What To Do In The Time Before The Manifestation Of Your Desire

What To Do In The Time Before The Manifestation Of Your Desire

The time in between setting your intention and receiving the manifestation of your desire can be kinda weird.

We’re all conditioned to think we can’t really believe or feel good about our manifestation until it shows up. Which is exactly the opposite of what needs to happen in manifestation.

Remember, it’s just our little human brains that are in such a hurry! The Universe isn’t nearly as rushed as we are.

Yet this is difficult programming to recode.

After all, we live in an instant gratification society. Just order your Seamless and just sit back to wait for it to arrive.

Well, the Universe is like that too…sort of.

Only there is no delivery in 30 minutes guaranteed.

Delivery is actually only ever guaranteed if you are well and truly picking up on your end of the manifestation deal.

In other words, if you’re doing the exact same things and thinking the exact same thoughts, has anything really changed? Are you actually energetically aligned with what you want? (Probably not.)

The fact is, there’s always some action you can take.

If you’re feeling unsure about your manifestation or if you’re falling into “Is this ever going to happen?” type feelings, it’s really a big clue that you need a little more inner work!

If you were in a true state of trust, would you be wasting a moment of your precious time wondering where your manifestation was? Of course not! You’d just be doing your thing in full confidence that what you want is on its way.

So I think of this as just another manifestation test–which can admittedly be challenging at times, but it’s nothing you can’t handle.

So when you’re done looking for signs you’re about to be a manifestation success, come back here and dive into these powerful tips about what to do in the time before the manifestation of your desire.

What To Do In The Time Before Manifestation Of Your Desire

What To Do In The Time Just Before Manifestation Of Your Desire Step #1:

Notice Your Unhelpful Thoughts/Beliefs

Hint: if your brain is saying “It should be here by now!” or “Why am I not there yet?” you’re 100% giving into fear and self-doubt. So you’re still manifesting from that place of not trusting instead of manifesting from full trust.

No wonder nothing has happened yet!

But don’t get angry with yourself. Instead, once you notice the pattern, take it as a sign to simply tune in and start noticing what’s actually going on. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Why can’t you believe things are happening?
  • What would it feel like to fully trust (even before reality catches up)?
  • If you really trusted, what would be different right now?

What To Do In The Time Just Before Manifestation Of Your Desire Step #2:

Look At Your Past Experiences

We all have Mental Junk In The Mind Trunk that can create big blocks around our manifestations. And unfortunately, that stuff doesn’t just get out of the way once you set your mind on something.

That’s exactly why healing (and recoding) is so important for true manifestation and is what I teach inside Heal’d, virtual healing studio.

For example, say you’re trying to manifest money.

But maybe your parents were always fighting over money when you were young. So on a subconscious level, your mind equates money with personal conflict and chooses to “save” you by avoiding money altogether.

Obviously, when we’re repelling money on a soul level we’re going to have issues with manifesting it.

The annoying thing is, these issues are typically hidden so deeply we won’t even notice what’s actually happening.

Instead, it just feels like we hit roadblock after roadblock, ever quite making it where we want to go.

We all are more powerful than our subconscious patterns! But those patterns won’t shift unless we do the work to release them.

(PS, that’s exactly why tools like hypnosis are so important for manifesting!)

What To Do In The Time Just Before Manifestation Of Your Desire Step #3:

Start Choosing What You Want To Think

A whopping 90% of the thoughts you think every day are the exact same thoughts as the day before! That’s not really an issue until you realize that many of those habitual thoughts are things you didn’t even consciously choose.

You wouldn’t walk around in your parents’ old clothing. So why would you want to keep their thoughts around?

We all pick up thoughts, ideas, and beliefs when we’re young that we don’t even realize aren’t true or helpful. It’s like your brain got programmed with a piece of janky code that just keeps running, but slows everything down with it.

But what could happen when you choose the right code?

You are a Conscious Creator, my friend! And exercising your Conscious Creator rights starts with consciously choosing what you want to think.

So think about your manifestation intention: what do you need to believe to support that? How can you start choosing those thoughts consciously instead of defaulting to your negative habitual thoughts?

What To Do In The Time Just Before Manifestation Of Your Desire Step #4:

Take Action

Changing your life begins on the inside, but it also requires you to get off your butt to try something new.

After all, if you literally change nothing about your mind or your actions, have you really energetically shifted? (Nope.)

This doesn’t mean working a ton of hours to make more money, for example. But it will require something.

So if you’re sitting around wondering “When?” and not actually doing anything, that’s a huge clue that something needs to shift.

Yes, the Universe is helping you. But what can you do to help the Universe along?

I like to think of this as opening doorways. How can you make it more likely that money, love (or whatever you’re working on) can make an appearance in your life?

It’s not about more hours, or effort. But it is about energy. And the more you can create opportunities the more chances the Universe has to reciprocate in kind.

So tell me: which process do you need the most? How have you fallen out of manifestation trust and what can you do to get back on track?

Manifestation is the farthest thing from sitting around passively waiting for something to happen. (Sorry!)

But the good news is there’s always some action you can take to move you closer to what you want. Waiting around really is frustrating. So why not focus on what you can do instead?

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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What To Do In The Time Before The Manifestation Of Your Desire


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