woman in shadows with text 3 Steps To Shadow Integration: Healing Yourself For MANIFESTATION

Shadow Integration: Healing Yourself For Manifestation

Shadow integration is a must for manifestation success.

Manifesting your dream life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows (unfortunately).

No matter what the other teachers tell you, it’s not just about “feeling good” and “holding the frequency”.

Sure, those things are a great start.

But the typical manifestation techniques you’ve heard a million times only scratch the surface.

In reality, manifestation is a 360-degree process.

We don’t just manifest from our conscious mind (and conscious desires).

We manifest from our subconscious mind.

And this is where many people get stuck.

We assume that because we’re not aware of something that it must not exist. But that’s totally untrue.

Our subconscious mind also contains our Shadow: the parts of us that we ignore, downplay and run away from.

However, all of that denial and avoidance obviously does not make the problem go away.

Instead, it serves to magnify those issues: after all, if we don’t heal them, we’ll continue to attract the same old harmful and toxic situations into our life over and over again, always wondering why oh why this keeps happening to us.

As with anything, in shadow work the only way out is through.

Now that you know the truth, you owe it to yourself to stop ignoring your Shadow and to start uncovering the blocks hidden within it.

Summoning your bravery and beginning the inner healing journey will transform your world in ways you’ve never even dreamed about.

Are you ready to get started with shadow integration? Follow the steps in this quick start guide to begin your healing journey!

3 Steps To Shadow Integration: Healing Yourself For MANIFESTATION

Shadow Integration Step #1:

Notice Your Dark Desires

Your conscious desires are the ones you’re highly aware of (think: your big manifestation goals). But they’re not the only things you’re craving. Hidden in our Shadow and subconscious mind, we all have desires for things that we’d rather not admit.

However, ignoring or pushing away those desires is not an effective management plan. In fact, that only ensures that you’ll keep playing out repeating patterns and self-sabotaging some of your own best efforts, over and over again.

Embrace Your Shadow Desires

It’s sometimes tough to admit the truth about ourselves:

  • We want a boyfriend but secretly we love complaining about being single.
  • We want to create more money but secretly we love the drama of hustling up the rent money every month.
  • We want to start our own business but secretly we love pretending that we’re not actually in charge of our own happiness and security.

But admitting that that one tiny piece of you is really into the pain/drama/chaos is the first step to healing and overcoming.

Don’t waste any time judging or minimizing or justifying it. Don’t beat yourself up for being *gasp!* human! Give yourself permission to allow that tiny part of you to want those terrible things.

This is the only way we can unite our divided will and step into our full power as a Conscious Creator.

Shadow Integration Step #2:

Notice Your Triggers

Have you ever gotten really upset over something but didn’t really know why? Have you ever felt extreme anger or anxiety about something that–on the surface–shouldn’t be that big of a deal?

Those sudden dramatic or big overreactions are really just a sign that you’ve been triggered: there’s something about this current experience that’s echoing something that happened to you in the past. So your brain isn’t simply reacting from this current moment. Instead, it’s gone into protection mode. It’s gone into attack mode in a fruitless attempt to protect you from experiencing the shame, anger, or fear that you experienced in the past.

When you bump a cup that’s full, a little bit of what’s on the inside spills right out. That’s the same way that triggers work: one tiny bump and little bit of our hidden trauma is brought right up to the surface!

Don’t get upset with yourself when these moments happen. They happen to everyone! Don’t look at them as burdens or failures. Instead, they are the keys to unlocking part of your Shadow.

Shadow Journal Prompts:

  • What does this experience remind you of? (Don’t overanalyze it! Go with your gut.)
  • What did you need back then that you didn’t receive?
  • If back then you’d received the emotional/mental/spiritual/physical support that you needed, how would you be feeling differently now?

We can’t actually go back into our past and change things. But we always have the power to heal our inner child and to rewrite the story of us to reflect who we want to be in this world.

Shadow Integration Step #3:

Notice Where You Have Low Self-Worth

Low self-worth is the classic hallmark of Shadow-in-disguise. Again, this mostly stems from childhood shame experiences that we ran away from or covered up but never actually healed.

While we all experience shame, very few of us were taught how to manage shame in our minds. But since shame is the lowest human emotion, those wounds run very deep. I believe that until we make this work mainstream, the majority of humans on this planet are walking around holding onto painful secrets in their Shadow that are limiting and blocking them.

Examples of Shame Shadow

For example: think of how your aunt told you you were bad at sports/math/fill-in-the-blank when you were seven and you spent most of your teenage years worrying about being bad at sports/math/etc.

When we experience intense shame, we are triggered into a version of Freeze Fight or Flight. Most of us choose Flight: by choosing to run as far away from that version of us as possible.

However, while this strategy works in the short term, running away never actually heals the original shame experience. That means that there’s some hidden part of us who still feels that experience deeply and probably has a low sense of self-worth about that topic as well.

  • When did you experience intense shame as a child?
  • What did you do to cope with that? Who did you have to become?
  • Who would you be without that experience? What would you stop overcompensating for?

When thinking about shame, it’s so important to realize that shame does not mean that you are unworthy or unlovable. The experiences that made you feel otherwise are not telling you the truth. When you can extend yourself true self-love and self-acceptance, despite those experiences you get to step into your true authentic power.

Shadow integration isn’t at all scary or mysterious. It’s actually an important tool for growth and manifestation in every area of your life that feels like lack or resistance.

No one gets a perfect childhood so there is nothing to feel angry or upset about here. The memories you uncover during shadow work might initially sting but ultimately they will offer you so much more freedom than denying or ignoring them ever did.

As a bonus, once you heal those wounds you can finally stop manifesting the same old negative patterns and move into attracting what you really want.

Happy Shadow integration my friends!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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woman in shadows with text 3 Steps To Shadow Integration: Healing Yourself For MANIFESTATION


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