3 Things Experiencing Gaslighting Taught Me

Video: What I Learned As A Victim Of Gaslighting

What Being a Victim of Gaslighting Taught Me: Lessons in Emotional Alchemy and Self-Discovery

Discovering Strength in Adversity

Want to know what I learned as a victim of gaslighting?

First, if this is happening to you, please know I’m so sorry! It’s a very real form of emotional abuse and if you’re feeling a bit crazy, that’s not your fault.

Second, while no one ever deserves to be treated like this, there are some important lessons you can glean from the experience.

A few years ago, I faced a life-altering crisis: my marriage ended, I lost my home and my job, all in one devastating weekend. This was compounded by emotional abuse, specifically gaslighting, which left me questioning my reality. While I wouldn’t wish this pain on anyone, it was a pivotal point that led to incredible personal growth.

Three Key Lessons from My Experience with Gaslighting

Realizing My Worthiness of Love

Being told repeatedly that you’re worthless can deeply impact your self-esteem. However, this experience taught me that, regardless of external validation, I am inherently worthy of love. This realization was a significant step in rediscovering my self-worth and value.

Learning to Trust Myself Again

Gaslighting erodes your confidence in your perceptions and beliefs. Rebuilding trust in myself was a crucial recovery step. It involved acknowledging my intuition and reaffirming that my experiences and feelings are valid and true.

Understanding That Knowledge is Power

Initially, I was unfamiliar with the concept of gaslighting. Gaining knowledge about it was empowering, as it helped me understand and name my experience. This understanding is vital in regaining control over your life and emotions.

Emotional Alchemy: Turning Negative Experiences into Growth Opportunities

My journey through gaslighting was a process of emotional alchemy, transforming a deeply painful experience into a source of strength and empowerment. This transformation required a shift from a victim mindset to one of learning and growth. It’s about finding the lessons in our experiences and using them to become stronger and more resilient.

Final Thoughts: Embracing Life’s Challenges as Opportunities for Growth

While challenging experiences like gaslighting can be traumatic, they also offer opportunities for profound personal growth. What I learned as a victim of gaslighting is to ultimately trust myself above all else. Embracing these experiences as lessons can lead to a stronger, more confident self.

If you found value in my story and lessons, please like and share this video. For more insights and resources, including a free Fear Breaking Worksheet, visit my website. Remember, no matter what life throws at you, there’s always a lesson to be learned and strength to be gained.

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What I Learned As A Victim Of Gaslighting


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