Havingness Is Proof Of Wanting
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Video: Havingness Is Proof Of Wanting

Unveiling the Truth of ‘Havingness’: A Manifestation Reality Check

Today I’m bringing a bit of tough love to the world of manifesting. We’re diving into a game-changing concept courtesy of Carolyn Elliott: ‘havingness is proof of wanting.’ This idea may sound harsh, but understanding it can profoundly shift your life. If you’re ready for some honest, transformative insights, let’s get started.

The Reality of Havingness

1. Understanding Havingness

Havingness refers to everything you currently have in your life, reflecting your comfort levels with different aspects, such as relationships, finance, and career. It’s about recognizing your minimum and maximum set points and how you navigate between them.

2. Raising Your Set Points

Most of us have set points that are too low, limiting our growth and fulfillment. The journey of manifesting is essentially about raising these set points, which often requires improving self-worth and setting higher standards for ourselves.

The Tough Love Aspect of Manifestation

Confronting Uncomfortable Truths

It’s time for some tough love. If there’s an aspect of your life you’re unhappy with, on some level, you might be choosing it. Every situation in our lives, even the undesirable ones, provides us with some form of benefit, whether we’re conscious of it or not.

Identifying the Hidden Benefits

Understanding the hidden benefits of our current situations is crucial. For example, consistently attracting non-committal partners might fulfill a subconscious need for attention or drama. Acknowledging these hidden motives is key to breaking free from these patterns.

Embarking on a Journey of Self-Discovery

Shadow Work: Embracing the Uncomfortable

This process requires you to get acquainted with your shadow side – the part of you that harbors desires you might not be proud of. Recognizing and accepting these aspects is a vital step in personal growth and manifesting the life you truly desire.

Transcending Your Current State

Once you uncover the benefits you’re deriving from your current state, you can begin to transcend these limitations. Understanding how you might be sabotaging yourself allows you to focus on setting yourself up for success.

Final Thoughts: Embracing Your Power to Change

Remember, your current state doesn’t define your potential. By acknowledging and working through your shadow aspects, you empower yourself to raise your set points and manifest a life that aligns with your true desires.

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Havingness Is Proof Of Wanting


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