7 Things The Universe Really Wants To Tell You

Video: 7 Things The Universe Wants To Tell You

7 Uplifting Messages from the Universe to Brighten Your Day

We all have days when we need a little boost of positivity. Whether you’re having a tough day, a challenging month, or even if you’re feeling great, it’s always beneficial to hear some uplifting words. In today’s video, I’ll share seven inspiring messages from the universe designed to elevate your spirits and leave you feeling more optimistic and confident about yourself and your journey.

1. You Are Loved

Amidst the constant bombardment of advertising and societal pressures, it’s easy to forget this simple but profound truth: You are loved. You don’t have to earn or prove it; your existence itself makes you worthy of love. Your presence in this universe, as part of the cosmic energy, signifies that you are meant to be here, and you are loved just for being you.

2. You Are Powerful

So often, we are taught to downplay our strengths and desires. Remember, your power lies within your decisions and belief in yourself. Whether it’s pursuing a dream, overcoming an obstacle, or just deciding to be happier, your power is in the choices you make. Trust in your ability to shape your destiny.

3. Your Desires Are Important

Your desires are not just fleeting wishes; they are the compass guiding you toward your life’s purpose. They are the sparks that ignite your passion and drive you to explore, grow, and achieve. Listening to and honoring your true desires is key to realizing your full potential.

4. You Are a Spiritual Being Having a Human Experience

Remember, you are more than just a physical entity. You’re a spiritual being having a human experience. Embrace the joy of being human – the sensory experiences, the physical pleasures, and the emotional journeys. These experiences are not just permissible; they are essential parts of your spiritual journey.

5. Everything Has a Purpose

Life is full of surprises and rarely follows a linear path. Each twist, turn, and obstacle is a part of your growth. Understand that every experience, no matter how challenging, has a purpose and is an opportunity for learning and expansion.

6. Let Go of Shame

Shame is a low-vibration emotion often imposed by external judgments. Recognize that you are worthy of love and acceptance, including the parts of you that you believe are flawed. Forgiving and accepting yourself completely is crucial for your emotional and spiritual well-being.

7. You Can’t Mess It Up

Finally, understand that you can’t really mess up your life’s journey. Each decision, whether perceived as right or wrong, is a step in your path of growth. Release the fear of making mistakes, and know that each choice brings its own set of lessons and opportunities.

Final Notes

These seven messages from the universe are reminders of your worth, power, and purpose. Whenever you need a pick-me-up, remember these truths. You are a unique and integral part of this universe, and your journey is exactly as it should be. Embrace your path with love, courage, and the belief that everything is unfolding perfectly for you.

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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7 Things The Universe Really Wants To Tell You


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