days at work are the one time you come in hungover or sick and when you come in rested feeling great ready to work you get sent home for lack of work to do. Or when you do prepare for something it never ever happens but god forbid the one time you don’t all hell breaks loose. Or the worst weather of the year falls on your birthday. Or the one time you make an appointment with your counselor you haven’t seen in months and months that’s the same day and time your bf decided to arrange a surprise romantic picnic to propose to you but it got ruined. Pretty much every good thing gets ruined and every time you don’t want something that’s the only time it works out. This has been my daily life for THREE YEARS OR MORE. And it’s led me down the path of some dark thoughts. Address that???

    1. Hi Ann! Sounds like you’re in a pretty negative place right now. I’d suggest doing what you can to undo your belief that “bad things always happen to me”. Start looking for the evidence of the opposite & remember that what you focus on always expands. Good luck! ???? Jenn

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