5 Signs Of A Scarcity Mindset
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5 Signs Of A Scarcity Mindset

Do you have signs of a scarcity mindset?

My major theme this year has been choosing abundance over scarcity.

What I’ve learned is that scarcity is about much more than just the money (or lack thereof!) in your bank account. It’s so much bigger than that. It’s a true mindset problem.

Scarcity is like putting blinders on, literally limiting what you notice in the world around you. That means you’re going to miss so many of the opportunities that are surrounding you every day! But it’s not that they’re not there. It’s that they’ve been filtered out of your reality!

I’ve come to realize that we’re in a scarcity epidemic! This is just the default way we look at the world unless we do some inner work and come back to the truth (which is love and wild abundance!).

Scarcity is the ultimate in defaulting into fear. But as we know, love is the only thing that’s real! Fear comes from lies always and giving into those lies isn’t doing you any favors.

But there’s also a bigger question here: now that you know how limiting and damaging scarcity thinking can be, how do you know if you’re doing it?

Today I’m sharing 5 common signs of a scarcity mindset so you can look for the red flags and come back to abundance fast!.

5 Signs Of A Scarcity Mindset

Signs Of A Scarcity Mindset #1:

Using Scarcity Language

Your words always bely your real thoughts and feelings! So whenever you find yourself saying things like: “I can’t do that”, “That will never happen for me”, “I can’t afford it” etc. you know you’re in the scarcity mindset trap.

Remember that you are always creating your world through your beliefs and words! Ask yourself if you really want any of those things you’re saying to be true! Because each one is a tiny but direct order to the Universe: I don’t want more money, opportunity or education. I’m just fine thanks.

But are you really fine? Try to move through your initial reactions and get curious. What would your world look like if you managed to move past even one of those negative statements? You really do have few limits in this life–but your biggest gatekeeper is you.

Signs Of A Scarcity Mindset #2:

Not Believing In Change

The number one ingredient for a magical life is an attitude of yes. Yes, I’ll accept more love, money, success, travel, adventure etc! Because if you start saying no to even the idea of more, you’ll never be able to achieve those things.

Possibility is the genesis of everything amazing. Leaving the door open for magic is just a way for magic to come find you! That means you really will miss out on the incredible opportunities being presented to you because you’ll be too busy denying that they exist.

Pessimism is really just a fast way to put limits on your potential! Because, don’t forget, your future does not have to look like your past! Thinking you can’t achieve certain things because you haven’t achieved them yet is just a way to keep yourself small.

Your future can look wildly different–but that involves you wholeheartedly believing in your own ability to change.

Signs Of A Scarcity Mindset #3:

Jealous/ Envy

The green-eyed monster is one of the most prominent scarcity mindsets out there! Being envious of others usually also means that we think someone else’s success (or money or love) is also taking away from our own. You can’t get happy for someone if you fundamentally believe that they’re in opposition to your own interests.

Of course, that’s a total fallacy! Someone else experiencing success, fame etc. has absolutely no bearing on you being able to do the same thing. Instead of seething with jealousy, what happens if you look at this experience as real-world proof that the same things are available to you?

Jealousy can be a tool that teaches us about our own desires! But if you transmute that dark feeling and turn it into gratitude and inspiration instead then your whole world will shift! Trust me, success will come to you much faster when you’re able to clap your hands and be genuinely happy for the others in your life! Like always attracts like after all, so be wary of what your emotions (and vibration) are really saying.

Signs Of A Scarcity Mindset #4:


Stinginess can be about a lot more than just money! But when we fear spending our money (or time or attention) it’s also indicative that we don’t think we’ll be able to get that money back again!

Money is an energy and it’s designed to be used in the world! Trying to hoard it is actually just a sign that you’re deep into fear and scarcity.

You don’t have to spend frivolously or say yes to every invitation that comes your way. But when you shift into abundance mentality, then you’ll automatically be generous with your time, money and words. If you’re not sure if this applies to you, just ask yourself if you’re being really generous in any particular situation. We are capable of so much grace, for ourselves and those around us! Start thinking about what your highest self would do and start choosing that instead of giving in to fear and small-mindedness.

Signs Of A Scarcity Mindset #5:


Face it: almost always overindulgence is a sign of something darker beneath the surface. After all, overeating, drinking, taking drugs, gambling, shopping, sex etc. can all become addictions. They all provide an instant reward that temporarily fills up a deeper emotional problem.

When you feel emptiness inside of you, you’re much more easily tempted by these temporary external pursuits. So it’s important to understand that emptiness is the most painful version of scarcity of all!

When you live in abundance, you’re not so tempted by those temporary distractions. Your needs are already met! That doesn’t mean living like a monk but it does mean not getting carried away! So as hard as it can be, you must remember your truth: only you have the power to heal yourself and to free yourself from the trauma of your past. The answers are inside only always, not hiding behind the bourbon or chocolate ice cream.

So tell me: what signs of scarcity do you notice in yourself? How are you going to work through them in the future?

Choosing abundance isn’t always as easy as we want it to be. But with time and patience, you really can change that mindset of yours from a default no to a hell yes!!

Good luck with this and please let me know how it went!!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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5 Signs Of A Scarcity Mindset


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