How To Manifest Money Like A Millionaire

How To Manifest Money Like A Millionaire

Wondering how to manifest money like a millionaire?

If you’re a spiritual babe, you might have a difficult time admitting your money ambitions.

But it’s true: you can be spiritual and RICH.

It’s an outdated notion that you can only be one or the other.

The truth is that money gives you power to do crazy good things in the world.

When you have more money you can better support YOUR community, whatever community that might be.

A rising tide lifts all boats as they say!

Please don’t be afraid of your financial ambitions.

In fact, it’s time to become quite the opposite. Now’s the perfect time to claim those desires instead of pretending they don’t exist or ignoring them outright.

Embrace Millionaire Consciousness

Let’s play a quick little millionaire mindset exercise:

Who am I to have a million dollars?

The more important question my love is who are you not to?

Just imagine would it feel like to have one million dollars in your bank account. How secure would you feel? How free? How confident?

What would be possible for you with that money that isn’t right now?

Or imagine your business making that kind of revenue. Imagine giving yourself and your employees a fat raise. Imagine leasing a new office. Imagine what else would be possible with that kind of income.

Rase Your Money Worth Helps The World

The more money you have, the more power you have. You can invest and donate. You can give back to family and friends.

The world truly needs more spiritual and powerful people right now!

Living a life of poverty is just another way of avoiding your true potential here on earth. So if you want to truly do the work you were meant to, it’s time to start accepting your money ambitions as part of the full picture.

With that in mind, today we’re going to talk more about how to powerfully and quickly manifest money! Here we go:

How To Manifest Money Like A Millionaire

Manifest Money Like A Millionaire Secret #1:

Stay Playful

Money is a high-emotion topic; we all have pretty strong memories and emotions when it comes to money. So it’s understandable that many of us also experience fear around money. Those fears typically manifest as avoidance or anxiety.

So be honest: how do you treat your money? Does your heart pound every time you open up a new bill? Do you secretly resent spending money, even on things like groceries? Or do you have grand visions of how much better you’ll feel once you’re finally rich?

All of those things can signal a fear of money! It’s crucial to remember that your energy and attitude in this manifestation experiment is what really matters. If your attitude is a fearful one, then you’ll just attract more fear! If money thinks you’re afraid, then it will do exactly what you’re telling it to do: to go away.

An attitude of fun and playfulness is always the key to successful manifesting. Because the more you can release, the better your results will be. That’s difficult to do from a fear state.

If the above fear symptoms are resonating with you, it’s time to do the mental work to turn things around.

Manifest Money Like A Millionaire Secret #2:

Practice Receiving

Many of us unwittingly block abundance because we’re actually not so good at receiving. If you refuse help with projects, turn down a drink or refuse to take a compliment, then listen up! This one’s for you.

The truth is we all have some pretty big expectations about the way the world works! We all think we’re so damn smart but there’s no way we could have figured out all possibilities. In fact, that’s the Universe’s job–not ours. And allowing space to be beautifully surprised involves relinquishing control over what we think is possible.

Receiving is all about connecting with our feminine energy. It requires you to drop out of the controlling masculine energy state and to simply allow things to show up for you.

Manifest Money Like A Millionaire Secret #3:

Know Your Value

For most people, large cheques aren’t going magically to fall out of the sky. Most of us are compensated by our jobs, investments or businesses for regular compensation. So you can’t think of money as being separate from those things. One windfall is not going to fix the problem.

In other words, if you’re at a dead-end job and totally hating it, you’ll need to do some serious mindset work to get back on track. If you’re being underpaid (and undervalued), it’s time to make the moves to fix it.

That doesn’t mean quitting your job and going out on your own tomorrow. We live in the real world and everything will be a lot easier for you if you know where your next rent check is coming from. But you can start planning your departure.

Maybe that means taking an online class, working on a side-hustle or minimizing your expenses and pocketing away as much money as you can so you will have the freedom to quit in a few months time. Perhaps none of those things sound like the glamorous win-the-lotto scenario that many manifestors envision. But they can all be steps on your journey towards abundance.

No matter what your situation is, you have incredible value to offer the world. Don’t let one low-paying job tell you otherwise. Wealth is simply created when you figure out a way to offer that value to the people who need it. Think about what ways you feel drawn to contribute to the world: how can you increase those opportunities in your life?

Money is always an exchange of energy so it’s time for you to be super clear about what you’re offering in exchange.

Manifest Money Like A Millionaire Secret #4:

Stay Open To Miracles

Your life can miraculously shift in a very short period of time. Think back over your life so far! I’m sure there’s at least one time period where you experienced a massive shift on multiple levels. That kind of fast-moving growth is called a quantum leap–or a miracle.

Quantum shifts can happen for you and your money goals too. The biggest obstacle in our way is always our own expectations. Basically, if you think things will be hard and take lots of time they will. Because you’re creating your reality, remember? So it’s time to expand your mind to new possibilities if you want to create change faster.

So make it your new money mantra: money comes to me quickly, easily and often.

Manifest Money Like A Millionaire Secret #5:

Give It Away

My absolutely proven money manifesting principle is to do the unexpected: give it away. I have seen this principle happen so fast it blows my mind.

Here’s a personal example that stands out to me because it was so incredibly quick: I once gave a homeless man in a bank vestibule a few euros. Then I went across the street to order some food and for some random reason, the cashier gave me a discount on my meal–which worked out to be 2 euro–the same amount I gave the homeless man.

Yes, it was a small amount of money but it stood out to me because it happened with lightning speed. It’s just a beautiful reminder that money isn’t static and we shouldn’t be afraid of using it (especially to help people!).

If you want to get really comfortable with a undeniable fact of money (there’s always more where that came from), then there’s no better way to practice what you preach. Try giving some money away: donate to charity, treat a friend to coffee, give some coins to a homeless person on the street. Do what you feel comfortable doing and give without expectation. You’ll be surprised to see just how fast that money energy returns right back to you.

Manifest Like A Millionaire FAQ

Can I manifest being a millionaire?

Yes of course you can! However, I caution you against manifesting one million dollars–especially if you’re new to manifestation.

Remember, manifesting isn’t a one-time-only affair. That means you don’t have to try to manifest something huge.

Instead, it’s better to manifest smaller amounts ($10, $100, $1000, etc.) Practice on something small and doable until you feel confident in your manifesting skills. Then start asking for more.

Becoming a millionaire is a long-haul game. But it requires you to get started now/

How do I manifest a lot of money?

Start doing the inner mindset work now. Manifesting money is easy if you’ve done the work! Once you’ve healed your money blocks, manifesting large amounts will be a snap.

How do you attract winning money?

There are a few ways to play with this.

Set the intention for being lucky without a dollar amount attached to it.

Or–you can set an intention to win a certain amount of money in a certain amount of time (like within a week!). I definitely discourage you from doing this and heading to the casino, however!

Can I manifest winning the lottery?

You can manifest anything you want. But in general I advise people to stay away from this money intention. Find out more about why you shouldn’t manifest winning the lottery here.

Shifting your wealth consciousness is simply a matter of relating to money in a new way! We all have old unhelpful money attitudes and beliefs but those things have not served us well in our financial journey! It’s time to drop everything we thought we knew about money so we can finally shift into radical abundance!

Good luck with it and thank you so much for reading. Wishing you a massively abundant week ahead. Muah!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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How To Manifest Money Like A Millionaire


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