woman pointing with text 7 Signs That You're About To Be A Manifestation Success

7 Signs That You’re About To Be A Manifestation Success

No one likes to wait.

Let’s face it: the time in between setting your manifestation intention and waiting for it to show up can get kind of stressful.

  • Is it working?
  • Should I start all over again?
  • What if I messed it all up?

So if that’s you just remember that you are already so worthy and deserving! All you need to do is to keep showing up to do the work instead of letting the chaos center of your brain take over.

But I get it!

While we never need to see signs of manifestation success, sometimes it’s just nice to get the confirmation that you’re on the right path!

And fortunately for us, there are some solid signs that everything is clicking into place and that we’re about to manifest our desires.

Curious about your own magnetism during the waiting game? Read on to find out seven of the most powerful signs of manifestation success!

7 Signs That You’re About To Be A Manifestation Success

Signs of Manifestation Success #1:

You’re Not Stuck In Asking

In the past, when you were feeling lack and fear about manifesting, you often got stuck in the asking stage: thinking that because you didn’t manifest $1000 in 3 days that you need to go back to the beginning and start all over again.

The truth is that your request has already been made! Repeatedly putting in the order was just taking your attention away from all the stuff you could have been doing to align with your goal. (ie. reprogramming your subconscious mind, healing from your past etc.)

This time you’re fully integrating the ideas and showing up for yourself! Which means there’s no time to go back and ask over and over again. Getting stuck in asking isn’t a problem anymore because you’re so focused on your own healing journey.

Signs of Manifestation Success #2:

You Feel 100% Confident

Unlike in the past, you’re not obsessing over the timeline and wondering why it’s not here already. You just have a deep knowing that your wish is on its way. It’s no longer a matter of if but when.

You’re simply not letting your mind drama get to you or spending time freaking out. Your confidence is so solid in fact that you’re finding that you can actually (gasp!) lean back and enjoy the journey to manifesting.

Signs of Manifestation Success #3:

You’re Doing The Work

You know the worst manifestation advice ever is to just sit around and wait. But why would you want to do that when you could go out and start making it happen yourself?

You’re noticing the beliefs that have been holding you back. You’ve been healing your trauma. And with every tiny breakthrough, you feel yourself getting lighter and lighter.

It’s almost as if you don’t even want your intention anymore because you’re feeling so much happier and more confident already.

Signs of Manifestation Success #4:

Your Friends Say You’ve Changed

Change is 100% necessary for your manifestation wish to come true. Because the energetic truth is that if you were already aligned with it, you’d already have it!

This is part of the reason why you feel so confident that it’s finally happening. You already feel different on the inside. You’re not getting caught up in old limiting beliefs and patterns. Your words have changed. The fact that your friends have noticed is just more evidence that you’re on the right path!

Signs of Manifestation Success #5:

You Just Feel Different

You’ve figured out exactly who you need to be in order to have the relationship/job/car of your dreams and you’re well on your way to becoming that person. You feel the shifts already, in the way you think, speak and behave. Your intention might not be here just yet but every day you look in the mirror and recognize the changes that are already happening.

Signs of Manifestation Success #6:

You’re Constantly Inspired

New ideas and solutions are flowing to you at all times. You’re not constantly telling yourself: “I’ll never figure this out.” Instead, you’re content to sit back calmly and waiting for divine inspiration to strike.

And strike it does! New ideas pop into your mind while you’re showering or driving to work. Sometimes something will come to you in a dream or during a journaling sesh. So while you might not have everything figured out right now, you do have a handle on your motivation. You’re so excited to put all these new ideas into place you’re not spending any time at all worrying about what’s coming next.

Signs of Manifestation Success #7:

You Might Have Hit A Sudden Setback Or Problem

One of the biggest myths about manifestation is that it will be 100% smooth sailing all the way there. Quite the opposite in fact! Sometimes the Universe rearranging itself creates events that we didn’t predict (much less want).

But that doesn’t mean that anything has gone wrong!

Think: the almost-but-not-quite guy suddenly ghosting you or the amazing company you just started working for gets bought out.

Sometimes this is just clearing space for the right thing to show up. And sometimes it’s because it’s a manifestation test. A test has nothing to do with your worthiness! It’s really just to see how integrated you truly are.

  • Can you still be confident?
  • Will you keep moving towards what you want?
  • Or are you going to look at this (temporary) evidence as a sign to give up?

We can’t control our circumstances. But we can always control our thoughts, emotions, words, and actions.

When you’re about to be a manifestation success, you take it all in stride! One little bump in the road is definitely not going to deter you. In fact, it’s just going to make you all the more stronger and determined to stick around for what you really want.

So tell me: what signs of manifestation success are you experiencing? What areas do you need to work on?

Just a reminder that manifestation is 95% an inner game! What you feel and believe will manifest into your world–which is why it’s so crucial to do the inner work.

Curious about how to do that? Recode is the perfect place for you to start healing and integration for your ultimate manifestation success!

So if you’re feeling unsure about the process, don’t waste time getting stuck in old manifestation traps! Come join the Recode Revolution and start your journey to manifestation success today. Hope to see you there soon!

Jenn Stevens The Aligned Life

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woman pointing with text 7 Signs That You're About To Be A Manifestation Success


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