7 Signs That Money Is Coming Your Way

11 Signs That Money Is Coming Your Way

Are you seeing signs of manifesting money?

Whether you want to make it rain, buy expensive bags, or just make sure your rent is paid on time, money is something almost everyone tries to manifest.

Yes, you might be a very spiritual person! But there’s no denying that you also need money to pay for the regular human things in life.

Not everyone has the money they want or need. And that means there are a lot of people focused on manifesting money right now.

While I’ve already given you plenty of tips on how to manifest money, today I wanted to focus on something a little more fun: the surefire signs that you’re manifesting money.

We live in a world made of energy, including money. That means that often we see the signs of money long before the actual physical world catches up.

When you start to notice those signs around you, you can stop freaking out about “When is it going to happen?” and start to trust the money manifestation process. So with that in mind, I created this quick guide for you:

Signs That Money Is Coming Your Way

Signs That Money Is On Its Way #1:

Money Appears In Your Dreams

One of the strongest signs that you are about to manifest money is that money starts appearing in your dreams. Are you dreaming of winning the lottery, being gifted a large amount, or going on an extravagant shopping trip? That’s a really great sign that money will soon arrive in your reality.

Basically, you’re already attracting in the idea of money. Because you are sleeping it’s very easy and fast for money to shw up in your dream state. The real world takes a little bit more time but trust that the same thing is happening! So dreaming about money is a wonderful sign.

Signs That Money Is On Its Way #2:

You Keep Getting Free Stuff Or Discounts

Money isn’t always just straight paper cash. When you change your money vibration and start manifesting abundance, you’ll start to attract all kinds of things.

Think: discounts at your favorite store, coupons for something you were going to buy anyway, free coffee from your morning cafe, or even just a friend unexpectedly treating you for drinks. All of those things might not be cash in your bank account but they still represent monetary value.

When you start receiving them out of the blue, it’s a sure sign that more money is on its way!

Signs That Money Is On Its Way #3:

A Bird Poops On You

There you are out for a nice walk when BAM! Suddenly you receive a very unpleasant gift from the sky above.

Getting pooped is definitely not a fun experience. But it’s also a classic sign of money and wealth being on their way to you.

I’m not sure how or why this tradition started but the fact that so many people around the world agree on this meaning has to mean there’s some truth to it! So clean yourself off and put a big smile back on your face with the confidence that money is just around the corner.

Signs That Money Is On Its Way #4:

You See 88 or 888 Everywhere

It’s no secret that 8 is one of my favorite numbers–and with good reason! The number eight symbolizes infinity and endless abundance. So if you find a lot of 8’s are suddenly crossing your path, that’s a sign that money will soon follow!

(Repeating or angel number 7’s are also a sign of abundance!)

Signs That Money Is On Its Way #5:

You’re Not Stressing About Money

Money mindset is the key to money manifestation. But most people who struggle with money also have a poverty mindset.

All that really means is that they are more focused on their lack than on their abundance. But of course, what you focus on always expands. So focusing on what you don’t have only brings more of that to you.

But if your money mindset is in the right place, you’re suddenly free from all that worry. Instead of freaking out over where the money is coming from, you’re simply trusting that it will show up. Instead of worrying about how to save the money you do have, you’re focusing on creating more and more of it.

Remember, it all starts in your own mind! So when your beliefs and thoughts truly shift around money, the real world money is bound to start flowing in after it.

Signs That Money Is On Its Way #6:

You’re Not Jealous

When money is a struggle, seeing other people enjoying their affluence can be triggering. But right now when you see a friend (or acquaintance or even just someone on Instagram!) enjoying their money, you’re not bothered at all.

Instead, you’re thinking “Good for you!” Instead of feeling jealousy or envy, you see how much that person is enjoying themselves and you are happy that it’s happening for them.

This is a surefire sign that your own money mindset has shifted for the better! Once your own thoughts about money have changed, you know that the money will not be far behind.

Signs That Money Is On Its Way #7:

You Keep Finding Money

You’re constantly finding pennies on the ground or unexpected checks in your mailbox. I’ve even heard of students who’ve found $20 bills floating down the street!

No matter how big or small, be assured that it counts. Your ability to manifest one penny is the exact same energy you need to manifest one million dollars! The fact that money is effortlessly appearing for you is a sign that more will soon follow.

Signs That Money Is On Its Way #8:

You Have A Ton Of Loose Change

Don’t discount (ha) the importance of finding money–no matter how small the denomination. For example, having a ton of loose change can be a sign that more money is on its way.

Whether that’s a quarter on the ground, or change in some pockets, loose change is making its presence known. Be grateful in the moment that you find it and use it as a reminder to hold out for something bigger.

Signs That Money Is On Its Way #9:

You’re Learning More About Money

It only makes sense that when you live in money fear, that you probably don’t know much about money. After all, why spend time and energy learning about something that makes you feel so uncomfortable?

On the flip side, if you suddenly face those fears (and your bank account) in order to feel more knowledgable and confident around money, that’s a positive manifestation sign. Money doesn’t respond to fear and avoidance. But it does respond to confidence. So when you’re confident enough to learn, that’s a great sign that your inner money story is changing and attracting more money to you.

Signs That Money Is On Its Way #10:

You Have Insects In Your House

Insects appearing in your house isn’t always an OMG EW situation! Sometimes they’re a powerful sign that you’re about to manifest money. This is especially true for industrious and hardworking ants and the eternally lucky ladybug.

Signs That Money Is On Its Way #11:

You’re Grateful

Instead of being stuck in worry and anxiety, you’re feeling confident that it will happen for you…soon. That leaves you with a ton of energy to become grateful for your life right now.

So yes, gratitude for your life–as imperfect as it might be right now–is a huge sign that you are about to manifest money. After all, if you really trust that it’s coming, then what’s the point of stressing? Release all of that and enjoy all the beauty in your life right now.

Manifestation Signs FAQ

How do you know if manifestation is coming?

Curious about manifestation signs about something other than money? Check out our list of manifestation signs right here!

How do you manifest abundance or attract abundance of money?

Maybe today you’re not so much interested in the signs that money is coming. If you’re looking for a guide on how to manifest money, here’s the perfect starting point.

So tell me: have you noticed any signs of money manifestation recently? What signs did you see and how are you feeling about it?

Remember, it’s never the sign itself that creates the money! It’s always you.

So if you haven’t experienced one of these signs, don’t fret! That just means you need to do a little money mindset work to get ut of lack and back into your natural state of abundance.

If you need some extra help doing that, here’s your next step! There’s a whole course inside Heal’d virtual healing studio, that’s dedicated to healing your money mind drama and reprogramming your subconscious mind to attract more wealth. Be sure to check out Heal’d right here!

Happy money manifesting my friend!

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7 Signs That Money Is Coming Your Way


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